Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Three scenarios:

1. Easter weekend, Geoff and I are sitting in a restaraunt having dinner and a woman comes up to us and says "how's Gigi?"
We both stare at her as though we have no idea what she's talking about (we don't).
She's like "you two are the ones who adopted Gigi last night, aren't you?"
"Nope... sorry..."
"OH MY GOSH, you look JUST like the couple. I could have sworn you were them. My goodness. Well you should adopt a dog anyway!"
Ummm.... okay. And she kept touching me. That was weird.

2. A couple of weeks ago at work, this woman stops me in the hall and says "can you believe how rude that cook was to you this morning?"
"The cook!! I couldn't believe what he said to you!"
"I don't know what you're talking about..."
"Oh, I'm sorry, you look just like this gal who ordered breakfast this morning and the cook was mean to her."
And then AGAIN last week she stopped me in the hallway and said "YOU'RE the girl the cook was rude to!" and I said "no.... you thought I was her before... I'm still not!"

3. This morning I was getting coffee and the coffee lady said "I have to tell you something... you look JUST LIKE MY SISTER. Ever since the first time I saw you, I thought you looked like her. In fact, I had to do a double take because I really thought you were her!"
And I was like "alright, people keep thinking I look like someone else. Where are all of my lookalikes?"
She said "oh, well my sister lives in Texas, so you never would have seen her..."
"my parents live in Texas..."
"Oh how funny! Well, yeah, you look just like her."

So apparently I have at least 3 twins (unless they're all the same person) running around out there. So strange... and just in the past month or so. WHACK.

Monday, April 27, 2009


My coworker Cindy is in the same golf class I'm in (I roped her into it). She also owns an RV, and we were chatting about going RVing somewhere towards the end of April or beginning of May. We were planning to go somewhere in the Gorge, but her husband was a bit concerned about how windy it can get in the Gorge, especially with towing a trailer. So we looked around for some other places. I remembered reading some great reviews for an RV/Golf resort (before I golfed) so I looked into it. Sure enough, it still had great reviews and now I could actually take advantage of the whole golf part! Cindy & Geoff both liked the idea too, so we (okay, Cindy... I hate the phone) called to make reservations. The owner pointed out that it was Crab Festival weekend, but she still had just two spots available! So we snagged them! I also recalled a really great restaurant that Geoff and I had a great dinner at a while ago, so I looked it up. As I was browsing the website, I found that they had Friday night trivia in their lounge. Recalling my bar trivia days my last semester in college, I thought that would be GREAT fun. I called to confirm that (a) they would still be having trivia with the Crab Fest going on and (b) they would be televising the Trailblazers playoff game so Geoff could watch. Yes on both counts! We were set for a great weekend.

Friday we headed out about 4 and got into town just before 6. We were originally scheduled to not have a sewer connection for the weekend, but I inquired about cancellations and sure enough they did have one! So we got a sewer connection for the weekend which also gave us a better site - it now faced the golf course, right on hole 9. :) We got set up and then headed out to Baked Alaska. Their food was still excellent and we had so much fun at trivia. We never won (we played all 3 games) but still had a great time! When we got back, Cindy and her family had arrived so we chatted with them a bit and then went to bed.

Saturday morning was GOLF TIME!!! Cindy and I played our first-ever rounds of golf. The first hole was very painful and slow, which is what I guessed that all of the rounds would be. But somehow we improved quite a bit and started having tons of fun! We could actually get the ball down the course and would typically get 2 or 3 over par on each hole. I know, not great, but we had started with like 10 or 12 strokes on the first hole. We weren't keeping score anyway. At the 6th hole it started to rain, so Cindy and her husband decided to call it a day. I wanted to play at least the 9th hole, so Geoff and I walked through the 7th and 8th and played the 9th. I lost my first ball on the 9th hole. SO sad. :( Geoff lost about 6 or 7 balls on the course, so I was really excited to have kept a ball the whole time. But I did find another ball... it was yellow instead of pink, but it'll do. Anyway, it was soooooo much fun. I now officially love golf.

