Sunday, May 30, 2004

More Nifty Fifty news!

Doug's Nifty Fifty update!:

- Jeff Smylie: Bought a house in Wheaton, getting married to Meghan. In a band with Sean and Seth. Jeff just graduated from NIU.
- Leo Toyota: "Still finishing up in Purdue". (This is wrong according to Katie.)
- Eric Krueger: Just finished up school at Millikin.
- Libby Sullivan: A hairdresser at a salon in Chicago.
- Seth Mercer: Working at a warehouse and living in an apartment in Aurora. In a band with Jeff and Sean.
- Sean: Married to some girl. Working somewhere, got his degree recently. In a band with Jeff and Seth.
- John the bass player: Married, graduated from Wheaton.
- Andrew Cassin: Going to Columbia in Chicago
- Ryan Covert: Working
- Josh Lutz: Living downtown and working. In another band.
- Glenn Williamson: Married and has a kid. Married one of Doug's friends.
- Jason Burger: Not going to school anymore, working. Living with his parents.
- Mike Anton: Living in Indy, doing database administration
- Brian (AKA Bud Bundy): Went out with Doug and friends 3 weeks ago. Doug thinks he's now working in an office and no longer selling Cutco.
- Vinny: Living in Glen Ellyn, doing some kind of sales downtown in the NBC building.
- Doug Neuman: Living in Santa Monica, California. Working.

If you'll recall, this was Katie's update:

- Smylie: Engaged to Meghan
- Mike Anton: Engaged to Monica
- Leo: Just graduated from Purdue, living in Glen Ellyn for the summer
- Vinny: Whereabouts unknown, last seen in Glen Ellyn
- Bud Bundy: Went to UIC, last ween working for Cutco.
- Doug: Katie realized this was the kid she called "the kid with the hair"... and I'm dating him. (Edited: Andrew Cassin is actually the boy with the hair, not Doug. But you can pretend it's Doug if you want. It's more fun. Also Andrew went to Glenbard West, which is Katie's high school. Doug went to North)
- Glenn: Katie remembers Glenn vaguely

Friday, May 28, 2004

That's a first!

So even though I said Doug wouldn't come home early, he actually came home by 3:45. I'm so impressed. :) I just wanted to note that so that all of my loyal readers don't think that Doug is like the worst boyfriend ever!

747's and LA, oh my!

So Russ and I saw a 747-400 on the way to O'Hare yesterday... I FLEW THAT! It was by far the biggest plane I've ever been on -- AWESOME! United calls it their "flagship" aircraft... haha. I think that's quite retarded because they lose money every time they fly the aircraft. They're supposed to retire them because they're way to expensive to fuel. The sleeper "suites" in first class cost $38,000 each... they're so freaking cool! They have like 18 buttons on them and at the end you have to press reset and everything. The plane was going on to Australia after LA. It was fun fun fun!

This morning I'm getting lots of JetBlue work done and also working on my negotiations ethics paper. My team had a JetBlue meeting today and so I have lots more work to do, which is great because I love JetBlue. I hate negotiations though! I'm excited for Doug to get home from work, too. 2 - 5 more hours. He says just 1 but I know him too well to believe that. :) Anyway I should get back to work (yeah right) but I'll leave you with a fun IM conversation.

Amusing conversation between me and Patrick (and aren't they always?):

