Monday, June 28, 2004


So the church yesterday was pretty cool. Then I finally actually set up Tivo and of course I'm already addicted. It's awesome because you can watch shows that are on at like 8 in the morning like Dawson's Creek on TBS. And who doesn't love that?! I can't wait to Tivo absolutely everything when I'm working. That's all I'm going to do on my days off, watch Tivo. Today I went to the mall and washed my car. I'm going to clean out the inside of it later on when it's cooler out.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Garage Sale = Success!

So the garage sale was a success! Although the people next door to us made more money than us, my sister and I both made $95, which wasn't too bad. The funniest thing was that back when I worked in Oregon, my friend Jen came to me and was like "hey, my friend that worked at Nike got these shoes and they don't fit me, do you want them?" I took them and never really wore them, so I put them out at the garage sale -- brand new Nike shoes! So the next door neighbor comes by and is like "hey, those are perfect for my Boundary Waters trip, let me try them on!" They fit perfectly, so he bought them from me for $5. Good deal for him certainly, and I made $5 from nothing so it wasn't bad for me either. Amusing, anyway. Then my mom and I did some shopping (not really fun, just errand-type shopping). Then we had Chinese for dinner, yuuuum. And THEN we hooked my sister up with this guy who is the son of someone my mom knows from work. He just finished his freshman year at DePaul and so she went and hung out at some apartment parties with him. She had tons of fun, which was cool because she has been so bored in Iowa. While she did this I organized, which to the average person may not sound like all that fun of a Saturday night, but I LOVED it. I love to organize. I love Iowa because it's a perfect excuse to be boring for a few months. Although I must say, IC is really not that boring overall. It reminds me a lot of Palatine, with about 100 times (literally) the number of bars. Good times. Oh, and you can see the corn everywhere. Other than that, it's P-town. So anyway, I'm off to try this new church... I didn't think I could handle going to my parent's church the whole summer. I need more energy. I'm hardcore. ;-) I'll holla more lata.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Same Old

Well I have to say that people in Iowa are SO nice. Plus we live on a cul-de-sac, as mentioned, which I think makes people nicer. I love all of our neighbors. I don't remember if I said this before, but I helped the people across the street (really 2 doors down, but we live at the end of the cul-de-sac) out with setting up their wireless network. So now both of their computers connect to the internet, but I can't get them to network together. Doug's trying to help me out with this, but it's a little harder than first expected. He gave me another idea to try tomorrow. And now my sister's wireless card doesn't work, so I have to uninstall her driver and reinstall it tomorrow. I might have to go back to Best Buy to buy a new card, I don't really know what the deal is. Hopefully I'll get all 3 computers here connected to the internet (current count: 2) and each other. Then I can get the neighbor's 2 computers connected to the internet (current count: 2!!), and each other. Hahahaha networking in Iowa. Bonus is getting to see their new baby every time I go over there, and she's a cutie!

The garage sale is going well. Those same neighbors hooked us up with their ping pong table to put more stuff on, so that is good. Hopefully we'll make *tons* of money at this sale. I hope U of Iowa students are around and come by to buy some stuff. Yeah right. Here's to hoping. It will all be over within 36 hours, I can hardly wait. I'm getting sick of this garage sale action! But then I want to organize a few more things and do some hardcore scrapbooking... I love scrapbooking, and blogging. I love that too.


The long awaited update...

So I'm just going to assume that you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the next update (yeah right). Anyway, here it is... starting with LAST Wednesday

Dorm reunions and senior formal. Dorm reunions were cool, it was awesome to go back into A-Hall and see everything and everyone. We've stayed close enough over the years so it wasn't totally crazy or anything, but there were a few people who've been gone this year because they graduated early who were back, so that was nice. Then I did all sorts of errand type stuff, going to Norris for cap and gown, getting grad tickets, etc. Then I took a nap, then got ready for formal. Sarah Yu did my hair soooooo cute... everyone loved it! It was a really fun formal, I got to see everyone and I got pictures taken with a lot of people I didn't have pictures with before that, so that was excellent. It was one of those things where the whole roll of film is just me and one other person and that other person changes throughout the evening, but whatever. It was cool all the same. Then I had to babysit one of my very drunk friends who shall remain anonymous. That was quite interesting, dancing with her and then getting her home and into bed. Overall, a good day.