After that, the 7 of us (Geoff, me, Momlie, Cindy, Bill, their daughter Emily, and her friend Tabby) all headed out to the crab festival. Once we FINALLY got on a shuttle bus and got there, it was great fun. I had the most delicious fish taco and had fun looking at some of the crafts and trying wines. Probably the best wine was a raspberry juice / white wine mix - very tasty! I also tried several other unique wines, like a white port. So different! It was great fun, but then about 4 it started to get a little rowdy and crazy, so we headed out. I can't imagine what it gets like around 7PM or so! Crazy. SO much fun though. After that Geoff and Bill decided to play another round of golf, so Julie, Cindy, and I sat outside to watch them until it started to rain again. Then we headed inside and chatted and made dinner (Costco hot dogs - they recently started selling their food court hot dogs and buns - YUM!!!). We had lots of fun conversation and laughing - it was a great weekend.

Late breaking news: 2 kids in my mom's school district have Swine Flu, so they're shutting down the entire school for the rest of the week. This whole Swine Flu thing is getting interesting!


I have taken up golfing. This started about 3 and a half weeks ago. Geoff went golfing with some friends, and the next day we were talking with some other friends who said they love golfing and that I should start playing too. I like the IDEA of golf, so I decided maybe that was a good idea. I looked at the Portland Community College classes online, and they had a golf class starting that day or the next day... so I signed up! Now I'm officially taking a golf class and have been going to the driving range somewhat regularily. I LOVE IT. It is hard, but so much fun. And I'm getting better and better. Yay golf.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Talk about weird...

I just googled something and came up with my own blog. What a freak.

For the record, I googled "the fondue cookbook" "dutch cheese" and my blog was the third of the four sites listed. Ha.

Ahh, Destin

You all know I was born in Houston... we moved to Chicago in August of 1987, weeks before I started kindergarten. Since we no longer lived right near my grandparents, we started an annual spring break vacation to Florida. The first year my family of 4 drove from Chicago to Disney World and my grandparents drove from Houston and met us. We spent a week at Disney World and had a grand time. The second year (I was in 1st grade) we stayed for a few days at Disney World and then went to Destin, Florida. We stayed at the Silver Dunes in unit A104. I remember the unit number because I was in room number 104 in first grade (that might beg the question of how I remember my first grade classroom number, but whatever). When I looked up Silver Dunes today, I was pleased to see that they had pictures of the units up on their website. It looks just the same today as it did then - which is somewhat frightening considering it has been 20 years since the first year we stayed there. The wicker furniture in the living room is definitely the same. Maybe it's been recovered, but that's about it. I'll have to check some old pictures... perhaps I will post some if I can find some.

I remember many great things from Silver Dunes and A104 (although I REALLY think at the time it was called 104A, it feels very unnatural to stay A104 and I don't think we did then). Some highlights:
- watching Duke in NCAA playoff games (my mom's sister and my dad's brother both went there, so we were always rooting for Duke)
- my mom reading her first John Grisham book there (it was The Firm, and it was left in the unit either by the owner of a previous occupant, and it actually mentioned Destin in the book)
- peeling raw shrimp and getting my eyes swollen shut from a terrible allergic reaction (to this day I'm still VERY careful when I peel raw shrimp... I wash my hands like a million times afterwards)
- all of the sand that was always in the bathtub (probably the fault of a 7 and 4 year old...)
- the very clear sliding glass door... one time a bird crashed into it. ha.

