Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wow I'm crazy

So I Googled myself tonight, just trying to see what one could find out about me. I found some interesting stuff that I didn't even know was there.

Something from the comedian Kappa Delta just brought to Northwestern (this is from like 2 or so years ago):

A letter from the Chronicle insulting me:

A dude who copied my idea (albeit not original at all) to have a top 10 best and worst things about Northwestern. What's also amusing about this particular guy is that I'm pretty sure it's one of Russ's friends.

There was also something from my freshman year EDC project, something from a sophomore year physics project, and a small blurb about me in the Mustard Seed.


Anonymous said...

How did you narrow yourself down from all of the other random Kelly's out there? I usually have to do jenni wright palatine or U of I or something else so I dont get 200,000 hits, but then I feel like there's something out there that I'm missing ...

Jenni said...

If you haven't alredy gotten my IM ... I have jumped the blog bandwagon ... http://irishjenni.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Google doesn't know who I am. There are a lot more Ryan Boyles out there than you might expect. My new archnemesis is the lacrosse-star Ryan Boyle at Princeton, who gets enough press to occupy several pages of Google results.

Interesting: Change the search string to "ryanboyle," and then you'll see my page. Interesting.

Kelly said...

For those who are wondering, I did both "Kelly Robinson" Northwestern and "Kelly Robinson" Illinois. I try to switch up the search terms, but always my name in quotes. I actually went through all of the pages this time for the first time, which is why I got new results!

Anonymous said...

And a damn fine idea the Top 10 list was, too! But how do you know Russ, and how do you know me? Am I *just that famous*?