Kelly94942 (3:51:12 PM): I flew a 747-400 yesterday. It was AWESOME.
p i d a t 42 0 (3:51:19 PM): i like those
p i d a t 42 0 (3:51:23 PM): what airline
p i d a t 42 0 (3:51:24 PM): huge
Kelly94942 (3:52:00 PM): United.
Kelly94942 (3:52:02 PM): Yeah it was sweet.
Kelly94942 (3:52:10 PM): The sleeper "suites" in first class cost $38,000 each.
p i d a t 42 0 (3:52:14 PM): theres a la salsa in terminal 7
p i d a t 42 0 (3:52:17 PM): really?
p i d a t 42 0 (3:52:30 PM): ive been in one coming back from london
p i d a t 42 0 (3:52:34 PM): it was nice
Kelly94942 (3:53:02 PM): YEAH I KNOW!! I saw the La Salsa yesterday.
Kelly94942 (3:53:07 PM): You were in a sleeper suite?
p i d a t 42 0 (3:53:11 PM): yeah
Kelly94942 (3:53:12 PM): That's so cool.
p i d a t 42 0 (3:53:23 PM): i feel way too gluttonous in one
p i d a t 42 0 (3:53:32 PM): or however you spell it
Kelly94942 (3:53:33 PM): I love how you just randomly know what food is in what terminal of what airports. :-)
p i d a t 42 0 (3:53:37 PM): haha
Kelly94942 (3:53:37 PM): Hahaha why?
p i d a t 42 0 (3:53:50 PM): too much real estate allotted to just me
Kelly94942 (3:54:07 PM): LOL
p i d a t 42 0 (3:54:12 PM): ive also been in one coming back from denver but it was only 2 hours so it was pointless
Kelly94942 (3:54:33 PM): Yeah.
Kelly94942 (3:54:36 PM): It'd be nice on a long flight though!
p i d a t 42 0 (3:54:41 PM): yeah
Kelly94942 (3:55:15 PM): I like how United calls the 747-400 their "flagship" aircraft... when I'm pretty sure they lose money every time they fly them.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:00:35 PM): yeah
p i d a t 42 0 (4:00:47 PM): theyre supposed to retire them
Kelly94942 (4:01:10 PM): They're so retraded sometimes.
Kelly94942 (4:01:11 PM): No offense.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:01:18 PM): yeah they are
p i d a t 42 0 (4:01:25 PM): why would it offend me
Kelly94942 (4:01:34 PM): I mean, most every airline's 747s are just sitting in the desert. It's retarded to fly them at all... they're too expensive to fuel.
Kelly94942 (4:01:36 PM): But whatever.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:01:46 PM): does it offend you when i say textbook companies rip off college students
p i d a t 42 0 (4:01:53 PM): yeah
p i d a t 42 0 (4:02:03 PM): and the new airbus is even huger
Kelly94942 (4:02:31 PM): LOL.
Kelly94942 (4:02:32 PM): No.
Kelly94942 (4:02:35 PM): It doesn't actually.
Kelly94942 (4:02:49 PM): Yeah well airbus is stupid because they lose money on every aircraft they sell.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:02:51 PM): my dad does the operations
Kelly94942 (4:02:59 PM): Good point. :-)
p i d a t 42 0 (4:03:00 PM): was your flight on time?
Kelly94942 (4:03:03 PM): NO.
Kelly94942 (4:03:06 PM): And hour late to leave.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:03:10 PM): hes on vacation this week
Kelly94942 (4:03:11 PM): Got in like 45 minutes late.
p i d a t 42 0 (4:03:11 PM): haha
Kelly94942 (4:03:14 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

One day 'til LA YAY!

Jenni, I meant yearbook-writer-in. You're a great yearbook signer. Does that make sense?

Today I had my normal day, blah blah blah, BUT Trading Spaces was here. Okay, people need to SO get over Ty. YES, it's fun to see the designers and everyone working and just have this hub-bub on campus, but a 38 year old sketchy man is just not cool! Whatevz, dude. Things I've heard about Ty today:

Girl in my house (who wanted a picture with him): Ty are you busy?
Ty: No, wanna make out?

Girl in my house (different girl): You know, I was on the other team that was considered for this show.
Ty: Too bad. You might have gotten lucky.

It's weird. That said, it is cool.

Last Greek IV ever was tonight! We have our bonfire next week so that will be AWESOME. Greek IV was really fun tonight, and of course we went to JK afterwards. That is so our thing to do... we need to find a cheaper place to hang out! Soon enough... :) Then I came back here around 12 and was up until NOW chilling with some fun new people downstairs. Delta Chi's named Tom and Brian and their friend Cory from home. YAY for new people even though I leave soon. I'm at such an odd station in life... meeting new people and loving where I am and where I'm going to be.

Speaking of where I'm going to be, tomorrow that is LA!!! YAY I will be there in approximately 18 hours. WOO HOO and stuff. Definitely looking forward to that. I'll report from there, not to worry!