And from Destin...
- The Back Porch. OHHHHHHHH what glorious wonderful fried shrimp. YUM. It's actually the first place I ever had shrimp.
- The teeny little candy house where we would go and pick out one little chocolate shell or other equally delicious chocolate shell.
- In 1995 Hurricane Opal hit and ruined Silver Dunes. They have obviously rebuilt, but the next year (1996... it was the same school year since Opal was in October) we took our newly purchased 1989 Coleman Sequoia pop-up camper all the way down to Destin and stayed in an RV park. There were TERRIBLE thunderstorms and my sister and I clutched each other closely... we thought we were going to die for sure.
- The awesome looking waterpark that was never open because it was spring break and spring in Destin is really not that warm.
- Later on when Destin expanded and started growing more towards Sandestin. Sandestin used to be a resort fairly far away from Destin itself, and eventually it kind of became one with the city.
- Staying in Maravilla Condos one year while Silver Dunes was rebuilding.
- Reading Crime & Punishment. Ahhh, high school English.
- Silver Sands Outlet mall. They added this later, but I remember going to a J.Crew there. I bought 2 pairs of shorts.
- Getting accepted to Northwestern!! I was online (good ole AOL) in March of 2000 and chatting with my friend Jenni. She said that she had received her acceptance and asked if I had. AHHHH, no I hadn't. We had specifically asked our next door neighbors to check our mail for us and call if anything came from Northwestern, but no call yet. Jenni informed me that there was a website for admitted students and to put my name in there and see if it worked for me or not. I remember her saying "don't worry if it doesn't work... it might not mean anything!" But I tried it... and it DID work. I screamed. Literally screamed, and it was 11 PM. I woke up my dad and my grandparents... but that's okay. I got into Northwestern. :)

Good times with my grandparents in Florida for spring break for pretty much all of elementary school, junior high, and high school. Yay.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farmer's Market!

Saturday morning we went to the Portland Farmer's Market for the first time ever. We went with Geoff's parents and it was SO fun. :) There were so many great things... a pesto guy, a pickle place, lots of produce stands, a peppermint stand, lots of honey places, eggs, fish, etc. It was AMAZING. I loved it so much. AND I had my very first tamale ever. It was from the Salvador Molly's lunch cart. Yum. I was making the Pioneer Woman Meal of Love (well, an adaptation) for Easter dinner the next day, so we bought almost all of our produce from the Farmer's Market. Here's what we bought:

- salad mix
- a shallot
- garlic
- red onions
- red potatoes
- sour cream
- butter
- eggs
- honey
- hazelnuts (not on the Meal of Love list, but oh-so-delicious. there was a lady handing them out as samples)
- peppermint candy (ditto above)
- tortilla soup (ditto above, and this is my favorite thing we bought. YUM!!!!!!!)

I think that is all we purchased, and we're already planning on going back this week. We learned that if you see something you like the looks of, you must buy it IMMEDIATELY. I kind of had that thought, but I figured we could make a loop around and then make our purchases... so not true. I missed out on parsley and chives taking this approach. But now I know! Plus the Beaverton Farmer's Market opens in a few weeks and apparently it's even bigger, so we're going to hit that up too. YAY!

A quick funny... while we were there, Gary grumbled "couldn't you just buy all of this from Safeway?" Now you have to understand Gary... you know he's having a great time being there with all of us, but (a) it's not necessarily what he would have selected as a family activity and (b) he just loves giving us a hard time. Minutes later he found a vinegar lady and he stopped by her stand and sampled all of her vinegars and seemed genuinely impressed. He even BOUGHT vinegar. Me being me, I of course had to say "don't they have vinegar at Safeway?" :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friday night

Friday night I was antsy... I was NOT in the mood to be sitting around, but Geoff was really excited because the Lakers were playing the Blazers. Understandably a big game. SOOOOO I got the bright idea to clean the oven. My mom came to visit about 3 or 4 years ago and tried to get the self cleaning oven feature to work but couldn't. She told me at the time that I needed to buy cleaner and just do it the old-fashioned way. So about 6 months ago (yes, 2.5 years later) I took the first step in that journey - I bought some Easy Off oven cleaner. But then I was worried about the smell while we were selling our house and all that so I avoided it. Friday night it was nice enough to have the windows open so I just opened them up and did it! IT WAS AMAZING. I had noooooo idea the cleaner worked so well, the oven looks brand new. It's very hard to get in the back of the oven (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, normal people probably HAVE cleaned an oven), but it turned out so well. I did the "fast method" of heating the oven up to 200 degrees and then applying the cleaner for 20 minutes for the main part of the oven. For the racks, though, I let them sit out overnight with the chemical on them. They also just wiped right up in the morning. Now that I know it's so easy, I'll definitely be doing that more often.

