Monday, June 07, 2004


so I don't even know the blogger email addresses, and I use blogger:
Arthur Crandall (8:42:33 PM): Your weblog post from today: URL should be (not dot net) - and yes, I'll admit, I clicked on a stranger's weblog. I like to see others' designs. Sincerely, ryanboyle dot net

Anyway, that's amusing. Not only because Ryan notices things (way to go), but also because he clicked on a stranger's weblog (not that odd because I read his girlfriend's all the time and feel like I know her from both of their blogs and pictures, although have never met the girl) and also because he signs his IMs ryanboyle dot net.

I love the internet. Today I woke up and went to Emery's prayer group... it was so fun! I liked getting to meet her friends plus they prayed for me and that was awesome. I went to tech to do some errandy stuff and then went to Giordanos with Erin. YAY for the last half price pizza night ever. I then chilled with McCracken and then babysat for Killian. Then I got into an awesome fight with Doug... great. Whatever, it's fine. Now I'm just chilling and hoping Rooms will wake up so that I can start packing. 'Tis all for now.

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RJB said...

The internet is wonderful indeed. Case in point: It gives Kelly a forum in which to say complimentary things about me. What's not to love?