Friday, June 19, 2009

I can't resist...

I just can't resist a couple of good ones from CNN today:

"Although prices may fall further, low mortgage rates and President Obama's $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit make current prices attractive, especially in heavily-beaten down areas, such as California, Arizona, Nevada and California." (courtesy of Patrick)

and from the frontpage blurb right now:

"Apple fans in the U.S. and seven other countries lined up this morning to be among the first to get their hands on the new iPhone 3GS, billed as the fastest, most feature-laden iPhone yet."

No, really, CNN? I thought they would slow it down and remove features for the latest release.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A trip down memory lane!

I just cleaned out my basket of old purses and wallets to take them to Goodwill. I thought I was just going to have to sort through the purses and wallets themselves to determine which ones to give away and which to keep, but then I realized there was stuff INSIDE of them. A lot of stuff. So I cleaned them all out (most of the purses and all of the wallets are going to Goodwill), then realized how blog-worthy this was. Here's a list of the highlights of what I found, followed by a picture of my junk!

- $7 in bills, plus about $1 in change
- 2 high school student IDs
- 11 pens
- what I’m pretty sure is my first ever Max ticket, dated 7-5-2003
- 8 lipsticks / lip-glosses/chapsticks
- Numerous feminine hygiene products
- A mouse
- Lots of movie tickets, the oldest one dating 12-6-2003 (Bad Santa)
- 1 AA battery
- A necklace
- 2 hair clips
- 2 hair ties
- A checkbook
- 2 CDs
- 5 moist toilettes
- A coupon for Chevy’s
- A Beer Garden ticket from Senior Week in college
- An ipod clip/holder thing
- Gum (weird, because I haven’t chewed gum in years)
- A warning I got from a kind Indiana State Trooper on 1/1/2002 coming back from Campus Crusade for Christ’s Christmas Conference in Indianapolis (excessive speed, but it doesn’t say how fast I was going. It was the first time I’d ever been pulled over and I cried. I have only been pulled over once since then and I didn’t get a ticket then either, but at least I didn’t cry that time! The second time I didn’t get a cool written warning like this one)
- Silica Gel
- A toothpick
- My keychain from college, including my good ole Dominick’s Fresh Values card (which I’ve probably had since high school). Cool thing about that card is it works at Safeway too!
- My Order of the Engineer ring I got when I graduated from college and became an engineer

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This morning I was emailing my family about how it bugs me when people don't say words correctly - like my coworker Cindy who says "supposively" instead of supposedly. Or this other woman I know who says "ridicalous" instead of ridiculous.

A few minutes ago, Cindy came over to my desk with a piece of paper with the word "motorcycle" written on it and asked how I say that word. I said "motorcycle." She then told me about someone else who says "motorsickle." Naturally, I said to her "YOU SAY SUPPOSIVELY!!!!" :)

That led us to our other coworker's desk where we launched into a conversation about who says what how. My coworker said "well I say bag weird"... but that's just because she's from Wisconsin and has that long A sound that so many Minnesotan/Wisconsinite folk have (where it almost sounds like they are saying beg instead of bag). So that didn't count - that's an accent rather than a true mispronunciation. But I mentioned my dad says "oll" instead of oil, and my other coworker's husband says "ung-en" instead of onion. Several other things came up too! Interesting.

(Haha - blogger corrected my spelling of Minnesotan and Wisconsinite. I love that those words are in the Blogger dictionary!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Livin' in a digital world...

Last night Geoff brought in the mail like he always does. We were going through it and he said "here's something from Comcast wanting us to switch our cable and internet to them." I responded "oh just delete it." What?!!? Delete it?! Yeah, I meant recycle it.

Then this morning Geoff's alarm clock went off, and I feel a tap on my back. HE TRIED TO SNOOZE ME! He realized it quickly and rolled over and snoozed his actual alarm clock.

Ooops. :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


When I was little I had an imaginary friend So-So. When we moved from Houston to Chicago, we couldn’t take him with us. So he stayed behind and lived in the Houston Galleria. Gaggy (my grandfather) would always tell me about how he saw So-So in the Galleria when he and Mimi (grandmother) went there. He seemed to like the ice skating rink. Then one year So-So got packed away with the giant Galleria Christmas tree, so I only got updates on So-So sightings at Christmastime.