Met Jeni for lunch to pass on the DZ tech chair information, then met up with my parents and grandparents. We went to Bob Chinn's for dinner... yuuuuuuum. I love that place. It was cool to get to see them and spend time with them. Went to 1800 for the "last night out"... so sad! It was funny, it was my first and last night on the patio at 1800 Club. Definitely a fun place to be!

The weekend is such a blur. Obviously didn't go to bed until 3 or 4 on Thursday night, per usual, and then had to get up at 7:30 to be at the IE Senior Awards Ceremony at 8:30. It was cool though, my parents went with me and we had a grand old time! We ate lunch at Panera with the whole fam, and then went back to tech for the "ring ceremony", AKA Order of the Engineer where you get this cool little stainless steel ring to wear on the little finger of your writing hand to signify you're an engineer. That was fun, I got to meet Russ's parents and my family sat with his family. Then it was pretty close to time for graduation! My mom and I stopped by Sarah and Marie's house to meet the other parents and have a fun little pre-graduation reception, then went by DZ to put on my cap and gown. Then we grabbed a shuttle bus up to the stadium. During this time my dad was taking my grandparents back to the hotel (two of them didn't want to go to the graduation, they needed a nap!). So then my grandfather, dad, and sister met up with my mom at the stadium and I did the "big graduation" thing. Tom Brokaw was much better than I expected, and when it came time for each school to stand up, tech was by far the loudest. We deserve it after 4 years locked up in that crazy building. :) IE love! Then we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes... definitely a totally different experience going with the family instead of the girls. FOR SURE not as fun. But not as painful afterwards either. ;-) Then my sister and I went back to DZ and did some packing until about 2. I was not feeling good at this point (I was getting a cold) and I was stressed about packing and about getting Doug an airplane ticket (long story), so I was a NOT a happy camper this night.

As one final punishment, they made the tech graduation at 8:30 AM, and we had to report at 7:45! So my sister and I got up at 6:30 and showered and took the bus up to Welsh-Ryan. Being in the field house with all of the IEs was cool... it was the last moment of IE love! We marched into the arena and did our little graduation thing, they actually handed me a diploma which was awesome. :) Russ got a little thing that basically said "thanks, try again next time" which was amusing... he's graduating in December but got to walk now. So after graduation we did the picture thing and I turned in the cap and gown (by the way, I wrote IE LOVE on the cap, of course!). Then we went back to the house and packed up... I actually had a very minimal amount of stuff this year, so that was excellent. I had SO much last year, it was hidious. Then we took my grandfather to the airport (he wasn't coming back to Iowa with us) and I was able to pick up Doug's airplane ticket at the right time, which was GREAT. That cheered me up. Then my mom and I drove back in my car, my dad and his parents in my mom's car, and my sister in her car. When we got back, my mom made a great lasagna dinner (she had made it ahead of time, see that is a good mom, always thinking ahead!) and we ate it. Then I went to bed!! I needed to finally get some sleep!

Sunday we woke up and started getting ready for my graduation BBQ! It was quite a success, except my chocolate cake turned out to be vanilla! OH NO! I looooooove chocolate cake, so I was a little sad. But it was cool to meet the neighbors and everything, and one guy asked me to help him out with his wireless network, which I did later that night. He was way happy, so that was awesome. :) I feel like a true Iowan now that I've had a party and actually know a few people. There are a lot of little kids in our neighborhood so it was crazy being around 4 and 5 year olds! And we got to meet the month-old baby from across the street, she is just precious! Good times were had by all.

My mom and I went to Hy-Vee and got our money back for the cake AND a free new chocolate cake for me. YAY! We chilled with the grandparents, and started hard work on the garage sale that we're having this weekend. Our whole block (which is a cul-de-sac) and the cul-de-sac that juts off of it are having a big huge garage sale. Supposedly it is a big hit and people come the day before and really early in the morning to try to get the best pick of stuff. So we are all selling lots of our clothes and stuff like old children's games and old appliances and stuff. I have very high hopes for this garage sale. My sister wants to get an ipod so our motto for this is "out with the old, in with the ipod". Very funny, I know. You're laughing on the inside. (Side note, this has got to be one of the more boring blogs in the history of mankind, it is just what I do every day. I need to spice it up). So anyway, then we had a nice family dinner and that was that.

