Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wow soooooo busy

Ugh, my links are gone again. I don't think I have anything to link anyway, so I'm not going to worry about getting them back right now. Annoying though!

I have been super busy lately! Saturday I did a bunch of cleaning (as usual) and worked on my taxes. They'd be done if I had everything I needed -- still waiting on a couple of interest and dividend statements. Geoff came home at 4 and we made tacos for dinner... YUM. Tacos are one of my favorite foods. Then we just kind of puttered around the house, didn't do a whole lot. Oh! I did make chocolate chip cookies for Geoff though. :)

Sunday morning I was planning on going to the gym at 8, but Addy called and asked to go later. So I went to Westport at 10 - it was awesome! I am seriously loving that church. I also saw our old singles pastor, he asked about me and Geoff. It was cool to see him. I texted Geoff's parents to see if they wanted to come over for tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner (not just any tomato soup... you don't understand this tomato soup until you've had it, but it is AMAZING. I love it when Geoff cooks it!) Anyway, so they said yes, so I did even MORE cleaning to make sure the house was looking good. Then I hit the gym with Addy and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few more things. Geoff came home sick at around 1 (he felt okay, but since there was someone else there who could take care of the store, he felt like he should take advantage and try to get some rest so he didn't get any sicker). I sat and wrote down a bunch of recipes in my recipe book and then Geoff started cooking around 5. His parents came over at 6 - they were especially excited to be there since their kitchen is being redone so they're not getting to eat a whole lot of decent food lately! It was REALLY fun. Geoff showed his cruise pictures and we had a good night. This was the first time they've seen my house, which was odd (that they haven't seen it all this time) but it was really fun! I hope they come over more often - I told Geoff we should have them over in a couple of weeks because their kitchen still won't be done until later in February. YAY. After that Geoff and I watched Notting Hill. I love that movie.

Monday is my loooong gym day. I ran 15 minutes - which sounds totally lame but please note this is the furthest I've run since September 10th (I ran a 10K that day and then proceeded to "quit" running). I have decided I WILL run the Shamrock Run this year since I was in Spain last year and it's supposedly one of the best races in Portland! (yes, I found a link, and yes, I had to do it manually). I love races. They are just so fun! So anyway, 15 minutes is halfway to a 5K so it should be a piece of cake by March 10th! I did decide that I really do need new running shoes. Mine have 388 miles on them... which isn't a TON, but you are supposed to start checking for cracks around 350 miles and there is definitely some crackage. This weekend when I'm at The Way I will stop by Portland Running Company since it's right there. I'm SO excited for new shoes. Anyway, so 15 minutes this week, 20 minutes next week, 25 minutes after that, and then 30. That will put me at 30 minutes with 2 weeks to spare. Plus getting to 5K is really much more difficult mentally than it is physically. Anyway, so good run yesterday. But my feet definitely hurt. Then I biked for a while and went to Body Works. Lots of gym time makes me happy! I came home and showered and ate the leftover taco meet - I was REALLY looking forward to it, I was so glad Geoff didn't eat it! Then I watched The OC (it's surprisingly good lately, only 4 episodes left) and then 24, then went to bed.

Work has been incredibly hectic lately but I love it that way. Tonight I'm going to Costco with Geoff after work and then on to trivia downtown at Bridgeport. The category is Superbowl - hopefully Geoff will dominate in that arena. YAY! Can't wait.

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Matt Singley said...

Hey...Jen and I are going to run in the Shamrock run as well. Sweetness! See you there.

Oh, and keep pushing forward at the gym! You took a long time off, but it's no big deal, you'll be back on top of your game before you know it.