Monday, January 31, 2005


My blog keeps getting deleted. I pressed Function + C instead of Control + C to back it up and save it before posting, and it deleted somehow. So I'm annoyed and don't feel like typing again, maybe I will tell you about my weekend tomorrow. We'll see. :-)

Friday, January 28, 2005


I thought I blogged about Sunday... apparently I did not. It was the BEST day ever.... Vinnie so wooed me. He was so sweet. I couldn't sleep that morning, but I chilled in bed for 4 or 5 hours. Then he woke up around 11 and I took a shower and stuff and went to his house. Then we took Max (aka El type thing) downtown and went to Widmer (yes the place we went Monday night) for happy hour. I LOVE their chicken caesar salad, it's one of my favorite meals!! I discovered it when I went there with Patrick. YAY for Patrick. Then we went to the Lloyd Center, which is the biggest mall in Oregon. SO FUN, I had no idea I'd enjoy shopping with Vin but I definitely did. And he was so cute all day, just putting his arm around me and being adorable and fun. Then we debated about going to Portland City Grill (it was in the original weekend plan) but he was so tired for some odd reason and I was definitely tired. He nixed the idea and I didn't fight that. So we slept on the Max on the way home, then went to Noodlin' (Like Noodles & Co but not as good....) for dinner. Then he rented a movie and I slept through that. Haha. Oh well. :-) It was an absolutely amazzzzzing day. All smiles on that one. :-)

2 day week

Sooooooooo I'm at work, and I'm a 1/4 done with my week, which is extra nice because my week only started about 6 hours ago. Well, I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the day but when it's during the day I just don't feel like I need to count it. Funny how that works out. So at any rate, Monday to the best of my recelection I just hung out and scrapbooked, then met friends for happy hour at Widmer, way fun. Then I went back to Vin's with Andy and Vin and Daniel and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Actually much better than I thought it would be. Tuesday I had my usual meeting, then did lots of scrapbooking again all day, then got my furniture delivered around 7 PM (all of the chairs and the new table are here!!!). I went to bed about 10 that night, crazy. I woke up at 6 the next morning, which was nice because I actually got a lot of stuff done before my 8 AM training and got to work around 7 or 7:30 to get some stuff done. I met up with Daniel for lunch and drove him home around 5, then went to a singles group at church that I normally don't get to go to because I'm working, so that was really nice!! :-) Thursday I went to a meeting from 9:30 - 11, then an urgent care center because I had a rash which turned out to be eczema behind my ear. Haven't had that in about 10 years, though I used to get it a lot as a little kid. Got lots of drugs because it was infected and I had a temperature and swollen glands, so I have an antibiotic and a topical steriod. Good stuff, hopefully it goes away soon! :-) That took awehile because it was the urgent care center and I had to wait a long time (they died down RIGHT when I came in, I had to wait an hour and the person that came in about 50 minutes after me got called right after me... oh well). So then I went home and did my typical "first day of work try to nap" thing. I finally got about 2 hours of sleep, then I met Vinnie at Qdoba for dinner. Yummmm quesedillas. For reasons that shall remain nameless, he owes me 1300 "bits" of niceness... he was able to pay me back 4 bits tonight, so that's fun. Just 1296 to go, so I've got that going for me. :-) He gets a bit for things like walking me to my car, and volunteering to get my prescription for me (that was a free bit because I did it myself, but the thought counts). Anyway, that's our new little joke and I enjoy it. We were supposed to go snow shoeing Sunday but there's no snow again, so that plan is foiled. Not sure what the weekend has to offer. Tomorrow I'm meeting some peeps for sushi before work, so that'll be fun. Then weekend, YAY! :-) So more then.

Sunday, January 23, 2005!

So now I think instead of just posting about my day (which I will keep doing in case you're that curious) I'm going to try to post some random stuff some!! For today:

An update on your Favorite Band - My favorite band, as you PROBABLY know, is Chris Tomlin. He's currently touring with Steven Curtis Chapman and Casting Crowns, which is the concert I went to in October with Adds. I HOPE he'll be back at Creation this summer, I hope to make an appearance there. We'll see how that one plays out. OH and his new book is coming out in February, YAY. Although I don't know what to think of Chris Tomlin "the author"...

Behind the scenes of 'Your Blog' the movie. - There would be little controversy and it would be dull. I want Jen Garner to play me, of course. No, that's not true. It's gotta be Reese Witherspoon. Jen Garner is really only liked for her action roles, Reese is a more all around actress.

