Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A great day

So I babysat, and Killian was perfectly sweet and wonderful. He actually slept most of the time and then was really good about eating and playing. His mom is SO sweet... we chatted and she paid me extra since I babysat way longer than I was supposed to yesterday. She so didn't have to do that! I then went to JK to get some pre-dinner dessert with KT, good times. She had some great Glen Ellyn / Old School Nifty Fifty gossip:
- Smylie: Engaged to Meghan
- Mike Anton: Engaged to Monica
- Leo: Just graduated from Purdue, living in Glen Ellyn for the summer
- Vinny: Whereabouts unknown, last seen in Glen Ellyn
- Bud Bundh: Went to UIC, last ween working for Cutco.
- Doug: Katie realized this was the kid she called "the kid with the hair"... and I'm dating him. (Edited: Andrew Cassin is actually the boy with the hair, not Doug. But you can pretend it's Doug if you want. It's more fun. Also Andrew went to Glenbard West, which is Katie's high school. Doug went to North)
- Glenn: Katie remembers Glenn vaguely
Anyone else with any GE updates, send 'em my way!

Good times. So then it was off to 1800 for trivia. Tuesdays are half price appitizer nights but tonight they were out of food which was unfortunate because I rely on that to be my Tuesday night dinner! My sister called and had a fight with my parents, and I talked to my mom after that too. No one is happy in Iowa and that made me sad. I wish I could be there to try to help and make people happy... I like making people happy. My GIV kids weren't at trivia so I played with last weeks winning team only to come in 2nd to last. I think I'm bad luck with trivia... :(

After trivia we went to BK so I could eat dinner, and as Erin and I were eating we encountered a man who told us he would sell us his watch for a dollar, or anything to get food. His wife kicked him out today and he said he'd been drinking a little but was in a solid state of mind. We didn't offer him money, but when Erin said she didn't want the rest of her onion rings, I brought them to the man and he was SO happy to get them. He actually left BK after that so it seemed that really was what he wanted. Over spring break I was on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, where there are a lot of panhandlers. There was a time when I was eating McDonalds and I could see a woman who wanted food. When I was done with my fries I didn't want to make her feel undignified or anything, so I just threw them away, and I've regretted the decision ever since. And ironically (or not) just today I was reading about being more generous and giving to others even if you think it's not enough or something like that. That chapter in the book I'm reading made me recall that situation in Santa Monica and regret it again, so I was so glad I had the chance to make a better decision tonight. I only wish I had stopped eating my own fries to give to that man. I feel really challenged right now in my own generosity so I hope that I can grow from this and make better decisions about giving to others what I have in so much abundance.

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