Thursday, May 20, 2004

Where it all started

For those of you who read the Chronicle article, here is the original letter to the Daily Northwestern (although HIGHLY edited by the good people at the Daily), and a few of the respones I got back in the Daily.

The Daily Northwestern - Letters to the Editor | The Drawing Board

The Daily Northwestern - Letters to the Editor | The Drawing Board

The thing that was annoying about the whole situation is how edited my original letter was, to the extent that it missed the point. The point was simply that not that Northwestern's not a good school or that we shouldn't take pride in that. I'm simply saying that being smarter than other people doesn't make us BETTER. You're right, being better looking or more athletic doesn't either, and you make a valid point that maybe we're not just smarter, maybe we're more involved, creative, or energetic than people at other schools too. But I refuse to believe that I'm any better than the next guy, regardless of the school I go to. I'm just a person, like we all are. (and this is essentially what I wrote in the comments section of the Chronicle)

Maybe this whole debacle only makes sense in my head and I'm just ruffling feathers for no reason, but I'm still annoyed about the whole controversy.

So I'll leave you for now with a little bit of amusement from Patrick, who for some reason refuses to use the comment section!

p i d a t 42 0 (10:23:44 AM): i was sitting here bored at work so i read your blog, which you predicted in said blog, and i read the article bashing you
p i d a t 42 0 (10:25:55 AM): my question is can a journalism major, no matter what school they attend, EVER make enough money to afford a driver?

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Jenni said...

I agree with Pat!! You can always count on Pat Miles for words of wisdom.