Best compliment you've ever received. - Oh my gosh this is so hard. I've received so many great compliments in my life, and I'm so thankful for them. The most recent one that stands out is that I did a great job Wednesday, which was important to me because it was my first end of year review session and I was nervous and had to fight for a few of my reports. So that was good that the rank manager thought I did a good job on it!

Boxers; Briefs; Commando - For women? Briefs I guess. :-) Ideally bikini briefs.

Breakfast: Yes or No? - No, unless it's a "big" breakfast... either going out (most likely) or making bacon and eggs or waffles or something. And in Chicago, it's gotta be Walker Brothers. :-)

My blog sucks


I was just back looking at my blog in May and it was SO FUN! Granted it was the last month of my senior year of college and I did nothing more than sit around a sorority house all day and do random stuff that would later be very blog-worthy, but still!

I'm such an old woman. I talk about work and Vinnie and that's about it. I act like Vinnie and I are married and we're NOT EVEN DATING! I need to make a serious effort to be more fun.

The good news is I took this quiz tonight: and it said I was 22. Which is good, because I am 22, so at least I act my age according to this quiz.

So I'm going to try to be more fun and random in my blogs in order to amuse you all more and increase my readership. YAY.


So I had a way sucky workout today, that was unfortunate. :-( But then I was going on my "I have to work Saturday night so I get Chipotle" trip to Chipotle, so I IMed Vin to see if he wanted to go, so he met me there. Then he came to work with me since he had to fax something, so that was sorta fun. Then since it's Saturday night we were sorta bored at work so we decided to go to Old Chicago for dinner, which was way fun. :-) Definitely enjoyable to feel like you're doing something fun during work. Then Vin paged me and saying "Coffee?" (I had asked when we were at Chipotes if he wanted to go out for coffee later but he paged me earlier saying "Poker night, no coffee. Sorry" so then we went to Old Chicago). So now that I was just getting back from Old Chicago I was like no way am I going out for coffee now, I just got back from that same mall area. So I asked him to get me (and one coworker) coffee, and he was sweet enough to do that. Big points for him on that one. :-) So he came over and I asked my team to postpone a meeting for a bit, which we did. Only 15 minutes though so he left after that... I think he was like "what the heck, I came over here and brought you coffee and then you have a meeting"... but it was okay cause he went home to finish his movie. Tomorrow we're going running and watching Alias. He wants to watch at his house and is trying to intice me to bring my Tivo over because he got his fireplace cleaned this week so he can have a fire and he's all "we can have a fire and watch Alias" and I'm like "they're in two seperate rooms (the TV and the fireplace)" and he's like "it's on wheels". So we negotiated and decided that if he wheels his TV into the other room that I will bring the Tivo over to his house, and then we will watch Alias by the fire and in good quality. Although it's somewhat wasted because he has an HDTV and I do not record Alias in HD (Tivo doesn't record HD) and not only that, I record on the lowest possible quality Tivo has. Oh well, it will be bigger than mine at least. Then Monday we're going out with a bunch of friends to a brewery downtown (Widmer, Patrick) for happy hour, yay. $2 pints of my very favoritest beer in the world (Drop Top, it's like Fat Tire but better). So yay for already having fun weekend plans... not to mention the fact that I'm working during the day again on Wednesday and then I have just a two day work week. Woo hoo! :-) Good times. Only 3 more hours left of this shift (and hopefully I'll spend one working out) and then I get to go home. YAY!!!!!

Weeks to come:
1/23 - Short week of work
1/30 - Fun training classes during work that I'm looking forward to.
2/6 - Short week of work
2/12 - My aunt is visiting through the 16th. (plus Valentine's Day)
2/20 - Going to Bend for President's Day / my birthday for the whole weekend (2/18 - 2/21)
2/27 - Winter party for work! and working day shift the whole week
2/6 - Short work week
3/13 - Leaving for "spring break" on the 19th
3/20 - On spring break the whole week!
3/27 - Hiking class starts
4/3 - I go back to my regular life and nothing fun for a while... but I still have hiking class for 6 weeks!

