Saturday, November 26, 2005

Of course it will be a quick one

Ok so just a quick note... try to give a lowdown on all of the big happenings lately:

October 14: Go to Ringlers downtown with John, Andy, Amanda, Geoff, Dominique, Vin, Michael, British guys, etc. This is the night John ends up moving to my house for a week or so. Found out John was a Christian too, we were both reading the 4th Left Behind book!
October 15: Watch the Northwestern game in the morning with John, both of us were feeling sick so the day was pretty worthless. Biggest event of the night was going to Barnes and Noble to buy the 5th Left Behind book.
October 18: Stay home sick from work for the first time ever... ugh I had the worst cough for that whole week!
October 19: Went for a run (shouldn't have done that but the cabin fever was killing me), then went to Old C with John, Korey, and Marie... the RCGs were there too.
October 21: Went to Henry's, then Aura with John, his friend Jose, and Jose's roommate.
October 22: Went to Brazen Bean, Bar M, then Aura with John, his friend Jeff and Jeff's wife Rose.
October 23: Went to church with John for the first time.
October 26: Went to Quarterlife, the singles group at church, for the second time ever (yaaay day shift!) and the first time for John. Met my friend Katie at Elmer's when we went for food. The White Sox win the World Series!!!!!!!
October 28: Went to Voodoo Lounge downtown, met guys in a bar and gave them my number for the first time ever, both called the next day so weird! Then went to a foam party at Baraccuda with Marie, Andy, and John. Wore my cute Halloween costume... soooo fun!
October 29: Went to Aura with Tim and John... Tim's favorite holiday is Halloween, it was excellent. Make a special call to work, talk to Bryan and tell him to come out with us next week.
October 30: Went to church with John and sat with the QL crew!
November 2: Quarterlife again, this time went to The Freshman afterwards for food.
November 4: Addy's in town!!! We go to Russell Street with Danny, Morgan, Steve, Andy, Geoff, Michael, Rachel, Tim, and John. Then we were gonna go home, but we decide to go to Henry's. Then we were gonna go home, but we decide to go to Aura. LOL. Super fun night!!! Although it did end up with me in the closet -- must work on the closet episodes. And there was a great burrito... Adds will love that one. ;-) Paged Bryan to see if he still wanted to go out with us the next night, then sent pages all night telling him what he was missing out on all night. That pager has got to go.
November 5: John and Tim are worthless! We go to Old C with Bryan, soooo not fun. Then I go home and cuddle with Adds... always fun!!
November 6: The first time Tim joins us for church.
November 7: The first date with Bryan, though I didn't know it was a date at the time. Kicks of my Bugatti's OBSESSION... I love the staff there, I don't know what I'd do without that place!
November 8: Second date with Bryan, go to Old Market Pub which doesn't cut it so it's back to Bugatti's for us!
November 9: QL, followed by Chili's where I officially get Katie's and Bonnie's phone numbers!! LOL it's like I'm a guy.
November 10: PCG downtown with Tim and John... can you tell this was a great week?
November 11: CHRIS TOMLIN!!!!! AHHHH!!!! It'd been over a year. And Matt Redman and Louie Giglio, too fun!! What an awesome night of worship. :) :) Then I met up with some QL'ers at a pool hall, and John and Katie and I come back to my house and talk until 6 AM!
November 12: John and I take Katie out for a night on the town, Joe joins us! We go to Aura (OF COURSE!!) and have a super fun night. LOVE IT.
November 13: Watch the first Harry Potter movie with Bryan.
November 14: Bugatti's night, of course. And it's Bryan's birthday, so his cousin and cousin's girlfriend, and his brother, and John and Tim join us at Bugatti's. Then we go to Old C and Brent and Deborah join us. Very fun night!! And it was the pre-party planning meeting for my party that Saturday.
November 15: Harry Potter marathon... which actually is just a lot of talking.
November 16: QL, dinner at Chevy's afterwards!
November 17: Andy cooked me dinner and we watched 2 episodes of the OC at his house!
November 18: Pre-party planning... Addy and I went shopping for cute PJs, then John came over to setup, then Marie came over to help prepare stuff, then Brent, Tim, and Bryan came over just to say hello and be obnoxious. And Roommate Brad was there too, he's always fun!
November 19: Pajama Party!! Mitch DJ'ed, John had his lights going, and sooo many people were there. Friends from tons of different groups, the neighbors, etc. A really really fun night, this has been all the talk all week.
November 20: Chill with Addy and Bryan... so cute.
November 21: Bugatti's night, what else? We're "regulars" now since we've gone 3 Monday nights in a row!
November 22: Thanksgiving Extravaganza at Brent and Deborah's, so fun! FABULOUS food and then some interesting Nintendo and whatnot...
November 23: Thanksgiving Eve Service at church, then out to Cheesecake Factory with a bunch of QL'ers!
November 24: Thanksgiving! Charles makes a wonderful meal and then we watch movies together, a lovely day.
November 25: Ended up at Bugatti's with John and Tim, planning the next party, which will allegedly be a Christmas Party December 17. Don't know exactly what the dress-up rules will be yet, but I love theme parties so I think I'm always going to make people dress up. It's just too fun!

Okay so there's the lowdown on my life... only I feel like I didn't really tell you anything about my life, just what I've been up to with my crazy-busy-ness. And I didn't even get to tell you about stuff like who I've been to lunch with or what I've been thinking or feeling or how much God has been absolutely blessing me and being amazing lately (not like He's always not). So maybe next week if I get some time. :-)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Okay, this is offically my 200th blog! Not bad for about a year and a half of blogging... that's like one for every other day. Of course my rate is way slower now, but I'm a busy little day shift bee now! My three favorite Portland restaurants are Bugatti's, PCG, and Russell St. I just decided this today. By the time Thursday rolls around, I will have been to all of them in just 7 days -- I think this is probably a first even for me. I'm so proud. :-) Everyone always talks about living downtown, and yeah, it'd be awesome... but really, I go down there at LEAST once a week, and I only have to wake up at 6:30 to be at work by 7... why would I want to wake up at 5:45 or something crazy like that? BARF. So yes, life is good... been having some HIGH QUALITY Quiet Times lately which makes me a very very happy girl. :-) :-)