The grandparents went home early in the morning, much earlier than I am awake! So then my sister, my mom, and I went to the mall and got some stuff. My mom and I got some scrapbooking stuff while my sister was at the gym, and then when we picked her up we got my sister Botche ball and my mom a fire pit so she can have bonfires. Then it was garage sale fun all day. Oh, and I got Tivo from my parents for graduation, so I was setting that up which was so fun! Turns out I don't actually have cable in my room so I'm going to need to set it up in the basement after all of the garage sale work is done down there.

This was a big day for the garage sale! I went through the entire storage room in the basement with my mom and basically unpacked everything that hadn't been unpacked and deemed most stuff worthy of being sold. If it hasn't been used in the last 6 months and we don't even know we have it, we're clearly not using it. That's my motto at least. :) So we got rid of tons of stuff, that was awesome. I'm also trying to re-do the entire basement in terms of making sure it's organized and everything, at least certain parts. I'm sort of just leaving the office because I figure my parents use that and they sort of know what's going on in that area. I'm just working on like the big room with the TV and stuff, because I want the TV to be able to be used and look nice, rather than just being mass chaos. Anyway, did a LOT of stuff on Wednesday.

More work... took almost everything upstairs from the basement into the garage and started getting things in order for the garage sale. Sorted things into bins and onto tables to make it easier for people to look through. My dad and I are trying to make up some system to make a clothes rack so that people can easily look through clothes, that is much easier said than done. But hopefully it will be done eventually. I mean, it will have to be. Today I'm going to hopefully finish up on the basement and my sister and I will finish organizing all of the garage sale stuff while my mom is at work. I don't know but hopefully this will all work out. I'll keep you posted later today and I will try my hardest to be better about updating in general and about being more entertaining in my updates!

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Boo Yah!

As Ian would say. ;-)

So today was STELLAR (that's my new word!)

I got up by 10, which was a world record, but I did go to bed at 12:30. I'm getting better, although somehow it's gotten to be 3 already. I don't know how and why I do this to myself. One day I will get up earlier! Anyway, so Erin and I decided to go to Woodfield since Laura ended up not being able to go to the mall. We left around 11:30, and called Beth (Doug's sister) to see if she wanted to join us. She was at a friend's house but said she might come with the friend and that she would call us later. So Erin and I had lunch at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Spirits (Oregon flashback!) and then went to Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, H&M, and Forever 21. So fun! Then around 3 Beth called and said that she and Judy were coming out! YAY! So Erin and I got a snack at Starbucks, then went to Banana to shop for a bit. Then Beth and Judy called and met up with us. We went BACK to Victoria's Secret and bought more stuff... oh my! Beth is a horrible influence on me... but I love her! Then we went to Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th... Beth and I took this great picture of us being totally silly at Off 5th. I can't wait until she gets it developed! We grabbed a quick dinner at Wendy's and invited them to trivia with us, but they had to get back home.

So then we wore some of our cute new clothes and *bling* and went to 1-800-THE-CLUB for the final round of trivia. SO SAD! In GREAT news, my team won trivia for the first time EVER!! YEAAAAAAAH!! It was really random because this kid who is a friend of someone on my team came out to join us tonight, and we had a question about the Greek god Artemis. Now, we thought they said god, but then we were talking and we thought it was maybe a goddess. This random guy, Jeff, said "yeah, there was a girl named Artemis in my junior high, so I know it's a girl's name". I go "yeah, mine too! Artemis Bakapolis." He looked at me and goes "where are you from?" I just looked at him and he said "around here?" I said "yeah... where are you from?" He goes "Palatine", and clearly I said me too and we bonded. He was a Fremd kid, and went to Immanuel Lutheran for grade school. Interesting. So that was cool. Then Erin and I grabbed Steak and Shake and then rented Something's Gotta Give. Cute movie. And now I will sleep. And hopefully see Beth sometime in the next few days because I adore that girl! She is so much fun, and Erin and I were both sad when she had to go and couldn't come join us again. Maybe she'll come visit me in Iowa... THAT would be amazing. And it's fun bonding with her a little bit about Doug, just not too much, because that could get weird. But she's so fun... yeah sorority chicks!