So YAY I have 10 weeks of fun to look forward to... meaning only 1 more long week of work (and that week involves training) in the next 10 weeks. I'm WAY excited about that! :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I posted on Wednesday but it didn't work and all is bad. Here's the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Got up and did some scrapbooking, then worked out. Then I showered and made a yummy lunch. Then I stopped into work for a pre-session for the meeting I had all day Wednesday (end of year reviews). Then I came home and did some more scrapbooking and some reading. Then I stopped BACK into work for a meeting with a co-worker (indirectly) who was a Theta at Northwestern. Then I went and picked up Subway for me and Vin and then met him at my apartment and went to the hospital for my Remicade. It was way sweet that he came with me. Then I rented Cellular and watched it at his place with him and his new roommate. HORRIBLE MOVIE. Don't ever get it. I don't care much about bad acting, but this was the worst acting I've ever seen. I should have rented Little Black Book instead.

Wednesday: Worked from about 7:45 AM to 6:15 PM. Then met up with some friends at 6:30 to go downtown to this pizza place called Escape from NY. Best Pizza in Portland and on the most trendy street in Portland, though it doesn't compare to Gios, Ginos, or Lou Malnatis. Booo to West Coast pizza. Anyway then we went to a fun bar downtown and played pool and chilled. Way fun night, but the kiddies who had to work in the morning made me go home about 10:30! Although I wasn't complaining, I woke up at 7 that morning! Fun night. I was so happy to have a week night OFF. I need a new job. :)

Thursday: Went downtown to REI in the morning and bought hiking boots! Yay for me, I was so proud. I spent over an hour trying on boots, what nonsense! But I found the perfect ones and I'm way excited. I can't wait to go hiking soon so I can actually try them out. I hope they really do work well for me. We shall see. Then I came home and proceeded to slack off and not go running... oh well. Then of course work Thursday night.

Tonight I'm working AND tomorrow night... it's my long week. But I did go running this afternoon and then worked out again this morning, so I've got that going for me. If I do the same tomorrow I'll be quite pleased. The gym at my apartment is much nicer than the gym at work (in some ways, not all). I was supposed to go snowshoeing on Sunday but that was cancelled due to too much rain (eating the snow) and because of the rain we can't even go hiking! So maybe I can watch Alias and do some scrapbooking and maybe go out to dinner with Vin. We shall see. :-)

More to come soon, hopefully more consistently if this actually works!

Monday, January 17, 2005

YAY I have readers!!

You guys have no idea how happy I am to see all of your comments! It put a huge smile on my face. A special shoutout to my favorite reader in RUSSIA... I miss ya Dave! :-) I'm praying for you and I hope all is well with you.

So it was my short week so I was done with work SATURDAY, yay! Oh and Friday night at work I worked out with a few co-workers, so fun! I'm going to start going down to the gym every night, it was such a good way to keep awake and totally feel good in the middle of the night. Saturday was the big "day of the ice storm"... everyone in Oregon was completely freaking out about this alleged storm that was going to shut the whole city down. It was tooooo funny. Yes, it was a bit icey, but these people were hysterical. A lot of people left work early "just in case". When I got up I kinda chilled around the house and watched Daredevil in preparation for watching Elektra that night with some friends (good thing I still have Vin's movies that I "borrowed". Later that afternoon I went over to Vin's to help him hang a shelf in his garage. Then I convinced him to come over and watch Alias with me. YAY for Alias and Jen Garner! At 5:40ish we left to run by the bank before we met friends at Red Robin at 6... good thing we got there at 5:57 because they were closing at 6 due to the "extreme weather conditions". Hahaha. It was just too funny you guys. It was 32 degrees out, BARELY freezing! Just a little ice on the road, that's all. I slipped once driving Jakers, but not much. And my stairs up to my apartment were COVERED in ice so that was a challenge, but I didn't stay holed up for 3 days straight! Anyway, we had our yummy Red Robin and then went to go see Elektra... I'm a big Jen Garner fan but not her best flick! :-( It was okay though... we watched it and enjoyed. After that we went home (had to prepare for the "storm") and I went to Vinnie's to play Nintendo... we played old school Bubble Bobble, remember that game? It was so fun. We beat the whole game in one sitting, from level 1 - 100. Good thing Vinnie is good, otherwise it never would have happened!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling blah... just one of those icky days where you want to sit in bed all day. And of course it was a Sunday so I wanted to go to church but I didn't really *want* to because I was blah. (I really just kind of miss Chicago sometimes, and having so many friends there. I have so few friends here, and I never see them because I work icky hours!... I'm looking for a new job with day hours.) But I dragged myself out of bed and went to church and it was CLOSED... weather!!! In all of my 22 (23 in 33 days!) years of life, I have never heard of church CLOSING. I'm quite sure I've been to church in blizzards and -20 degree temps. Hmmm... but okay. So I went for a drive instead, which was good for me. I love driving, it clears my head. I drove down to Woodburn which reminds me of Keith who I miss so much and went to Wal-Mart since I was down there. It's kind of fun to go there every once in a while. Then I drove back and asked Vinnie to meet me at Qdoba for lunch. I had a buy one get one free entree coupon so it was great! Then we went to REI (his toy store) which is so fun too. It got me more excited for my new hiking /mountaineering plans. Yay! Too bad everything is so expensive. :-( After that we stopped by Target so he could get sheets, and I got 13 Going On 30... YES more Jen Garner! But it's such a cute movie! So we watched that at Vin's house. Then we got ready for this party we were going to go to downtown at Bar 71, but there were only 10 people (and 5 employees!) there when we got there so we ditched that idea. :-( We just went back to Vinnie's house and had a REALLY nice talk, so that made me happy. Definitely more fun than a party would have been. Sometimes you just need a good talk.