And with that, I sleep.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


So today was like the BEST day ever. I woke up at 10:45 and worked hardcore on my JetBlue paper until 2:00... probably the most work I've done all quarter. I'm doing something kind of weird today... I'm "fasting" from extraneous internet usage (only things allowed today are school-related, weather in the morning, and blog in the evening). Jenn suggested that I fast from and I realized how excessively I look stupid stuff up online, so I just fasted for everything. It was really helpful to me in a lot of ways. Anyway, the point is that I got a lot of work done during those 3 hours, probably in part due to the lack of internet. Then I had the most AMAZING 2 and a half hour lunch with Katrina... we talked about everything! It was so so fun, and something I'd been really excited about for like a week. It was even better than I'd ever imagined. It got me all jazzed up about God, just talking and sharing with her. I love talking about God and how He's affected my life, and she asked tons of questions and just let me totally share. That's like my favorite thing in the world! YEAH KATRINA! Then I babysat for Killian... always a good time. He was in a good mood today, he ate rice cereal and his whole bottle, then we played tons!! THEN we had a freshman year Allison Hall Virgin Vault Reunion! Michelle, Amalie, Hayley, Misty, Leah, Erin, Susanna, Sara, Danielle, Laura, Julie, Steph, and I were all there. YEAH! We talked about what we're doing next year and if we're dating anyone. Michy (my freshman year roommate) is going to Duke Law -- YEAH!!! Hayley's going to be in LA this summer so we're going to hangout, and Misty is starting a company in LA. And Laura's boyfriend just moved to LA so we talked about the LA-Chicago thing... good times (yeah right). It was just good times all around. Everything was so cool. Then there was trivia -- after the second round, we were in first place for the first time EVER!! YEAH US! I know we will persevere and win sometime in the next two weeks. I seriously am just having the best day. Then I talked to Doug and it was soo cute. He's adorable! Maybe one day we'll be in the same city and we can actually enjoy each other.

The only 3 answers I knew tonight at trivia that no one else on my team did were: What president won with the slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler Too (and who that took Freeman's class WOULDN'T know that?... 1840, first modern election!), What is Steve's bar on SATC, and how many NBA championship rings does Phil Jackson have?

Huge shout-out to Jenni Wright from Emily for being an awesome yearbook writer in. Way to go.

I feel that I should announce that Laura and Randy are engaged, in case anyone didn't know that.

I'm going to LA on Thursday so if I'm not available to write, that's why. But I'm sure Doug will allow me at least a few minutes a day for my loyal fans.

I think that's all that I have tonight. I'm sure more to come soon... when I'm allowed to use the internet tomorrow maybe!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Crazy day!

I feel like I have that title every day! I started the day of babysitting, Killian was NOT a happy boy today. Cried the whole time. In good news, he got a new toy (a little saucer thing), so that was fun! More fun for me than him maybe, but he could sit up in it and spin around and everything. Then I actually did some WORK, then went shopping with Emery and Chelsea, then went to class. Then I had a JetBlue meeting, had dinner with Russ, Rho Lambda initiation, Starbucks with Adria and Sarah, Greek IV JOINT exec(!), JK with Jenn, Heather, Ian, Chad, Andy, and Emery. SO fun! I got to talk to Jenn about all things wedding, and have a great time in general. Then I had the BEST conversation with Doug... the all time funniest thing he's ever said to me happened tonight... we were talking about Jenn's wedding and stuff like that and he was just giving me crap about talking about weddings so much and I'm like I'm sorry, you must hate me for talking about all of these people getting married and that's why you're giving me crap and he's like "No, not at all, I just wouldn't be a good boyfriend if I didn't!". It was so cute... and he's got such a good point. Guys have to give women a hard time about weddings and all of their planning and nonsense... but some part of them inside must enjoy them. And he is an EXCELLENT boyfriend.

Speaking of weddings, I asked Emily this weekend (during our fabulous brunch!) if Ryan Zordan and Katie Gruber were engaged yet, since I had heard that was happening soon. She said today "Joey Larocca's mom apparently confirmed Ryan Zordan's engagement to Katie Gruber, confirmed by Laura Tasch". A whole-lotta Palatine people in that sentence! Anyway, I don't know, but that's what I have for today. More to come soon I hope!

Jenni's blog: Enjoy!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sorry for my hiatus

Sorry guys, I was in Iowa on Friday and Saturday and thus didn't have internet, that is how I'm accounting for the time I was gone. Iowa was fun as always... got to chill with the fam and do the good old Iowa thing. :) Other than that, a relatively uneventful weekend. I think I'm going to stay in Iowa (and of course visit LA) for the summer, rather than going to School of Leadership Training up in the UP of Michigan, which is something I was considering. I made that as a pretty much solid decision with my family this weekend, but I've been going so back and forth on it that I'm still very hesitant to say for sure. I just don't know what to do with my life. Today we have Delta Zeta initiation for the spring initiates and then we have senior wills, which have been known to last a while, so I'll be doing the sorority thing all day.

