Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm awesome at blogging!

Don't y'all know it? Ok, here's some highlights of the past few months.

June - Went camping on the coast the first weekend of June, ran in the Great Urban Race (by ran I mean walked... dressed up as Lady Gaga... there were four of us... we came in second in the costume contest!) the second weekend, and then did Relay for Life the last weekend of June

July - My mom came to visit, so we had a great week with her... went camping one weekend in Eugene, played bingo, and just generally had a good time. Also went to the coast for my friend Beth's 30th birthday celebration. Geoff also changed to a new job (still at the same company).

August - Geoff has been going to school for a couple of years at various Portland Community College campuses close to work and where we live. But he was going to be starting at Portland State (downtown Portland) in the fall. We lived south of the city and worked east of the city and had previously been able to carpool, but now we were throwing in a trip to the city which also eliminated our ability to carpool. Since all of these places are 30 - 45 minutes away from each other and our second "car" was a Ford F-450, this picture was starting to look a little weird. So we sold the truck and put the RV up for consignment at a dealer (it's still there). We moved in with Geoff's parents. His sister was still in town for the summer, so we had a great time. We worked on a ton of outdoor projects while it was still the summer - cleaning out the garage, cleaning out the shed, etc.

I think I've oozed into September a bit here. :) So let me close out August - we volunteered for Hood to Coast (didn't run it this year!) and went to my friend Addy's wedding.

Ok, so onto September - kicked off my beloved Northwestern football season! That's about the highlight of September.

In October, we went to visit Geoff's grandparent's house in Mt. Vernon, WA, which is always so much fun! We pressed apple cider, watched football, and ate a lot. We celebrated Geoff and Claire's (my friend's 2 year old) birthdays the 22nd and 23rd (not-respectively... or something. Geoff's is the 23rd and Claire's is the 22nd). Many people contributed to Claire's cake... my mother in law baked them, Geoff iced them, Claire's aunt Beth (of previous 30th birthday party fame) and her friend made the little people in front of them (see pic below), and I just sort of coordinated the whole effort and let Claire sit in my lap and stick her hands in cornstarch and help me roll out the fondant (while eating a little too... see other pic below). A good time was had by all. This past weekend, we went to Houston for my cousin's wedding. It was GREAT to see my family - cousins, aunts, uncles, grandfather, parents. Haven't seen some of them in years. We had just the best time!!!

November promises fun!!! I switched to a new job myself (also within the same company) effective November 1. We're moving into a townhouse (renting) beginning tomorrow. I say beginning tomorrow because we get the keys tomorrow but we're going to take a week or so to move - no rush! But it will be very close to work, so I will basically have no commute and Geoff will just have to get to school 3 or 4 days a week depending on his schedule. Not too bad! My sister is returning from Afghanistan 6 days (or possibly less!) from now. She goes to Dallas first to see my parents and then here for Thanksgiving! YIPPY!!! Then next month my parents come for Christmas.

Very excited for the coming months!!!