Thursday, January 06, 2005

Am I getting crunchy?

So on occasion, Jenni has been known to refer to outdoorsy types as "Crunchy" so this has been the big joke with me and Patrick since he came to visit and we mocked the cunchy Oregonians. When we looked at townhouses there was this one in particular that had a guest bedroom that was all trail maps and hiking sticks and whatnot and we were like "this is the crunchiest room we've ever seen". So now with all of this hiking, I'm afraid I'm getting crunchy. But I still see yuppie in me. Although my coworker says that I live in the suburbs, NOT the city and Portland is barely a city to begin with, and I'm not a professional since I work in manufacturing. I need to be a consultant living in Lincoln Park to be a true yuppie, so really I guess I'm just becoming a crunchy Oregonian. At least I don't recycle and eat yogurt yet.

Votes for me being crunchy:
- hiking
- living in Oregon
- eating Nature Valley granola bars

Votes for me being yuppie:
- my modern-lookingish apartment
- the stores I shop in
- the restaurants and bars I go to

Votes for a combination:
- shopping at REI, the yuppiest crunchy store on earth.

Who knows. I think I'm waaaaay more yuppie than crunchy, but we'll see. :-)


Jenni said...

You aren't crunch yet, but you're headed in that direction.

em said...

Why don't you recycle?! You should definitely be recycling your Diet Coke cans! Also, yogurt is good for you. Embrace the crunch, wear J.Crew, drink whatever martini is trendy - it'll balance out :-)