While I was cleaning the oven, I had to put newspaper down on the floor (per the can's instructions). When I did that, I saw the weekly Michael's coupon for 40% off one item. I had thought earlier in the day about doing some origami, and decided that since I had a coupon, I might as well run up to Michael's and buy some origami paper. So I did. And then I did origami. And it was fun. :) I have done origami two nights so far and I'll do it a few more times I'm sure. Easy entertainment, for only $2.99 after coupon!

More on the weekend later or tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Great news!

Apparently the latest style is NOT MAKING THE BED!!!!! I'm so excited. I HAVE been making my bed every day for the last 6+ months while our house has been on the market, and I HATE IT. Geoff and I both hate it. Seriously, it is my least favorite chore, well below taking out the trash, cleaning toilets, and whatever other gross thing you could think of. I don't know why, but I hate it. Now the beds shown here are like "prettily" unmade, but I think that's tolerable. I just detest making it so much. Ugh. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

I always knew I was hip. :)

Little of this, little of that

Alright, here are a bunch of random tidbits for you:

- There have been FOUR people who have seemed overly perfumed/cologned today. I'm very sensitive to smells, but there usually aren't a lot of smelly people at work. Today's an exception. Ick.
- This is our FIFTH day in a row of beautiful weather. YAY!
- There was a guy in the elevator today who had a salad topped with tofu and cheddar Goldfish crackers. Interesting combo.
- The pollen is killing me. I can barely see because my eyes are so watery / itchy. I don't remember the last time I had to regularly take allergy medicine, but I have been taking Claritin every day for about a week.
- I'm taking a golf class! I'm very excited, I just signed up for it and it's one hour a week for 5 weeks, beginning tonight!
- Geoff and I are coaching softball again. I don't think I mentioned that before. We had our third practice last night. So fun... that age group is really cute. We have two returning players from last year, and everyone on our team seems to be able to hit really well! We have a bunch of girls who played t-ball previously, whereas last year we had mostly newbies. The parents seem to know more about softball too, which is helpful from an assistant coaching standpoint.
- I'm planning to go to the Portland Farmer's Market this weekend. I've always heard great things but have never been, so I'm looking forward to going.

Here is the story about my lifetime of allergies. I just feel like this should be documented. You don't have to read it, but I'm writing it anyway!

When I was 3, I was somehow "diagnosed" with having allergies. I don't really know what led up to it or what led my mom to get me tested, but I know I was 3. We had a dog then, his name was Dusty. I was allergic to Dusty so he had to go away. He went to my dad's cousin Dick's house, where he was later run over by a bulldozer and killed. Or something - I dunno... my dad makes things up. Seems like I've also heard a story that he ran into a street and hit by a car. That was probably my mom's version (aka what REALLY happened).

Anyway, starting when I was 3 I had to go to the allergist's office once a week for shots. All I remember about that allergist's office is that when you were done, you got a little token to put into a gumball machine and you got a little ring or bouncy ball or something. As a 3 year old, I'm sure that was the highlight of my week!