Monday, June 14, 2004


So today was excellent! The senior week Great America trip was today, and I was sort of dreading it. I figured it'd be a long, tiring day, and that it'd be long lines and just overall icky. When I found out it was supposed to thunderstorm all day, I was kind of exciteed because I thought there was a chance it would be cancelled. So we got on the bus at 9:45 AM (after I went to bed after 4:30!) and it started pouring. By the time we got there, it was just drizzling, and by noon it was about 75 and sunshiney! And even BETTER, no one was there because of the morning bad weather. We were able to go on 9 rides in less than 5 hours... some rides you literally could just walk on! It was amazing. So we went home at 4 because we were just feeling good! Then Jenn and I went out for sushi... yuuuuum. I was so in the mood for that, I've been craving it for months. And on the bus ride home, I got a call from Courtney to babysit for Killian, so I got to babysit for 3 and a half hours, which was great. I just got home from that and I found out that I got STRAIGHT A's for the first time ever at Northwestern.

A little while later...
Just got off the phone with Doug... he is so great! We had a fabulous time talking, so that just improved my day. Now I'm going to try to get some packing done and then get to bed at a reasonable hour!

Sunday, June 13, 2004


It's been a while, huh? Thanks to whoever told me to update!

Had lunch with Katrina, hung out around the house, babysat Killian. I stopped by JJ's to hang out with her for a little bit since she had too much work to go play with the rest of us. Then I went up to Sig Ep for a fun game of flip cup. This was my first time playing, which was depressing because I only had 9 days to play again before I graduate. I am surprisingly good, so that made it even more fun! Unfortunately someone who shall remain nameless ahemIanahem was not so good, so my team only tied, or lost if you count the practice rounds.

Friday was fun! First I went to lunch at Noodles with Russ, it was great to catch up. Then I went to see Saved! with Erin... good movie. You know, typical teenage cheesiness, but good all the same. Then I stopped by JJ's again for the final goodbye... that was my first goodbye of the summer and it was quite sad. Then we went to the Beer Garden... the first senior week event! It was great to see people that I hadn't seen since freshman year and just have a good ole time! Then I came home and watched Freaky Friday with Pam and did some packing. Nice!

I went to Doug's sister's Beth's graduation party... so fun! She's SO awesome, I really like her a lot. I literally spent the whole day there, from about 3:30 PM until after midnight. Some of her high school and college girlfriends were there, so that was amusing. Good girl talk! And Beth is literally the nicest person I have ever met in my life. I thought that was Doug, but Beth was just so nice. It was great. Who knew a family could have such wonderful children? (besides my family of course. ;-) )

Got up, went to church. Last Vineyard ever, which was a little sad. I got over it though. Then I came home and rested for a while because I REALLY wasn't feeling good. Then Erin and I went to the alumni event for a little bit to get our nice leather Northwestern portfolios. That was cool. Then we took our final trip to Sweet Tomatoes. Heather and Dana joined us this time, so that was fun. Erin, Sarah, Marie, and I realized what Sweet Tomatoes dictators we are! We have all of these rules, but we really feel that it improves the Sweet Tomatoes experience. It is highly amusing. Of course we were stuffed as usual and felt like death, but it was so worth it! So then we came home for our naps and recovery periods. I watched The Parent Trap with some of the girls, and now I'm on my 3rd game of Monopoly for the night with Doug. If anyone's wondering, I won the first 2. For some reason, seems to hate him... poor thing. It is ridiculous. But we're going to have an interesting discussion tonight so I'm VERY excited about that. He's so stellar.