This weekend Geoff's family went to Houston to see my sister-in-law Rebecca graduate from high school! While there was some shuttling to the airport, part of the family was dropped off at the Galleria to kill some time. And GUESS WHAT - they saw So-So! Even though he's packed up with the Christmas tree in some storage room somewhere, he just happened to come out to use the bathroom. And he says hello. Yay!

Another softball story!

I forgot about this one until just now... one of the girls asked me how old I was (for about the millionth time - they seem to be obsessed with how old Geoff and I are). I said "27". She said "you don't seem 27!" I asked her how old "I seem" and she said 38. Thanks a lot, kid! Even SHE seems to think I'm prematurely old. Then she asked how old Geoff was and I said 23. She said "so he's 4 years younger than you!" I said yes, and then she said "isn't the boy supposed to be older?"

Oh, and for reference, these girls are between 7 and 10. The majority of them are in 2nd grade. (including the girl who got busted for singing about boys with their pants unzipped and the girl who thinks I seem 38).

3 things

Here are my three amusing stories:

During softball on Friday (our last game!) two of the girls were playing one of those little clappy hand sing songy rhyme thingies. Great description right? I don't know what they're called, but like Miss Mary Mack. Anyway, moving on. So only one of the two girls is singing, I guess she's teaching the other girl this song. She sings something about kissing a boy, and I kind of raise my eyebrow, but I'm mostly paying attention to the batter that's up. The next thing I hear is something about "and has his pants undone!" and then her mom screams "HANNAH!!! I have talked to you about this song before! If I hear it out of your mouth ONE MORE TIME, I'm washing your mouth out with soap." HAHAHAHAHAHA. Love it!

After softball, I go home and check my email. I have two emails about orders at I did recently place two orders, one for myself and one for father's day. But I click on these and they are for XBox Live points. I'm like "Geoff, did you order XBox live points?" and he looks at me like I'm crazy. Then the email immediately after those two is one from Amazon saying they've detected suspicious activity and have therefore cancelled my account. WOW! Within half an hour, they figured out that something wasn't right. Very impressed, Amazon. They have already processed it on their end, so they recommend calling my credit card company (an obvious next step), so I do. Before I do that though, I check my online account balance which doesn't show these Amazon transactions and also take a moment to fret about the Amex people yelling at me for storing my Amex info in my Amazon account. So I call Amex and the nicest young chap answers the phone. He says immediately "oh yes, I see them right here" and tells me the dollar amounts of MY Amazon transactions. I tell them those are legit, and he looks and says that he can see the XBox Live ones coming in but that they're not actually here yet. He says no problem, just keep an eye on my online statement and when I see them, there is a button to click to dispute a charge. YAY! I don't have to talk to actual people anymore. Then I ask him if I need a new card or anything, and he says "well, your stuff was just stored in your Amazon account, right?" I say "yes, stupidly". He says "oh no no no, that's actually very safe! No problem, and you don't need a new card because they don't display your card number on your account". YAY! I hate getting new cards. End of phone call.

Saturday I check my statement because stuff usually posts the second day, but I see nothing - hmm, maybe Amazon or Amex were able to get rid of it somehow. Then I check Sunday, and sure enough, $49.99 times 2 transactions. Dang. So I use the dispute charge option and fill out a couple of little forms, and I'm done within 10 minutes. It says it will be 6 - 8 weeks to resolve but they try to get it done within a month. Oh well, at least it's only $100.

Monday morning - two $49.99 credits on my Amex bill!!! SWEET - way to go Amex AND Amazon. Amazon for figuring out something was weird and putting a stop to it right away and Amex for crediting me so quickly and making it so very painless. The only problem I had then was that I could no longer track my two orders on Amazon since they cancelled my account, but mine came yesterday and I assume my dad's probably did too. YIPPEE! Three cheers for fantastic customer service!

My last story is a VENT. We listen to 105.1 The Buzz in Portland, and they do this movie guessing game where the host thinks of a movie and people call in and guess yes or no questions to figure out the movie. After the guesser's yes or no question is answered, he or she has one chance to guess the movie. It's a pretty entertaining game, but I get SO ANNOYED at these fools who ONLY have a guess that corresponds to an answer in the affirmative to their questions! Here's an example of how it goes:
Guesser: "Is Tom Hanks in it?"
Host: "No"
Guesser: "Ohhh.... okay.... thanks, bye"
Host: "Did you have a guess about the movie?"
Host: "Well I thought it was Castaway...."

