Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farmer's Market!

Saturday morning we went to the Portland Farmer's Market for the first time ever. We went with Geoff's parents and it was SO fun. :) There were so many great things... a pesto guy, a pickle place, lots of produce stands, a peppermint stand, lots of honey places, eggs, fish, etc. It was AMAZING. I loved it so much. AND I had my very first tamale ever. It was from the Salvador Molly's lunch cart. Yum. I was making the Pioneer Woman Meal of Love (well, an adaptation) for Easter dinner the next day, so we bought almost all of our produce from the Farmer's Market. Here's what we bought:

- salad mix
- a shallot
- garlic
- red onions
- red potatoes
- sour cream
- butter
- eggs
- honey
- hazelnuts (not on the Meal of Love list, but oh-so-delicious. there was a lady handing them out as samples)
- peppermint candy (ditto above)
- tortilla soup (ditto above, and this is my favorite thing we bought. YUM!!!!!!!)

I think that is all we purchased, and we're already planning on going back this week. We learned that if you see something you like the looks of, you must buy it IMMEDIATELY. I kind of had that thought, but I figured we could make a loop around and then make our purchases... so not true. I missed out on parsley and chives taking this approach. But now I know! Plus the Beaverton Farmer's Market opens in a few weeks and apparently it's even bigger, so we're going to hit that up too. YAY!

A quick funny... while we were there, Gary grumbled "couldn't you just buy all of this from Safeway?" Now you have to understand Gary... you know he's having a great time being there with all of us, but (a) it's not necessarily what he would have selected as a family activity and (b) he just loves giving us a hard time. Minutes later he found a vinegar lady and he stopped by her stand and sampled all of her vinegars and seemed genuinely impressed. He even BOUGHT vinegar. Me being me, I of course had to say "don't they have vinegar at Safeway?" :)

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Christine R said...

But did you have FALAFEL?