Sunday, May 30, 2004

More Nifty Fifty news!

Doug's Nifty Fifty update!:

- Jeff Smylie: Bought a house in Wheaton, getting married to Meghan. In a band with Sean and Seth. Jeff just graduated from NIU.
- Leo Toyota: "Still finishing up in Purdue". (This is wrong according to Katie.)
- Eric Krueger: Just finished up school at Millikin.
- Libby Sullivan: A hairdresser at a salon in Chicago.
- Seth Mercer: Working at a warehouse and living in an apartment in Aurora. In a band with Jeff and Sean.
- Sean: Married to some girl. Working somewhere, got his degree recently. In a band with Jeff and Seth.
- John the bass player: Married, graduated from Wheaton.
- Andrew Cassin: Going to Columbia in Chicago
- Ryan Covert: Working
- Josh Lutz: Living downtown and working. In another band.
- Glenn Williamson: Married and has a kid. Married one of Doug's friends.
- Jason Burger: Not going to school anymore, working. Living with his parents.
- Mike Anton: Living in Indy, doing database administration
- Brian (AKA Bud Bundy): Went out with Doug and friends 3 weeks ago. Doug thinks he's now working in an office and no longer selling Cutco.
- Vinny: Living in Glen Ellyn, doing some kind of sales downtown in the NBC building.
- Doug Neuman: Living in Santa Monica, California. Working.

If you'll recall, this was Katie's update:

- Smylie: Engaged to Meghan
- Mike Anton: Engaged to Monica
- Leo: Just graduated from Purdue, living in Glen Ellyn for the summer
- Vinny: Whereabouts unknown, last seen in Glen Ellyn
- Bud Bundy: Went to UIC, last ween working for Cutco.
- Doug: Katie realized this was the kid she called "the kid with the hair"... and I'm dating him. (Edited: Andrew Cassin is actually the boy with the hair, not Doug. But you can pretend it's Doug if you want. It's more fun. Also Andrew went to Glenbard West, which is Katie's high school. Doug went to North)
- Glenn: Katie remembers Glenn vaguely


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