When I was 5 we moved to Chicago. My allergists there were Dr. Dold and Dr. Hart. They were on the 4th floor of a 4 floor building that had black and white stripes in Arlington Heights, Illinois. My favorite nurses were named Karen and Laura. I remember that whole thing very clearly because I went once a week until I was about 13. I got between 2 and 4 shots a week. The nurses gave them to me, and then I had to wait 30 minutes for them to measure the reaction and make sure I was okay. During the 30 minutes I had to be seen by one of the allergists, just a quick 5 minute check in. That might not have been every time, maybe once a month or something. Then they'd measure me with this clear plastic ruler to see how big the reaction to the shots were - if it was smaller they could up the dose for the next week to start building up immunities. I was/am allergic to dogs, cats, rabbits, pollen, mold, etc. "Environmental" allergies, if you will. I also had to take Seldane and Sudafed - one Seldane (a big white round pill) and 2 Sudafed a day. Wow - just looked up the wiki on Seldane and it was removed from the US market in 1997 for potential to cause fetal heart conditions. AWESOME!!! :) Actually if I remember correctly, at some point I started to take Allegra and I believe the doctor told me that Allegra does the same thing as Seldane, but it comes in the form that your body had to metabolize Seldane into and was therefore safer. Something along those lines. HEY. I just looked up the wiki on that and it confirms what I just said!!!!! From the wiki - "The older antihistaminic agent terfenadine was found to metabolize into the related carboxylic acid, fexofenadine." (Terfenadine = Seldane, Fexofenadine = Allegra). INTERESTING. There was also a green and red capsule pill that I took for some period of time that started with an E, but I can't remember the name of it. I did NOT have to take the Sudafed when I took that... I think that they would switch me between the Seldane & Sudafed combo and the "E" drug (no it wasn't Ecstasy, get your minds out of the gutter) as I would develop tolerances for one or the other. I'm not sure, I'll have to see if my mom remembers anything about the E. ;-)

Okay. I'm back. Sorry for that offshoot into the history of allergy medications.

So somewhere along the line, when I started junior high I started seeing the allergist less and less often. I think it was a combination of being more busy and just not needing to go as much. But I really do think that having all of those shots all of those years (by my calculations, an average of 3 shots a week, 50 weeks a year for 10 years is 1500 shots!!) really helped. Because I was so young when I started, they helped me build up tolerances/immunities (okay, I'm not sure of the actual correct medical word there) that still help me today. I consider my allergies to be very mild now. Not to cats - cats are horrible for me. The worst allergic reaction Geoff has ever seen me have was to cats (although the worst I've actually ever had was to raw shrimp in Destin, Florida, circa March 1989). But I can handle dogs reasonably well, and I'm pretty okay outside. I still like to go outside and weed / do other yardwork BEFORE Geoff cuts the grass because fresh cut grass make my eyes itchy (he's the grass cutter instead of me for that same reason), but all in all I'm okay.

Until last week. UGH!! I have been taking Claritin daily for the last week. I always have it on hand in case I'm going to someone's house that has a dog, but rarely take it. The last time I took daily allergy medicine was at least 12 years ago. It's weird, I don't know what's going on in Oregon right now but my allergies no likely!

And that is the story of my allergies. I'm sure this won't be interesting for anyone other than me and my mom (my partner in crime at the allergist for 10 years), but it was fun for me to remember it all! And apparently share my medical history with the entire world. Wait for the day I tell you all about my Crohn's history......... :) Hey, my entire blog could be dedicated to Crohn's like this guy's! (I have to admit, I am a regular reader of his blog!)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Best part about being married!

Okay, so the title might be a bit of an exaggeration, but reason #8926 being married is awesome: I can use the name on mail addressed to me to determine if it's worth reading or not. Sorry, but if you don't know me well enough to know that my name changed a year and a half ago, you're not worth me reading your mail. :) That means Verizon, Washington Mutual, and random Century 21 realtor are all out - and that's just from today!

I know this wasn't worth a real blog, especially when I never blog. But I always think of these amusing little anecdotes and think they would be blog-worthy, but it seems like I shouldn't blog them because they're just a small snippet. If I ALWAYS blogged them, I would have an actual blog worth reading!