So this was such a Ryan Boyle style post! I'm amused by my own antics. Tomorrow is Great America, so I'm super excited for that! It seems that the GIV kids are going to try to stick together for most of the day. Ian says to bring my a-game, because we're going to go nuts and go on every ride possible. I feel like I'm going to be the most exhausted person ever tomorrow night! We'll see. I'm also debating what sort of bag to bring, because I want to have a backpack but that is SO inconvenient and certain rides. Maybe I'll bring a small tote or something. Then that's no good on upside down rides though. I need a small backpack, but I already took mine home. I'll figure something out. And I need to move my car tonight, and attempt to get some sleep. Ahhhh too much to do! The fam comes to town on Thursday, so that will be exciting. Anyway, I promise more tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Today was a most excellent day! I got up around 11:30 and busted out to Palatine for my Remicade... good stuff! After I got the drugs, I busted out to Deer Park and went to Barnes and Noble and read Us Weekly. Then I met up with Mike, Stacey, Tim, Emily, and Heather at Max and Erma's. SO FUN! Then we went back to Stacey's to play games, and Randy, Laura, and Chad came too. What a great night... I haven't seen most of those people in a year and a half. SO much fun!! It was great to catch up and just chill and oh my gosh just AWESOMENESS.

SPECIAL shoutout to Randy who drove all the way home to see me -- THANK YOU!!

Then on the way home I was just sort of reveling in how blessed I am, and then I saw an OREGON license plate and right after that Chris Tomlin's Not to Us came on. I mean, how lucky am I? I got SO excited.

Then tonight I also got to talk to my friend from Oregon which is GREAT, and in the last 6 hours or so I've gotten TWO roomie offers in Oregon!!

My friend Caroline who worked in my group last summer (she is from Evanston!), who just bought a house. So she has this GREAT house near downtown that she rents (where all houses sell for at least $400,000) with another guy from our group. It would be through the end of November, at which point I'd have the option to renew the lease or go month to month, but the other guy is moving out then. So I could even keep the house after that, or if not it would be a nice place to live temporarily until I get settled in!

And my friend Sara, who lives on a farm about 30 minutes south of work, has said I could live with her. I've been to her house before, it's on a huge spot of land and is great. She always has different missionaries living with her temporarily and stuff and it'd be a great opportunity to get to meet different people and stuff and live on a farm!

So I think I'm going to go with one of these options, push myself a little bit and do something that I wouldn't normally do! We'll see, and they'd both be temporary.

Anyway, LOTS of great stuff going on today! And I'm meeting Katrina for lunch tomorrow, plus babysitting and going to the Keg and our secret party. Looks like another great day!

More soon!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


So yeah, it's hot. We know... we all wish we were in Southern California right now. Go Lakers. So last night Dena and I were so hot, and we were lying on the floor at like 2 AM. It was cooler down there so we decided to sleep down there, so we opened up the futon in order to get cross breeze between the windows and the door and had 3 fans on us. It was cool last night! Needless to say, we had pictures taken of us this morning. Then I sat around all day, but got to babysit for a few hours for Killian, which was great because it's air conditioned. AND I also got to go to the last trivia, and we were in 2nd place after 5 rounds. Then rounds 6 and 7 were together and they made round 6 worth 3 points each so we got shafted. Whatever.

From Jenni (of for Ryan...
jenninews (9:53:40 PM): to ryan boyle (via kelly robinson) ... thanks for correcting my site
jenninews (9:53:44 PM): and i loved Shrek 2 also
jenninews (9:53:50 PM): i can't make comments on your site (there's no option)
jenninews (9:53:55 PM): so you get transmitted IMs

Monday, June 07, 2004


so I don't even know the blogger email addresses, and I use blogger:
Arthur Crandall (8:42:33 PM): Your weblog post from today: URL should be (not dot net) - and yes, I'll admit, I clicked on a stranger's weblog. I like to see others' designs. Sincerely, ryanboyle dot net

Anyway, that's amusing. Not only because Ryan notices things (way to go), but also because he clicked on a stranger's weblog (not that odd because I read his girlfriend's all the time and feel like I know her from both of their blogs and pictures, although have never met the girl) and also because he signs his IMs ryanboyle dot net.

I love the internet. Today I woke up and went to Emery's prayer group... it was so fun! I liked getting to meet her friends plus they prayed for me and that was awesome. I went to tech to do some errandy stuff and then went to Giordanos with Erin. YAY for the last half price pizza night ever. I then chilled with McCracken and then babysat for Killian. Then I got into an awesome fight with Doug... great. Whatever, it's fine. Now I'm just chilling and hoping Rooms will wake up so that I can start packing. 'Tis all for now.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

More P-Town News!

