Friday, January 14, 2005

The Week in Review

Sunday: Slept until 1:30 or so, sorta putzed around the house, went to church, picked up a new wine rack from some guy on Craigslist in North Portland, watched a movie, then picked Vin up from the airport. SO FUN!!! He was so super cute and you could tell he'd missed me, which was very nice to have him come home too. He definitely wooed me, though unintentionally, that night.

Monday: Relaxed, made some phone calls. Then I went to Red Robin for lunch with Mr. Andrew, it was a lovely time. Then took a nice nap in the afternoon. Vin and I were supposed to go running, but he didn't have time, so on his way over to my place after work, I went for a quitek run. Then we went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill -- VERY GOOD. It's been underhyped for years, so I was quite pleased. Then I fiiiiinally got to watch the season permiere of Alias -- woo hoo!!!! Super good. Can't wait for next week (though in reality, it was on TV like 30 hours ago). We had a bottle of wine and just a lovely evening. It's kinda funny 'cause he's still on East Coast time so he gets tired and starts talking nonsense.

Tuesday: FINALLY went for a run together. We ran a two mile loop around his house, then went to a co-worker's house to pick up a table he bought. Then I made yummy fajitas for dinner for me and Vin and we talked for a long time, really good.

Wednesday: Didn't get to work out, which was very upsetting, but I had to wait for the UPS man since I'd missed a package the day before. So I took my afternoon nap on the couch, which is definitely the way to go! Much better sleep for some reason. The UPS man didn't come until that night, of course, so I wasted the whole day, but it was okay.

Thursday: Had a great talk with a co-worker in the morning, and then after sleeping all day Vin came over and we worked out inside. I ran and biked and he biked and lifted. It was much more enjoyable to have a partner in crime while working out, so hopefully he'll work out with me more often. I should start working out more at work, then I'd have like 3 coworkers to work out with. But then they'd make fun of me like they always do, so I dunno.

I miss everyone's blogs... I'm the only one who still blogs, and I'm not even doing it that frequently because I feel like no one pays attention anymore. But I'm going to keep on trucking until someone tells me not to. :-)


Pidat said...

i read the blog, perhaps an update to mine will come soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel, I like the blog, keep writing. Miss ya! hmg

osuaddy said...

Kells, umm duh. I read your blog. actually I depend on your blog. =) I am a slacker... but don't be hindered by mine or others lack of excitement to blog. We still heart the kelly94942.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I just read your little notes for the first time. It was cool. I liked it. :) Miss ya.... -Dave in Russia... <><

Anonymous said...