Thursday, May 27, 2004

One day 'til LA YAY!

Jenni, I meant yearbook-writer-in. You're a great yearbook signer. Does that make sense?

Today I had my normal day, blah blah blah, BUT Trading Spaces was here. Okay, people need to SO get over Ty. YES, it's fun to see the designers and everyone working and just have this hub-bub on campus, but a 38 year old sketchy man is just not cool! Whatevz, dude. Things I've heard about Ty today:

Girl in my house (who wanted a picture with him): Ty are you busy?
Ty: No, wanna make out?

Girl in my house (different girl): You know, I was on the other team that was considered for this show.
Ty: Too bad. You might have gotten lucky.

It's weird. That said, it is cool.

Last Greek IV ever was tonight! We have our bonfire next week so that will be AWESOME. Greek IV was really fun tonight, and of course we went to JK afterwards. That is so our thing to do... we need to find a cheaper place to hang out! Soon enough... :) Then I came back here around 12 and was up until NOW chilling with some fun new people downstairs. Delta Chi's named Tom and Brian and their friend Cory from home. YAY for new people even though I leave soon. I'm at such an odd station in life... meeting new people and loving where I am and where I'm going to be.

Speaking of where I'm going to be, tomorrow that is LA!!! YAY I will be there in approximately 18 hours. WOO HOO and stuff. Definitely looking forward to that. I'll report from there, not to worry!

And with that, I sleep.

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