Saturday, January 22, 2005


I posted on Wednesday but it didn't work and all is bad. Here's the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Got up and did some scrapbooking, then worked out. Then I showered and made a yummy lunch. Then I stopped into work for a pre-session for the meeting I had all day Wednesday (end of year reviews). Then I came home and did some more scrapbooking and some reading. Then I stopped BACK into work for a meeting with a co-worker (indirectly) who was a Theta at Northwestern. Then I went and picked up Subway for me and Vin and then met him at my apartment and went to the hospital for my Remicade. It was way sweet that he came with me. Then I rented Cellular and watched it at his place with him and his new roommate. HORRIBLE MOVIE. Don't ever get it. I don't care much about bad acting, but this was the worst acting I've ever seen. I should have rented Little Black Book instead.

Wednesday: Worked from about 7:45 AM to 6:15 PM. Then met up with some friends at 6:30 to go downtown to this pizza place called Escape from NY. Best Pizza in Portland and on the most trendy street in Portland, though it doesn't compare to Gios, Ginos, or Lou Malnatis. Booo to West Coast pizza. Anyway then we went to a fun bar downtown and played pool and chilled. Way fun night, but the kiddies who had to work in the morning made me go home about 10:30! Although I wasn't complaining, I woke up at 7 that morning! Fun night. I was so happy to have a week night OFF. I need a new job. :)

Thursday: Went downtown to REI in the morning and bought hiking boots! Yay for me, I was so proud. I spent over an hour trying on boots, what nonsense! But I found the perfect ones and I'm way excited. I can't wait to go hiking soon so I can actually try them out. I hope they really do work well for me. We shall see. Then I came home and proceeded to slack off and not go running... oh well. Then of course work Thursday night.

Tonight I'm working AND tomorrow night... it's my long week. But I did go running this afternoon and then worked out again this morning, so I've got that going for me. If I do the same tomorrow I'll be quite pleased. The gym at my apartment is much nicer than the gym at work (in some ways, not all). I was supposed to go snowshoeing on Sunday but that was cancelled due to too much rain (eating the snow) and because of the rain we can't even go hiking! So maybe I can watch Alias and do some scrapbooking and maybe go out to dinner with Vin. We shall see. :-)

More to come soon, hopefully more consistently if this actually works!

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