Today was so productive! I was supposed to meet Andrew for lunch in fine Monday tradition, but he had to go job hunting so that didn't work out. So instead I cleaned lots around my apartment. It's pretty messy and yucky so it was nice to straighten up a little. Hopefully I'll spend another hour or so working on it tomorrow. I also got some laundry and random bills and stuff taken care of. Then I worked out, an extra good workout so that put me in a good mood. I took a little 30 minute nap since I didn't sleep all that well last night, and then watched 24 from last week and scrapbooked. I was hoping Kristie would call me for dinner (she has tonight off, yay, but I'm afraid she fell asleep since she worked last night and didn't sleep this morning), but instead I got a call from the Vin, so I met up with him and his new roomie Daniel (from TEXAS!!!!!) at Old Chicago for dinner. Yuuuuuuum. I had a crispy chicken salad! Then I came back home for more 24 and scrapbooking. It's actually been a very productive night, I'm getting so much done with the scrapbooking. I'm totally in the mood for it (I skipped from doing elementary school to my 21st birthday and beyond so it's way more fun) and it's going to be great when I have a scrapbook of my whole senior year of college. It was such a super fun year. It even competes with senior year of high school, though that might have been the best year of my life. Who knows. :-) Anyway it's fun to look back and remember all of the fun times, especially when I start to miss people some (and by some I mean a lot). So anyway, it's been a good night, and now I'm talking to Adds and my pledge grandkid Kathleen online, so that's way fun!

That's all for now, but now that I know you're all still reading I'll try to keep posting more so that my blog will live on. :-)

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Week in Review

Sunday: Slept until 1:30 or so, sorta putzed around the house, went to church, picked up a new wine rack from some guy on Craigslist in North Portland, watched a movie, then picked Vin up from the airport. SO FUN!!! He was so super cute and you could tell he'd missed me, which was very nice to have him come home too. He definitely wooed me, though unintentionally, that night.

Monday: Relaxed, made some phone calls. Then I went to Red Robin for lunch with Mr. Andrew, it was a lovely time. Then took a nice nap in the afternoon. Vin and I were supposed to go running, but he didn't have time, so on his way over to my place after work, I went for a quitek run. Then we went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill -- VERY GOOD. It's been underhyped for years, so I was quite pleased. Then I fiiiiinally got to watch the season permiere of Alias -- woo hoo!!!! Super good. Can't wait for next week (though in reality, it was on TV like 30 hours ago). We had a bottle of wine and just a lovely evening. It's kinda funny 'cause he's still on East Coast time so he gets tired and starts talking nonsense.

Tuesday: FINALLY went for a run together. We ran a two mile loop around his house, then went to a co-worker's house to pick up a table he bought. Then I made yummy fajitas for dinner for me and Vin and we talked for a long time, really good.

Wednesday: Didn't get to work out, which was very upsetting, but I had to wait for the UPS man since I'd missed a package the day before. So I took my afternoon nap on the couch, which is definitely the way to go! Much better sleep for some reason. The UPS man didn't come until that night, of course, so I wasted the whole day, but it was okay.

Thursday: Had a great talk with a co-worker in the morning, and then after sleeping all day Vin came over and we worked out inside. I ran and biked and he biked and lifted. It was much more enjoyable to have a partner in crime while working out, so hopefully he'll work out with me more often. I should start working out more at work, then I'd have like 3 coworkers to work out with. But then they'd make fun of me like they always do, so I dunno.