- Maggie was cast in a touring theatre company and they're performing in Macomb for the summer.
- Lisa is interning with KPMG and will start accounting next January after graduation
- Yoojin got into med school

Friend's Blogs:
- Jenni:
- Ryan:
- Keith:

Enjoy. :)

As for myself, I went to church in the morning, only one or *maybe* two more Vineyard's left. Probably 1 because I think my graduation BBQ is the next Sunday (the 20th). Anyone reading this is MORE than welcome to come if they want to make the trip out to Iowa City!! :) So after that I had brunch per usual, then played Monopoly with Doug... he's winning today's streak, 2 to 1. Darn it! I actually think he is better than me, hopefully he doesn't read that. Then I went to the Greek IV senior dinner, which was SOOO much fun. Tonight I've been working on a secret project and that's about it. More to come!

News from P-Town

So here's the latest from Palatine (unfortunately there are certain things that I'm not allowed to comment on):

- Maren is engaged (or married?)
- Jen Calhoun (my cheerleading big sis) has been married for like 2 years
- Julius is interning for Motorola in Deer Park and is going to go out with Emily every day
- Jenni is interning in DC for the summer, and going to grad school in the fall for a masters of human resources
- Patrick got his pilot's license (in January), and has a job interview on Monday
- Jennifer is going to Spain, then Australia, then Ecuador
- Anthony is going to be a teacher in Las Vegas and driving his Rav4 out there
- Stacey is working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
- Laura is teaching at Lake Zurich High School
- Randy is interning at Argonne National Labs
- Nikki is working for Clorox in San Francisco (but touring Europe first)
- Tim is working with his dad for the summer
- Hart has just about received this amazing job offer
- Mike is going to China (maybe?)
- Heather is working at GNC and is going to move to Thailand in October (to teach)
- Kathleen graduated from Bradley and is moving into the city

Anyway, whatever. Today I got up and went to Chili's with Lucy... SO much fun. I really love that girl! Then I chilled with Sarah and Sara and Sarah, that was lots of fun. Sara and I read the knot for literally like 4 hours... we're SO LAME. But it was fun to just be a little bit of a pile and goof off a little bit. Then Patrick and Emily came down and we went to Nevin's with Julius. We played lots of cards... I love cards! It reminds me of the good old days of HOAD (Hang Out at Dave's) that we had in Oregon. Yet another thing that makes me so excited about moving back. Keith tried to convince me to go to Oregon like July 20th so that I can go to Creation, which I may well do. It sort of depends on my grandmother's situation and if I need to go down to Houston to help with packing up the house and stuff. I also really want to spend some time in LA visiting Doug... I miss him so much and it's been like 5 days. We're just getting a lot closer I guess. Too much sappy information, I know. Maybe he'll read this and get the hint that he should move to Portland. ;-) Anyway, I should also mention that I'm DONE with college, since it seems I haven't done that yet. Yesterday we had the final JetBlue presentation and the IE BBQ (IEMS FEST!), then I finished writing my negotiations paper and watched some TLC. Goooood times. It's fun being done, I just wish I had a little bit more to do. Oh well, I'll have a lot of time this week to pack and get really organized so that I won't have to do that as much this summer. If I didn't have trivia and all sorts of other crazy stuff going on, I could spend some time in Iowa this week, but oh well.

I'm off to bed... more tomorrow I'm sure!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

More IE fun...

Trying to get Rishabh to come to the IE lab and help us...
Kelly94942: The Arena part BLOWS
rishabh2005: does BLOWS mean good or crap?
Kelly94942: CRAP

Hello from the IE lab!

So I think I've spent more time in the IE lab today than cumulatively all quarter. It's always a good time though. JetBlue is getting close to being done, but it's crazy. I've been in here sinec 12:30 PM. Except for the fire alarm we had in tech at 3:00. What a waste of 30 minutes... oh the joy. Anyway, so Aamer and I are in here, TRYING to do something of value to this report. Yeah right. So I'm checking my email every 5 minutes because that's what I do, and then I get up and go to the bathroom. When I come back, I check it again, and I see this:

From: Aamer
To: Kelly
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 8:31:30 pm CDT
Subject: (No subject)

Dear Kelly,

You left.


I start cracking up and ask "what the heck?" Aamer explained that I was said because I was checking my email every 5 minutes and had nothing, so he thought he'd send me one.