For those of you who comment, I generally comment back in the comments, so you can check that out if you want.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Just got pulled over!!

So we had a super fun GIV party again tonight... more to come in the next few weeks! So then I was driving Jenny and Ian home, and looking for parking... and as I was trying to park, I made a u-turn in the middle of an intersection. After I did it (I didn't really know it was illegal, but thought maybe it might be), I saw a cop and I go "watch that cop pull me over for that!" and sure enough, she did. She was all "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I said no, and she said because of the u-turn, and then she told me that I had a headlight out. I don't think she believed me that I didn't know it was out. So she asked if I was a student and then went back to her car and did some stuff. She was really cool and she was just like "No u-turns in intersections, fix the headlight". So I asked the rules on u-turns in intersections, so now I know. :-)

Moral of the story: no u-turns in undivided 4-way stops. And I heart NUPD!!

For those who are wondering, this is the second time I've been pulled over, and didn't get a ticket either time! :-) Hopefully that streak will continue...

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Where it all started

For those of you who read the Chronicle article, here is the original letter to the Daily Northwestern (although HIGHLY edited by the good people at the Daily), and a few of the respones I got back in the Daily.

The Daily Northwestern - Letters to the Editor | The Drawing Board

The Daily Northwestern - Letters to the Editor | The Drawing Board

The thing that was annoying about the whole situation is how edited my original letter was, to the extent that it missed the point. The point was simply that not that Northwestern's not a good school or that we shouldn't take pride in that. I'm simply saying that being smarter than other people doesn't make us BETTER. You're right, being better looking or more athletic doesn't either, and you make a valid point that maybe we're not just smarter, maybe we're more involved, creative, or energetic than people at other schools too. But I refuse to believe that I'm any better than the next guy, regardless of the school I go to. I'm just a person, like we all are. (and this is essentially what I wrote in the comments section of the Chronicle)

Maybe this whole debacle only makes sense in my head and I'm just ruffling feathers for no reason, but I'm still annoyed about the whole controversy.

So I'll leave you for now with a little bit of amusement from Patrick, who for some reason refuses to use the comment section!

p i d a t 42 0 (10:23:44 AM): i was sitting here bored at work so i read your blog, which you predicted in said blog, and i read the article bashing you
p i d a t 42 0 (10:25:55 AM): my question is can a journalism major, no matter what school they attend, EVER make enough money to afford a driver?

Best Day!

Of course, I say that like every day. But today was fun! I chilled this morning and afternoon, went on a Starbucks run, all of that good stuff. Then I had class, my negotiation went okay but certainly was not stellar! Then I got to go out with Russ and talk about our talks for tonight... GOOD times. We went to Target and got food for Greek IV and it was fun. Then we went to Greek IV -- BEST GIV ever, even Andy Bilhorn said so! That was really cool to hear! It was 4 seniors giving talk and "wisdom"... super fun. I think it was really effective and there was great community and everything. And in the spirit of spontaneous GIV social events, we went to JK afterwards... me, JJ, HMG, Chad, Russ, Alex, and Evan! So fun! And Russ, Evan, and Alex were playing around on their guitars and basses after GIV so we got to sing and just have fun. We're really building the community in GIV that we've all been wanting for so long. I'm just on this super high! The only sad thing was that I didn't get to talk to Doug for more than 10 minutes today, but maybe tomorrow. :) :) :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wow I'm crazy

So I Googled myself tonight, just trying to see what one could find out about me. I found some interesting stuff that I didn't even know was there.

Something from the comedian Kappa Delta just brought to Northwestern (this is from like 2 or so years ago):

A letter from the Chronicle insulting me:

A dude who copied my idea (albeit not original at all) to have a top 10 best and worst things about Northwestern. What's also amusing about this particular guy is that I'm pretty sure it's one of Russ's friends.

There was also something from my freshman year EDC project, something from a sophomore year physics project, and a small blurb about me in the Mustard Seed.

