Thursday, May 20, 2004

Best Day!

Of course, I say that like every day. But today was fun! I chilled this morning and afternoon, went on a Starbucks run, all of that good stuff. Then I had class, my negotiation went okay but certainly was not stellar! Then I got to go out with Russ and talk about our talks for tonight... GOOD times. We went to Target and got food for Greek IV and it was fun. Then we went to Greek IV -- BEST GIV ever, even Andy Bilhorn said so! That was really cool to hear! It was 4 seniors giving talk and "wisdom"... super fun. I think it was really effective and there was great community and everything. And in the spirit of spontaneous GIV social events, we went to JK afterwards... me, JJ, HMG, Chad, Russ, Alex, and Evan! So fun! And Russ, Evan, and Alex were playing around on their guitars and basses after GIV so we got to sing and just have fun. We're really building the community in GIV that we've all been wanting for so long. I'm just on this super high! The only sad thing was that I didn't get to talk to Doug for more than 10 minutes today, but maybe tomorrow. :) :) :)

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