Okay people. OBVIOUSLY you thought it was something that had Tom Hanks in it. But considering there are like a gazillion movies in existence and there is a 99.99999999999% chance that the answer to your question will be no, especially towards the beginning of the game, HAVE ANOTHER ANSWER!! Surely you can think of SOME movie that doesn't have Tom Hanks in it. I realize it may take you a second to think of, which is why you should be prepared. ANY other movie will do, and having A guess will give you higher odds of getting the right answer than having no guess and looking like a ninny! UGH. It's just unbelievable how person after person calls in and doesn't have a guess besides the guess the corresponds with an answer in the affirmative to his or her question!

Yesterday we knew that the movie wasn't a comedy although some people think it's very funny, there was no blind guy in the movie, and it wasn't made in 2009 (although when that person asked the question, he said "is it recent?" and they said "define recent" and he said "this year" and they said not this year... leading one to believe it was made in the last couple of years). We probably had some other clues too but I was too busy yelling at the radio to pay attention. Finally some guy calls in and says "is Hayden Christensen in it?" and they say yes, so he guesses "Jumper" which is correct. But I'm willing to bet that if they'd said no he would have awkwardly said "oh.... well I thought it was Jumper...." just like every other fool that calls in.

Anyway, I actually LIKE the game, it's pretty fun to try to figure out what the movie is (even though I've seen approximately fourteen movies in my life), which is why I listen to it, but ARGH!!!! People of Portland: have another answer.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Golden Girls

I KINDA remember Golden Girls growing up - my mom watched it so I'm sure my sister and I did occasionally too. I have a stronger memory of the spin-off Empty Nest. I know for sure I used to watch that. There was another spin-off, Nurses, which sounds familiar and I'm sure I watched it, but don't really remember.

Flash to 2005 - I don't rememeber if it was summer or Christmas, but I suspect it was Christmas because I don't think I went home that summer. My mom and sister were watching a ton of Golden Girls and Golden Palace. I'd never heard of Golden Palace before then, but apparently it was yet another spin-off developed with Dorothy wanted to leave the show. I know this because my mom told me at the time and also because I recently read the wiki for both Golden Girls and Golden Palace. My Golden Girls knowledge has gone up exponentially in the past week. (also this is how I know that it was 2005 that Golden Palace was on, the wiki informed me that was the first time since 1993 that Golden Palace was seen on American TV)

Side note: my grandmother had a friend who was a splitting image of Dorothy. I always called her Dorothy but that wasn't her real name. I have no idea what her name was, although my mom would know.

Back to the story. Anyway, so I was somewhat familiar with the Golden Girls. I had definitely seen them growing up and a few times in syndication, but that's about it. Last week I was feeling like watching some TV and Geoff was doing something else. That's a VERY rare phenomenon, so I took the opportunity and flipped through channels. I saw the Golden Girls was on, so I turned it on. It just so happened a new episode was starting, so I burst (loudly) into the theme song. Geoff was in the room and he looked up and was like "what ARE you singing??" Then the actual show came on and it was SO funny!! I don't remember it being that funny, and I kept laughing. YES, I laughed during a TV show. Those ladies are hilarious. So then Geoff was even more in awe that something was making me laugh (TV and movies usually don't make me laugh. It's very awkward when everyone else is cracking up and I'm sitting there all stoic-like). So then he started watching too and laughed right along with me.

I was talking to my sister the other day and she was watching Golden Girls too - turns out my mom bought a couple of the seasons on DVD and sent some to my sister. I guess we're a Golden Girls loving family.

Since it was so much fun to watch, I set the DVR to record Golden Girls. Last night while Geoff was in the shower, I turned on an episode. He happened to turn off the shower right about when the theme song started, so he could hear it. I, of course, was singing at the top of my lungs, and halfway through the theme song (right around "and if you threw a party") he burst into song WITH me!!!! I couldn't stop laughing... apparently I sang it enough times that he learned the words. He then watched the entire episode with me, which was his first full Golden Girls episode. I gave him the low-down on all of the characters - Rose is the wingnut, Blanche is the man-lover, and Sophia is hilarious and Dorothy's mom. He was like "what about Dorothy?" I was like I dunno, she's just Dorothy. There's not much to say about her. And I filled him in on the little details like Rose being from St. Olaf, Minnesota and ALWAYS having stories about "back in St. Olaf"...

Good times, good times. Gotta go, gotta watch some Golden Girls! ;-)