A great day

So I babysat, and Killian was perfectly sweet and wonderful. He actually slept most of the time and then was really good about eating and playing. His mom is SO sweet... we chatted and she paid me extra since I babysat way longer than I was supposed to yesterday. She so didn't have to do that! I then went to JK to get some pre-dinner dessert with KT, good times. She had some great Glen Ellyn / Old School Nifty Fifty gossip:
- Smylie: Engaged to Meghan
- Mike Anton: Engaged to Monica
- Leo: Just graduated from Purdue, living in Glen Ellyn for the summer
- Vinny: Whereabouts unknown, last seen in Glen Ellyn
- Bud Bundh: Went to UIC, last ween working for Cutco.
- Doug: Katie realized this was the kid she called "the kid with the hair"... and I'm dating him. (Edited: Andrew Cassin is actually the boy with the hair, not Doug. But you can pretend it's Doug if you want. It's more fun. Also Andrew went to Glenbard West, which is Katie's high school. Doug went to North)
- Glenn: Katie remembers Glenn vaguely
Anyone else with any GE updates, send 'em my way!

Good times. So then it was off to 1800 for trivia. Tuesdays are half price appitizer nights but tonight they were out of food which was unfortunate because I rely on that to be my Tuesday night dinner! My sister called and had a fight with my parents, and I talked to my mom after that too. No one is happy in Iowa and that made me sad. I wish I could be there to try to help and make people happy... I like making people happy. My GIV kids weren't at trivia so I played with last weeks winning team only to come in 2nd to last. I think I'm bad luck with trivia... :(

After trivia we went to BK so I could eat dinner, and as Erin and I were eating we encountered a man who told us he would sell us his watch for a dollar, or anything to get food. His wife kicked him out today and he said he'd been drinking a little but was in a solid state of mind. We didn't offer him money, but when Erin said she didn't want the rest of her onion rings, I brought them to the man and he was SO happy to get them. He actually left BK after that so it seemed that really was what he wanted. Over spring break I was on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, where there are a lot of panhandlers. There was a time when I was eating McDonalds and I could see a woman who wanted food. When I was done with my fries I didn't want to make her feel undignified or anything, so I just threw them away, and I've regretted the decision ever since. And ironically (or not) just today I was reading about being more generous and giving to others even if you think it's not enough or something like that. That chapter in the book I'm reading made me recall that situation in Santa Monica and regret it again, so I was so glad I had the chance to make a better decision tonight. I only wish I had stopped eating my own fries to give to that man. I feel really challenged right now in my own generosity so I hope that I can grow from this and make better decisions about giving to others what I have in so much abundance.

Another day another dolla

Well, no dollas yet today. I woke up and got some stuff done, that was a first for me. I just got back from lunch -- corndogs, yuuum. I feel like this blog is so me... it's all over the place.

Another thing I've determined is that my gossip is really just like a newspaper. Nothing is particularily gossipy, although I guess that's a good thing.

To summarize the Palatine gossip:
- Jenni's parents moved to Stark (definitely didn't know that!)
- Emily will be in Evanston later this week. Hopefully we're going out to breakfast on Friday!
- Tim's 22nd was last night, apparently it was a great time. And hey, we might as well throw in a blog shoutout... happy birthday Tim!

Evanston gossip:
- I got invited to my very first bridal shower and I can't go because I'll be in LA. Boo!!
- I've babysat more in the past month or so than I've babysat in all of my life up to this point.

Oh and one more thing... someone recently told me I should be a wedding coordinator. This is an interesting thought, because for the past 2 or 3 years I've had like 5 people independently tell me that I would be good at this. It's that Type A personality I guess, combined with a little creativity. I've been thinking about this for like a year psuedo-seriously, so it's time for a vote. Not like your vote is going to decide my future career, but I need to know if my own friends would at least consider hiring me. It'd be rough because it would be a lot of nights and weekends, but to a certain extent I could make up my own schedule and it'd be SO FUN. It's something I would definitely love to do. Let me know your thoughts.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Overly emotional...

Tonight was the last Greek IV exec meeting! What am I going to do without these guys? They've become my best friends over the course of the last year or so... they get me, and they're so much fun to hang out with. I'm going to miss being challenged by them and just laughing and playing and everything in between. We went around and told each other our strengths, which was insane. Of course I got all the "Kelly's so Type A, you're so organized, you're great at PowerPoint"... I expect that. I don't expect stuff like "You are so perceptive and able to see and bring out the best in people" or "You're the MVP of GIV exec" or "You're an approachable Christian, not all high and mighty". That's the stuff guys. That's what makes it all worth it... so thank you all for pointing that out, because I don't see it very often. If any of you are even reading this, I want you to know how much I love all of you and will miss you like crazy next year. You've made me laugh more times than I can count and are there 100% when it comes to the tough stuff too. Knowing that this was the last official time I got to hang out with you just made me realize that this is really the end. It's been real. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I have no problem with three blind girls touching my boobs

Okay this blog is just a list of quotes from my room tonight. We kicked it off with that one by yours truly.

