Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, actually, it's a little late for that. But what can you do?

So here's a rundown of my weekend...
Thursday - Got into LA late, around 8ish, ordered pizza with Doug and just enjoyed catching up!

Friday - Worked on JetBlue and my negotiations paper all day, Doug got home EARLY (4:15ish!) from work for the first time ever! That was so awesome! We went and played miniature golf and actually went to Arby's for dinner. For those wondering (Ryan Boyle?), that was my idea. He said he loves my spontanaity and that I'm willing to just be like "Hey, Arbys! I want Arbys... pull over!". So I should work on that, rather than being indecisive per usual. Oh, and I won at mini golf, if you were wondering!!

Saturday - Doug drove his cousin Dave to the airport in the morning while I watched TLC... then I wasn't feeling well so we just hung out and watched movies and TV for most of the day. We played some Yhatzee and just chilled.

Sunday - THE BEST DAY! Feeling way too much cabin fever from the night before, we got up and went to church (not early... you can go to church at 1 PM in LA). I LOVE Doug's church... it's in Hollywood and is a great time. The worship is awesome... the church is very ethnically diverse and the worship is mostly very African-American! I enjoy the dancing and being totally loud a lot (Keith Prickett, if you're reading this, you would LOVE it!!). So then we walked around Melrose and sort of window-shopped, then grabbed lunch at Johnny Rocket's. That was fun. After that we got his car washed and went grocery shopping so that I could make him dinner. I made salmon and asparagus... yuuum! Then we went for a walk on the beach up to the Santa Monica Pier (The Net? Remember the scene where Sandra Bullock is at the carnival type thing? It's the Santa Monica Peir). Doug lives only 4 blocks from the beach and maybe 10 from the pier, so that's fun! Then we went and saw Raising Helen -- we both totally liked it. It was soooo much fun, we had so much fun just hanging out together!

Monday - Today we got up and played Monopoly while I waited for my JetBlue team to send me their stuff for our report. He WON which was sad because I lost my all time winning streak. We're both really good at Monopoly (no one else will even play Doug 'cause he is so good!), so we're very competitive. It'd be more fun if I weren't such a sore loser. Then we went out for lunch. After that we saw another movie, The Day after Tomorrow. Also quite excellent! Then we went for another walk on the beach, and went out for dinner at Buca de Beppo. Yummy. :) Basically, we tried to re-create yesterday because it was the most perfect day. After that we came back here and watched the rest of the Thomas Crown Affair, which we started yesterday. And all the time during dinner and walking I kept getting JetBlue calls which was so funny 'cause I was all "Oh, I'm sorry, I have to take this call". So corporate... yeah right! Now he's sleeping and I'm writing a silly weblog. Oh well, I have stuff to do!

Tomorrow - He has work all day, which means a fun-filled day of JetBlue and negotiations. I have to finalize what to put on our poster and also of course work TONS on making our paper amazing. I feel confident that it will all totally fall together though. There's a lot to do this week, but I'll be done with college in 4 glorious days! YAY! Here's this week's crazy schedule for those interested... thanks for reading, and goodnight!

- JetBlue paper
- Virtual Victorian paper / closing
- Fire permit from Evanston
- Negotiaton prep

- Meeting with Emery
- JetBlue poster
- Negotiation prep
- Virtual Vic paper wrap-up (4:00 PM)
- Negotiations class
- Poster session
- Last GIV

- Ethics paper
- Lunch with Katrina
- JetBlue presentation prep
- JetBlue proposal wrap-up

- Ethics paper
- JetBlue presentation

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RJB said...

How did you know that I would read about Arby's and exclaim, "HOLY CRAP!"?

Seriously, glad you had fun, keep up the good work.