Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Another day another dolla

Well, no dollas yet today. I woke up and got some stuff done, that was a first for me. I just got back from lunch -- corndogs, yuuum. I feel like this blog is so me... it's all over the place.

Another thing I've determined is that my gossip is really just like a newspaper. Nothing is particularily gossipy, although I guess that's a good thing.

To summarize the Palatine gossip:
- Jenni's parents moved to Stark (definitely didn't know that!)
- Emily will be in Evanston later this week. Hopefully we're going out to breakfast on Friday!
- Tim's 22nd was last night, apparently it was a great time. And hey, we might as well throw in a blog shoutout... happy birthday Tim!

Evanston gossip:
- I got invited to my very first bridal shower and I can't go because I'll be in LA. Boo!!
- I've babysat more in the past month or so than I've babysat in all of my life up to this point.

Oh and one more thing... someone recently told me I should be a wedding coordinator. This is an interesting thought, because for the past 2 or 3 years I've had like 5 people independently tell me that I would be good at this. It's that Type A personality I guess, combined with a little creativity. I've been thinking about this for like a year psuedo-seriously, so it's time for a vote. Not like your vote is going to decide my future career, but I need to know if my own friends would at least consider hiring me. It'd be rough because it would be a lot of nights and weekends, but to a certain extent I could make up my own schedule and it'd be SO FUN. It's something I would definitely love to do. Let me know your thoughts.

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