"I think this is the love couch."
"What makes you think that?"
"Because Sarah Yu is mounting me."

The rest of the night consisted of me and Erin reading all of our bylaws to find a way to get out of initiation.

I'm such a small person for such a beast

McCracken said that. It was actually something mildly more amusing than that, but I'm not sure exactly what it was. Anyway, here's the story. First of all, she's the only person in the whole house who can pick Dena up and throw her over her shoulder. Second of all, she can lie on my bed, hold onto the bar on Dena's bed (above mine, for those not in the know), and hang like a monkey, then proceed to flip herself over. That's where being a tiny person and a beast comes into play. Long story short, McCracken is great. Now... to stir up controversy. Dena and I cleaned our room tonight... there's a scandal waiting to happen. But seriously, that's about the most exciting thing that happened all day. Other than that, there was just a 3 hour nap, a trip to the IE lab, and a Chili's excursion. Good times. I'm on the lookout for controversy though!

Palatine gossip

The problem with posting Palatine gossip is that I have none. I don't even live there anymore, which is unfortunate. I was actually there the other day... I drove straight down Willow to Palatine Rd., then turned right onto Plum Grove Rd., drove to Colfax, and went to the dentist. Then I turned around, retraced my route, and went back to the safety of Evanston. Just kidding. But yeah, Palatine seemed good. I noticed they were building lofts in downtown Palatine... dude, this is now downtown Chicago. Who wants to live in a loft in downtown Palatine? Although I know people do... it's all of that new craziness. I went to Durty Nellies with Patrick in January and it was so fun! That was actually the last time I was in Palatine though. My vote is to find a group of people to go there sometime before I move to Portland for the rest of the life. As far as actual Palatine gossip, Laura and Randy are getting married and that's the most exciting thing I know. The problem is that Patrick and Emily have all of the exciting Palatine gossip and they only give it to me in little spurts. I haven't had a spurt in like 6 months, so I got nothin'...

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest

So that's the weblog that started it all, sort of. I went to church this morning... only like 3 or so times of going to Vineyard left, that's a super-sad thought! Maybe less than that, depending on when I go home and everything. I'll go next week for sure, but not the week after that. I might take a nap because I didn't get much sleep AGAIN last night. Vineyard was awesome because 11 of us went in "my car"... the original 5 of us (Katie, Sara, Sarah, Susan, and me) still all go, but we've been joined by more and more people lately. Kathleen is a regular now, and Alex has been coming often too. JJ joined us this morning, and so did Sarah's sister Hannah and Alex's sister Steph. We also had Meg come for the first time. So much fun! Dena's still asleep so I think I'll join her... it's time for bed in this room!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Sarah McCracken is the best person ever

So I made my stomach recover and actually got out of bed and went to OneLove. It was quite enjoyable, much moreso than I thought it would be! Then I called up my sister and talked to Iowa for a while... there's lots of gardening and walking to the barn going on. Speaking of Iowa and barns, Sarah McCracken is from Iowa and has a barn. So anyway, then I went to Blockbuster and rented Murder at 1600. Speaking of Murder at 1600, Sarah McCracken is a detective... but that's a story for another time. Then I talked to my sister a little more... I need to get my wisdom teeth out so she was telling me about that. Actually tooth. Just the bottom left. I think it's #16, but I can't say for sure. Oh I talked to Doug tonight. He was excellent especially since I was being all tired. He's at a sports bar watching the Lakers game for those of you who care. Probably none of you do care. You probably consists of only Ryan, Jenni, and Patrick. My goal is to stir up controversy on this the way Ryan does. I need to post about how Hooters is a great place to take a girl on a date, or something... he got 6 comments for that post! Comment away my friends...

I'm Back!

Well, Bonanza was as much fun as expected! There was a bonfire, hay ride, and games galore. Just another one of the "last" events that everything seems to be these days. I'm going to Sweet Tomatoes with Sarah, Marie, and Erin tonight. Good times! Sarah McCracken rocks my world. Then I have to speak at OneLove, but then I just want to watch movies or something ridiculous. I'm soooo tired still from the Barn! Other than that, not too much going on. Just chillin' and whatnot.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Bad Day!

