Thursday, June 09, 2011


This is not okay. These people are not “justified” because of what some bank “told them”. They are obligated to the contract they signed to pay for their home.

And it’s REALLY lame that your payments used to be $1000 but tripled to $3000 because you were too stupid to refinance and now you’re paying NOTHING while you “work with the bank to find a payment plan that works”. How about you still pay your $1000? How is NOTHING okay???

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I've had a couple of comments about how I have new posts on my blog - which are now a month old!

May was filled with a lot of travel - our trip to Georgia was lots more fun than expected! We got to see our friend William, spend a ton of time with family, had some awesome meals, and did a great quick daytrip of Atlanta on Saturday. We went to the Coke museum, the aquarium, and had a behind the scenes tour of CNN. It was super fun!

The past two weekends (Memorial Day and the weekend after) we went camping. We went to Seven Feathers RV Resort for Memorial Day. That's my favorite park, and I believe it's Geoff and his mom's favorite as well. We had so much fun even though it was rainy all weekend long! This past weekend we spent a gorgeous weekend at Fort Stevens State Park. My friend Laura, her sister Beth, and Laura's daughter Claire came and hunt out with us during the day on Saturday. We went to the beach, had a campfire, and chatted. I also invited myself into a camper - my mother-in-law is thinking about buying a camper of her own, and the folks across from us had the same brand she is looking at. She has never been in one, so I politely invited us in (after stalking the people all afternoon waiting for them to return!). In my experience folks are ALWAYS happy to show off their "home". Turned out, they are looking to go to full timing in the next few years when they retire. They had seen our fifth wheel and had already Googled it, so when they learned it was ours they asked if they could check it out. Geoff gave them a nice long (probably 30 minutes) tour. They seemed to really like it, so it worked out well that we could both check out each other's rigs. The weekend before (Memorial Day at Seven Feathers), we saw some people that had the same brand camper we used to have, and our friend Bill (he and his wife Cindy have a trailer also and camp with us often) invited got to chatting with them and they had been Googling our fifth wheel as well. So he invited them to check ours out. They came over and loved it as well. So much fun! Ours is a smaller manufacturer so it's fun to introduce people to them. Anyway, we had a great time at Fort Stevens but probably won't go back with our current camper. Most of the older state parks in Oregon just aren't set up for rigs as big as ours, and it's not pleasant to get in and out of there.

Those are really the highlights of May - have some good things coming in June so hopefully I'll be inspired to blog more. We are playing bingo tonight, I'm super excited!! We most recently played at Seven Feathers Memorial Day weekend, but I really like our "home" bingo hall better. We know our announcers (bingo callers and attendants), we know how all of the games work (no staring at a sheet or the board to try to figure out if we have the right patterns or not), etc. It's just really fun at our own place!

Oh and last week I bought a box (~140) of nail polish from someone on Craigslist. I got a GREAT deal and it's been so fun to look through the polishes. Quite a few gems in there!