See why I love IE? :)

Another great JetBlue quote:
Kelly: "Where would I be without IE?"
Chris: "Not in tech!"

Hahahaha... more to come I'm sure as the night goes on and I get more and more punchy!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

What's Up?

Okay, so somehow I managed to get back to Chicago. I even got a few hours of sleep on the plane and today, so that's awesome. The JetBlue poster is done, I have amazing friends who are taking care of stuff for the bonfire tonight (which is a total miracle!), and I just have to get through the next few hours of negotiations, poster presentation, and bonfire fun! Then my rooms and I are getting hardcore for the next few days. Awesome!

That's all for now. :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, actually, it's a little late for that. But what can you do?

So here's a rundown of my weekend...
Thursday - Got into LA late, around 8ish, ordered pizza with Doug and just enjoyed catching up!

Friday - Worked on JetBlue and my negotiations paper all day, Doug got home EARLY (4:15ish!) from work for the first time ever! That was so awesome! We went and played miniature golf and actually went to Arby's for dinner. For those wondering (Ryan Boyle?), that was my idea. He said he loves my spontanaity and that I'm willing to just be like "Hey, Arbys! I want Arbys... pull over!". So I should work on that, rather than being indecisive per usual. Oh, and I won at mini golf, if you were wondering!!

Saturday - Doug drove his cousin Dave to the airport in the morning while I watched TLC... then I wasn't feeling well so we just hung out and watched movies and TV for most of the day. We played some Yhatzee and just chilled.

Sunday - THE BEST DAY! Feeling way too much cabin fever from the night before, we got up and went to church (not early... you can go to church at 1 PM in LA). I LOVE Doug's church... it's in Hollywood and is a great time. The worship is awesome... the church is very ethnically diverse and the worship is mostly very African-American! I enjoy the dancing and being totally loud a lot (Keith Prickett, if you're reading this, you would LOVE it!!). So then we walked around Melrose and sort of window-shopped, then grabbed lunch at Johnny Rocket's. That was fun. After that we got his car washed and went grocery shopping so that I could make him dinner. I made salmon and asparagus... yuuum! Then we went for a walk on the beach up to the Santa Monica Pier (The Net? Remember the scene where Sandra Bullock is at the carnival type thing? It's the Santa Monica Peir). Doug lives only 4 blocks from the beach and maybe 10 from the pier, so that's fun! Then we went and saw Raising Helen -- we both totally liked it. It was soooo much fun, we had so much fun just hanging out together!

Monday - Today we got up and played Monopoly while I waited for my JetBlue team to send me their stuff for our report. He WON which was sad because I lost my all time winning streak. We're both really good at Monopoly (no one else will even play Doug 'cause he is so good!), so we're very competitive. It'd be more fun if I weren't such a sore loser. Then we went out for lunch. After that we saw another movie, The Day after Tomorrow. Also quite excellent! Then we went for another walk on the beach, and went out for dinner at Buca de Beppo. Yummy. :) Basically, we tried to re-create yesterday because it was the most perfect day. After that we came back here and watched the rest of the Thomas Crown Affair, which we started yesterday. And all the time during dinner and walking I kept getting JetBlue calls which was so funny 'cause I was all "Oh, I'm sorry, I have to take this call". So corporate... yeah right! Now he's sleeping and I'm writing a silly weblog. Oh well, I have stuff to do!

Tomorrow - He has work all day, which means a fun-filled day of JetBlue and negotiations. I have to finalize what to put on our poster and also of course work TONS on making our paper amazing. I feel confident that it will all totally fall together though. There's a lot to do this week, but I'll be done with college in 4 glorious days! YAY! Here's this week's crazy schedule for those interested... thanks for reading, and goodnight!

- JetBlue paper
- Virtual Victorian paper / closing
- Fire permit from Evanston
- Negotiaton prep

- Meeting with Emery
- JetBlue poster
- Negotiation prep
- Virtual Vic paper wrap-up (4:00 PM)
- Negotiations class
- Poster session
- Last GIV

- Ethics paper
- Lunch with Katrina
- JetBlue presentation prep
- JetBlue proposal wrap-up

- Ethics paper
- JetBlue presentation