So my day is starting out bad and it's only 11:30 AM! I SHOULD still be asleep. I woke up at the ridiculous hour of 7:30 AM and got up and went out to my car -- PARKING TICKET. Stupid street cleaning, and even more than that stupid me for not checking. I was bamboozled because I was parked in 2 hour parking so I was just thinking I had to move by 11 the next day and not even THINKING about street cleaning. I hate Evanston. Then I went to the dentist and the hygentist told me I'm not flossing under my retainer enough and I'm going to get gengivitis and then prenodontal disease or something and then my bones are going to get loose and my teeth will fall out. Melodrama... ridiculous. And she wasn't even nice about it. Then I realized it was the last time I'll go to that dentist, who has been my dentist for the last 17 years. And I don't even like him that much! Then I realized that I will have to leave Dr. Yegelwel, my gastroenterologist, who is the most amazing man in the world. He will come in early or take a short lunch or whatever he has to do to see me, even once coming in on a day he had a funeral, making me one of his only patients that day. Plus all of my friends are going to be here and basically I'll be 2000 miles away from the last 22 years of my life (minuts 6 months actually spent in Oregon). Okay now I'm being the melodramatic one, it just sort of hit me today (being in Palatine was weird). So now I have a meeting and then I'm taking a nap... then BARN BONANZA!!! That will make up for this day, especially if this darn rain lets up!

What's going on?

Since this will no doubt become my sounding board for all things Kelly, I might as well start now. So dominoes was fun... I was doing well after the 2nd round, after which point I left. I then went to the top secret GIV party for about 2 hours. SO fun. I love GIV, I don't know what I will do without it next year. I learned a lot from Chad... he totally has a lot of the same opinions I do on stuff and it was cool to learn that, because I think I'm a very odd Christian in that a lot of stuff annoys me (like Christians who are all uber-fake), and he agreed with that. YAY. Then I came home and talked to Doug for a while, and no doubt royally pissed him off. Why am I so afraid of commitment? I pretend not to be, but when it comes down to it, I'm SO afraid of commitment. It's like I want to find any detail of our relationship to ruin because I can't stand the perfection. And I'm sorry of I'm giving too much information in this blog... no one's forcing you to read it. I will try not to make it all about Doug, but I'm writing about my day and this is the end of my day. Yeah, I'm going to bed now.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

So Sad!

So I did not dominate Greek Feud as I said I would. I was all over it... but then when they asked what is your favorite spot in Chicago I said Navy Pier instead of Michigan Avenue. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Totally dumb. Because had I said Michigan Ave., we would have won the elimination round and then we would have won the whole game (I say that so confidently because there were answers that other teams didn't know that we definitely knew, I know that because we practiced and I know what our answers would have been!). Basically I'm just beating myself up over it, because I lost all of Delta Zeta Greek Week points. NOT COOL. :(
This is just a test of the comment section?
Alright I'm going to officially start to blog now, hopefully. For now it will just say what I did each day, but since I don't do much it might not be very entertaining. I really just want my blog to be as cool as Ryan's... that's the goal here in the blogging. Today I woke up at around 10 and got ready and talked to Doug. Then I babysat at 11... but the thing is, the kid I babysit for (Killian) doesn't like to eat when I feed him at his 11:00 feeding. This just started this week, which is sad, especially since I was "fired" from my 11:00 job next Monday. I love this kid so I'm sad he doesn't love me back. After that I went up to tech for my 2:00 JetBlue conference call. That was good stuff... I feel like this project is really rocking and rolling. We have a lot of good ideas and we're beginning to pull them together to wrap up the project. After that I talked to Russ for a while... it was good to catch up with him, since I haven't seen him in a while. Then I updated my profile, that seems to be a hit so far. :) Then I practiced for Greek Feud by going over all of the answers as much as possible. Then I had dinner and surveyed the girls on the Greek Feud questions. Then I read Keith and Ryan's journals, which inspired this whole thing. Next I'm going to Greek Feud, then I'm playing dominos with Ducey, Jemma, Caroline, and Dena. Then maybe going to a top secret Greek IV party. That remains to be seen though, based on rain and my tiredness level. I have to get up at the insane hour of 7:30 AM tomorrow so I really don't know how I'm going to go to a midnight party. We'll see. More later perhaps!