Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My how time flies

Oh my friends, it has been so long. I'm sorry I am so bad about writing... I maybe should just retire my blog. I've been soooo good about journalling lately. Like I say, when the journal is really good the blog is really bad and vice versa. I've had a lot of clarity added to my life lately -- that is a GOOD THING! I feel calm, relaxed, and at peace. When I was first changing jobs I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off... I was always busy and had no time to myself. This past week has been such a blessing in many ways... I have been sick, so every day (other than perhaps a walk) I have been at home and just relaxing! Looots of journaling and QT, and spending time with a friend who is staying with me for a while which is fun too. I so love just sitting and talking to people for hours, hearing stories about their lives and backgrounds and the way they think. It's so interesting to me! What a joy. Northwestern football is making me very happy and it's awesome to have the White Sox in the World Series! I love fall... everything about it just makes me feel warm and cozy. Ahhhhhhh happiness!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Good Morning! :)

Okay seriously every time I sign in to blogger it tries to get me to do the AdSense thing. But don't worry... I won't do that to you guys. ;-)

I know, it's been a while. I can't believe we're already on Wednesday!! When did I last post? Must have been Friday. Friday night Andy and I went out to Urban Fondue... yuuuum so good. Definitely had a really nice night, DESPITE the harder-than-usual Portland rain we encountered. Saturday I went to Wal-Mart as mentioned, then Fuddruckers (sp?) since we were down in the "Tigard part of town". Saturday night Andy cooked rack of lamb for me, Amanda, and Geoff... yuuuuuum! Very tasty. Then Amanda made an AWESOME AWESOME two layer / swirl cheesecake... Andy said "tastes like one of those things that you'd eat at a mom and pop little pastry sthop". Definitely yummy. And lots of wine, which was fun. Sunday morning I went to buy a new bed with Marie (for her not me) and then lunch at Chili's and then a quick stop to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Sunday evening was church with Andy and Charles, and then Andy and I went to Russell St. BBQ since it's open again!!! Woo hoo to that. Soooooo good. Then we watched the OC at his house... oh, how I heart the OC. Monday I didn't do ANYTHING after work!! I talked on the phone for about 3 hours, but other than that spent the whole night by myself. I was so proud. Tuesday night I went to the grocery store with Marie and then Red Robin.

Oh, and I went on this HORRIBLE run yesterday... I ran my normal path but it was killing me... my left shin was not playing nice! Maybe cause I haven't run in two weeks... :-) But I can't help it... I was recovering from climbing and then got SUPER busy. Need to making running a priority. But there have been walks and trips to the gym, so it's not *SO* bad. I was hoping to run again today but it's kinda rainy out, so it better clear up by around 4.

Lots of meetings today and tomorrow, but I like it cause the day goes by very quickly.

Addy -- you are too cute. I know you're busy with school and all of that fun stuff... I miss you too! The tickets to Chris came in the mail yesterday!!

Oh, and one more thing... pretty much all of the things I was complaining about the other day either were resolved or at least I stopped being so upset about them. Resolved, mostly, which is awesome!