I miss everyone's blogs... I'm the only one who still blogs, and I'm not even doing it that frequently because I feel like no one pays attention anymore. But I'm going to keep on trucking until someone tells me not to. :-)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Friday, January 07, 2005

My life is weird

This guy at work keeps telling me I have no friends and I need to branch out and move downtown and all of this stuff. In THEORY living downtown would be fun, but also expensive and truthfully, I like the suburbs. I can do what I need to do and go downtown when I want to go down there. Whatever. But I'm definitely going to start talking to people wherever I go so that I can meet more people, and hopefully that will be cool. Highlight of today was Addy's blog, she too jokes about us being a lesbian couple. LOL:

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Am I getting crunchy?

So on occasion, Jenni has been known to refer to outdoorsy types as "Crunchy" so this has been the big joke with me and Patrick since he came to visit and we mocked the cunchy Oregonians. When we looked at townhouses there was this one in particular that had a guest bedroom that was all trail maps and hiking sticks and whatnot and we were like "this is the crunchiest room we've ever seen". So now with all of this hiking, I'm afraid I'm getting crunchy. But I still see yuppie in me. Although my coworker says that I live in the suburbs, NOT the city and Portland is barely a city to begin with, and I'm not a professional since I work in manufacturing. I need to be a consultant living in Lincoln Park to be a true yuppie, so really I guess I'm just becoming a crunchy Oregonian. At least I don't recycle and eat yogurt yet.

Votes for me being crunchy:
- hiking
- living in Oregon
- eating Nature Valley granola bars

Votes for me being yuppie:
- my modern-lookingish apartment
- the stores I shop in
- the restaurants and bars I go to

Votes for a combination:
- shopping at REI, the yuppiest crunchy store on earth.

Who knows. I think I'm waaaaay more yuppie than crunchy, but we'll see. :-)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Aviator

So today I got up and dragged myself to a meeting at work, then grabbed a quick lunch and headed to Washington Park for my hike. I hiked about 8 miles roundtrip, up to Pittock Mansion for GORGEOUS views of Portland and then back down to the area near the Portland Zoo and Vietnam Memorial where I parked. I'll post pictures of my hike in the days to come. After that I went to Costco but didn't find anything I wanted, then drove around and looked at a few houses. Then I realized that I was about to miss movie Tuesday, so I headed over to the theatre and saw The Aviator on a whim. I'd never even heard of it, but it was playing about 10 minutes after I got there so I figured that would work. It was 3 hours long (yikes) but actually pretty good. I was a little disappointed by the ending, unfortunately. If they were going to end it the way they did, they might as well just have ended it that way an hour earlier. If you see it you'll know what I mean. But anyway, then I came home and got my mail and paid my rent. Then I took a bath, my second in about 3 days but also my second since I've lived here. Interesting. And I had apple cider, yum. Now I'm doing laundry, looking at houses online, and pondering life. Actually I'm counting the minutes until 10 when I'm letting myself go to bed, yay! :-)


Thursday: Woke up at 2:30, which was irritating. What the heck?! At least I did succeed in getting up "by 4". Hung out with Vin some but I was crabby cause I was tired, but I finally cheered up and we yuked it up about HIKING!!!! YAY! I sent him on his way and was sad, then got over it. ;-) Work was fun, I dealt with some things and got a NEW TEAM and I'm excited because it's an area I've been wanting to work with for a while. Woo hoo and stuff.

Friday: Woke up about 12:30, good time for the first day off shift. Bummed around, cleaned up a little and did some returning, then took a shower and waited for my lovely Addy to arrive. She came about 5 and we went to the grocery store for some wine for the party at Doug's (my coworker) and then grabbed dinner at Wendy's. Then we went over to Doug's and Sheila's for the "party of the couples". 2 married couples, 2 engaged couples, 1 regular couple, and one Kelly-Addy lesibian couple. YIKES. In all honesty though, it was a GREAT party and a wonderful New Years Eve, easily top 5. (In order they probably go 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2001). Hmm... guess it's not too hard to get in the top 5 if you're in the 2000's. We'll see how they stack up after this year. Anyway I'm getting off topic. So yes, fun New Years Eve. And Vinnie sent a text and was 75 yards away from the ball in Times Square, so that was cool.

