Sunday, June 13, 2004


It's been a while, huh? Thanks to whoever told me to update!

Had lunch with Katrina, hung out around the house, babysat Killian. I stopped by JJ's to hang out with her for a little bit since she had too much work to go play with the rest of us. Then I went up to Sig Ep for a fun game of flip cup. This was my first time playing, which was depressing because I only had 9 days to play again before I graduate. I am surprisingly good, so that made it even more fun! Unfortunately someone who shall remain nameless ahemIanahem was not so good, so my team only tied, or lost if you count the practice rounds.

Friday was fun! First I went to lunch at Noodles with Russ, it was great to catch up. Then I went to see Saved! with Erin... good movie. You know, typical teenage cheesiness, but good all the same. Then I stopped by JJ's again for the final goodbye... that was my first goodbye of the summer and it was quite sad. Then we went to the Beer Garden... the first senior week event! It was great to see people that I hadn't seen since freshman year and just have a good ole time! Then I came home and watched Freaky Friday with Pam and did some packing. Nice!

I went to Doug's sister's Beth's graduation party... so fun! She's SO awesome, I really like her a lot. I literally spent the whole day there, from about 3:30 PM until after midnight. Some of her high school and college girlfriends were there, so that was amusing. Good girl talk! And Beth is literally the nicest person I have ever met in my life. I thought that was Doug, but Beth was just so nice. It was great. Who knew a family could have such wonderful children? (besides my family of course. ;-) )

Got up, went to church. Last Vineyard ever, which was a little sad. I got over it though. Then I came home and rested for a while because I REALLY wasn't feeling good. Then Erin and I went to the alumni event for a little bit to get our nice leather Northwestern portfolios. That was cool. Then we took our final trip to Sweet Tomatoes. Heather and Dana joined us this time, so that was fun. Erin, Sarah, Marie, and I realized what Sweet Tomatoes dictators we are! We have all of these rules, but we really feel that it improves the Sweet Tomatoes experience. It is highly amusing. Of course we were stuffed as usual and felt like death, but it was so worth it! So then we came home for our naps and recovery periods. I watched The Parent Trap with some of the girls, and now I'm on my 3rd game of Monopoly for the night with Doug. If anyone's wondering, I won the first 2. For some reason, seems to hate him... poor thing. It is ridiculous. But we're going to have an interesting discussion tonight so I'm VERY excited about that. He's so stellar.

So this was such a Ryan Boyle style post! I'm amused by my own antics. Tomorrow is Great America, so I'm super excited for that! It seems that the GIV kids are going to try to stick together for most of the day. Ian says to bring my a-game, because we're going to go nuts and go on every ride possible. I feel like I'm going to be the most exhausted person ever tomorrow night! We'll see. I'm also debating what sort of bag to bring, because I want to have a backpack but that is SO inconvenient and certain rides. Maybe I'll bring a small tote or something. Then that's no good on upside down rides though. I need a small backpack, but I already took mine home. I'll figure something out. And I need to move my car tonight, and attempt to get some sleep. Ahhhh too much to do! The fam comes to town on Thursday, so that will be exciting. Anyway, I promise more tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

good work with the update

RJB said...

I like Ryan Boyle posts. Practice wandering off on a few more tangents, and you can start ghostwriting for me.