Tuesday, May 25, 2004


So today was like the BEST day ever. I woke up at 10:45 and worked hardcore on my JetBlue paper until 2:00... probably the most work I've done all quarter. I'm doing something kind of weird today... I'm "fasting" from extraneous internet usage (only things allowed today are school-related, weather in the morning, and blog in the evening). Jenn suggested that I fast from theknot.com and I realized how excessively I look stupid stuff up online, so I just fasted for everything. It was really helpful to me in a lot of ways. Anyway, the point is that I got a lot of work done during those 3 hours, probably in part due to the lack of internet. Then I had the most AMAZING 2 and a half hour lunch with Katrina... we talked about everything! It was so so fun, and something I'd been really excited about for like a week. It was even better than I'd ever imagined. It got me all jazzed up about God, just talking and sharing with her. I love talking about God and how He's affected my life, and she asked tons of questions and just let me totally share. That's like my favorite thing in the world! YEAH KATRINA! Then I babysat for Killian... always a good time. He was in a good mood today, he ate rice cereal and his whole bottle, then we played tons!! THEN we had a freshman year Allison Hall Virgin Vault Reunion! Michelle, Amalie, Hayley, Misty, Leah, Erin, Susanna, Sara, Danielle, Laura, Julie, Steph, and I were all there. YEAH! We talked about what we're doing next year and if we're dating anyone. Michy (my freshman year roommate) is going to Duke Law -- YEAH!!! Hayley's going to be in LA this summer so we're going to hangout, and Misty is starting a company in LA. And Laura's boyfriend just moved to LA so we talked about the LA-Chicago thing... good times (yeah right). It was just good times all around. Everything was so cool. Then there was trivia -- after the second round, we were in first place for the first time EVER!! YEAH US! I know we will persevere and win sometime in the next two weeks. I seriously am just having the best day. Then I talked to Doug and it was soo cute. He's adorable! Maybe one day we'll be in the same city and we can actually enjoy each other.

The only 3 answers I knew tonight at trivia that no one else on my team did were: What president won with the slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler Too (and who that took Freeman's class WOULDN'T know that?... 1840, first modern election!), What is Steve's bar on SATC, and how many NBA championship rings does Phil Jackson have?

Huge shout-out to Jenni Wright from Emily for being an awesome yearbook writer in. Way to go.

I feel that I should announce that Laura and Randy are engaged, in case anyone didn't know that.

I'm going to LA on Thursday so if I'm not available to write, that's why. But I'm sure Doug will allow me at least a few minutes a day for my loyal fans.

I think that's all that I have tonight. I'm sure more to come soon... when I'm allowed to use the internet tomorrow maybe!

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