Saturday: Adds and I woke up at 1 PM, yay but she was like YIKES LATE!! It was funny. So then we went to Sweet Tomatoes YUUUUUUUM for lunch and then did some shopping! We did Target, Pier 1, Bed Bath and Beyond, and a few other random places. Oh Barnes and Noble and Borders too. And then we went by Vinnie's house and I sort of stole all of his movies. ;-) Then we made cheese fondue, opened a bottle of wine, and watched movies all night. Perfect romantic date. ;-) I won't mention that the cheese got burned and was EW. Seriously I don't know how we screwed it up... yes I do. We didn't have all of the ingredients, because it needed brandy and the liquor stores weren't open on New Years Day, and you can't buy liquor in the grocery stores in this crazy state. Plus we sort of combined two recipes, one we had and one we didn't. Long story. But still a fun night and watching movies was way fun.

Sunday: I slept until noon, at which point Addy burst into my room and was like "OKAY GET UP". I had a crazy dream which I haven't decided if I can blog about yet or not. Anyway, then we went to Chevy's for lunch YUUUUUM and then spent the whole day looking at single family homes. And I put a down payment on one. JUST KIDDING... a little blast from the blogging past. ;-) Hahahaha. Okay I'll quit laughing, because I know you're not. Then we went to church, the sermon was about 10 reasons why and how we should be more like little kids. One of them was laugh more, so I whispered to Addy "that's easy -- BATWOMAN") which made up both crack up. It was great. I love how the name will make me laugh forever. Then we came home and just chilled for a little bit and then Adds went home and I cried. Addy and I are going to read the Bible through together this year... my church has a reading plan so we're doing it! It started tonight so we're off to a good start. I guess that's my second ever New Year's Resolution... and all in the same year. Wow this will be interesting. I'll keep you updated on that and the hiking as we go through this lovely year.

Monday: Had to get up and att-em this morning for shopping and hiking!! Checked the weather and saw it was 28 and wind advisory, but sunny, so I figured I could suck it up and go hiking. I went to Crate and Barrel (the first one in Oregon opened November 17, apparently it's some big deal that I didn't know about, but we talked about it when I went into work tonight) and got there around 9:55, thinking they opened at 9. NO, they open at 10, but there was a big line of people waiting to bust in the doors at 10 AM sharp. What the heck, this is Crate and Barrel, not Fry's Electronics! So I felt like a HUGE dork being there, but I went in, did my shopping, and left. Then I went to the mall and returned something that I got $32 for today but my sister got $20 for last week. Sucks to be her. ;-) Hit up the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and Pottery Barn, got some fun stuff. Three HUGE shopping bags. I talked to my friend Andrew on the phone last night and he said to call him today, which I meant to, but he beat me to it (while in the dressing room at Victoria's Secret... needless to say I let it go to voicemail and called him back). He called and asked me to go to lunch, so we met at Olive Garden around 12:30 (first I made a stop at Target for these great $3.99 fleece blankets I found the other day and bought 2 of and wanted MORE, but they didn't have them but I did buy an 80 piece flatware set for $34 that I don't need and will *hopefully* return). Back to the story at hand, we had a great little lunch and I was telling him I was going hiking and he said he was going golfing. He wanted to go the coast but had no one to go with, so I said I'd go. So much for hiking... but so we grabbed my car, got some gas, and drove to Seaside. I haven't been there in a year because I always go to Tillamook, but it was LOVELY. It was 45 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, so we took an awesome walk along the beach. Then we drove up to Astoria because neither of us have ever been... I'm a HUGE fan of that town. I had no idea it was so much bigger than Seaside. I fell in total love... I will have to go back, because we just drove through and watched the sun set. Then we drove along Highway 30 along the Columbia River home, and then cut through this crazy road down to 26, the road back to Portland. Good times. I dropped Andrew off and then I went to ANOTHER Target to look for the blankets. They had 50 or so when I bought them Friday, but NONE today. Outrage. Grrrr. Anyway, then I grabbed some dinner, came home and caught up on email, then convinced myself that walking on the beach for an hour or so didn't really count as my work-out/hike so I went and did some stairs and then a little time on the bike. The stairs really are what I need for hiking, and I can't wait until Vinnie gets back because he promises he will run with me, and I need a running partner! So I'm off to a good start to my hiking deal... at least in terms of doing "something" related to hiking every day (well, maybe not the 1st and 2nd, but I blame Addy... just kidding, I love ya Adds!). Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning and then my plan is to drive straight to Washington Park to go hiking, so hopefully that really will work out this time! For now I'm off to bed, but I think I'll be able to blog tomorrow because I really only have meeting and hiking and catching up on paperwork tomorrow.

I'll try to quit this "blog once a week but about each day in detail" thing soon. I've been a little busy catching up from the holidays, so it's been crazy. I think that I'll get over that pretty quickly here!