Friday, July 28, 2006

I love lists!

Seriously, lists are great. And Excel and OneNote just make them even greater. I'm currently working on an awesome color-coded camping list. My friend Kristie and I were talking about lists, and then we started emailing back and forth all of our favorite lists. YES, we are such engineering dorks. I love it. Let me know if you need any lists, I probably have what you're looking for. List making is so grand.

Quote of the day: "I might squish the Crohn's right out of you!" (Geoff, when I asked him what would happen if he stepped on my stomach). Haha.

So yeah, life has been slow. Today we're going to test drive cars after work, I can't wait! My mom was in town last week, that was grand... Geoff was on vacation though, so that was sad. He was way stressed and boring for like weeks before vacation, but now he's back to being super cool awesome Geoff. YAY!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Quote of the Day

I just called my insurance company because I couldn’t access the online site, and when she fixed it she goes “great, we’ve taken care of getting that taken care of for you”. AWESOME.

Weekend was boring... did yardwork, cleaned the house, etc. Mom was like "oh, don't go to any trouble for me". Yeah right... that what kids DO when their parents come to visit! Clean the house so the parents think they're perfect and neat! Which of course I am... I just wanted to make sure everything was EXTRA perfect. ;-)

Woo hoo, meetings cancelled for the rest of the day! Now I can do things like renew my drivers registration!

Friday, July 07, 2006

4th of July Week!

Well, it's been fun! :)

Last Friday I went to the Waterfront Blues Fest downtown - the last time I did that was in 2003, crazy to think of how long I've been in Portland! Saturday I woke up early (and woke up Geoff's parents by calling them at 7:30 AM, ooops) and went to the beach with his family! VERY fun day... his mom and stepdad asked me a bunch of questions about my hopes and dreams, my family, why I like Geoffrey, etc. It was awesome! Plus I got to hang out with his cousin and stepsister who I adore! He joined us around 3:30 and we all played in the water for a while and then read and went home around 8 or so. Geoff and I went to Olive Garden that night because we like to eat! Sunday nothing super exciting happened, I had a good run but other than that it was a low-key day.

Monday night I met Geoff at his apartment, then went over to his parent's house. I watched TV with his cousin and stepsister while he helped his stepdad with the boat. I said the words "sketchtastic" and "pre-lesbianism" which the girls thought were SO funny... I just randomly said them, like I had actual uses for both and didn't think anything of them, but they caught on and loved it. Around 9ish I took the girls to Coldstone to get some ice cream... on the way back I could swear I saw lightening... and they thought I was crazy! Then Taylor eventually saw it, but Rebecca thought either we were on drugs or it was fireworks. So Rebecca started pointing to actual fireworks you could see and was like "ooo, look, lightening". Haha very funny. So then when we turn onto Geoff's street, Geoff calls and asks if we're still there... nope, not so much! Trevor (his brother) wanted ice cream too. When we get back, we find out what Trevor wants and go back to Coldstone for him. But on the way we pick up his girlfriend Kristy. Right before we picked up Kristy, we saw a strike of lightening in the sky, and FINALLY everyone thought I wasn't crazy! Haha. So we brought back the ice cream and Kristy and went downstairs for a few mintues... Trevor and Geoff and Gary were down there relaxing. Geoff and I left pretty soon after that... by this time it was 10:30 or so! Fun day!

Tuesday was slow at work. I met Geoff for lunch at PF Changs... I was crabby which was unfortunate but that's okay. Then I worked from home in the afternoon and he took the afternoon off. He took a shower and watched some TV at home and then we went to the moorage and met his parents. We went out on the island from like 4:30 - 7 and then took the boat back to the moorage and went to where they had put blankets and stuff so we could watch the Vancouver fireworks. Gary grilled hamburgers for us. The problem was it was FREEZING. It was about 60 out and soooo windy. We had a few blankets and things but not nearly enough! I had brought fleece pants which I was thankful for, but no sweatshirt. Geoff and I had one blanket for over and under us, which Taylor wrapped us up in like a "taco". We had a big taco joke... we're weird... but that's okay. The fireworks were good, though it was cold, and we packed up quickly afterwards. But then traffic was STOPPED getting on I-5... it took FOREVER to get home, I finally got home around 12:30.

Wednesday and Thursday Geoff and I went up to Seattle (I switched my days off this week to match with his). We got to see all of PLU (where he went to school) and the store he started working at and ex-girlfriend's houses and everything! ;-) Then we went to IKEA and dinner at Brazillian BBQ, yuuuum. Thursday we went to the Museum of Flight and then to Pike's Place and Red Robin on the waterfront, then took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. From there it took us almost 4 and a half hours to get home - UGH to construction. Geoff is amazing and wonderful though and he drove so that I could sleep. See why I love that man!? Here's the fun trivia of the day - you know that bridge they always showed in physics classes, the one that twists and turns and then breaks apart? That's in Tacoma, which is where Geoff went to college! We drove over the replacement for that last night! Who knew? Very exciting! :)

This weekend = yardwork, house cleaning, and general getting ready for Mom - she comes next week!!!!