Tuesday, June 08, 2004


So yeah, it's hot. We know... we all wish we were in Southern California right now. Go Lakers. So last night Dena and I were so hot, and we were lying on the floor at like 2 AM. It was cooler down there so we decided to sleep down there, so we opened up the futon in order to get cross breeze between the windows and the door and had 3 fans on us. It was cool last night! Needless to say, we had pictures taken of us this morning. Then I sat around all day, but got to babysit for a few hours for Killian, which was great because it's air conditioned. AND I also got to go to the last trivia, and we were in 2nd place after 5 rounds. Then rounds 6 and 7 were together and they made round 6 worth 3 points each so we got shafted. Whatever.

From Jenni (of irishjenni.blogspot.com) for Ryan...
jenninews (9:53:40 PM): to ryan boyle (via kelly robinson) ... thanks for correcting my site
jenninews (9:53:44 PM): and i loved Shrek 2 also
jenninews (9:53:50 PM): i can't make comments on your site (there's no option)
jenninews (9:53:55 PM): so you get transmitted IMs

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RJB said...

Thank you for acting as a courier or medium or whatever title you like, Kel.

I do too have comments on my weblog. I changed the text around the links to make it a bit more obvious. The comments box opens in a new window, so it can fall prey to popup blockers.