Thursday, May 13, 2004

Alright I'm going to officially start to blog now, hopefully. For now it will just say what I did each day, but since I don't do much it might not be very entertaining. I really just want my blog to be as cool as Ryan's... that's the goal here in the blogging. Today I woke up at around 10 and got ready and talked to Doug. Then I babysat at 11... but the thing is, the kid I babysit for (Killian) doesn't like to eat when I feed him at his 11:00 feeding. This just started this week, which is sad, especially since I was "fired" from my 11:00 job next Monday. I love this kid so I'm sad he doesn't love me back. After that I went up to tech for my 2:00 JetBlue conference call. That was good stuff... I feel like this project is really rocking and rolling. We have a lot of good ideas and we're beginning to pull them together to wrap up the project. After that I talked to Russ for a while... it was good to catch up with him, since I haven't seen him in a while. Then I updated my profile, that seems to be a hit so far. :) Then I practiced for Greek Feud by going over all of the answers as much as possible. Then I had dinner and surveyed the girls on the Greek Feud questions. Then I read Keith and Ryan's journals, which inspired this whole thing. Next I'm going to Greek Feud, then I'm playing dominos with Ducey, Jemma, Caroline, and Dena. Then maybe going to a top secret Greek IV party. That remains to be seen though, based on rain and my tiredness level. I have to get up at the insane hour of 7:30 AM tomorrow so I really don't know how I'm going to go to a midnight party. We'll see. More later perhaps!

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RJB said...

I really just want my blog to be as cool as Ryan's...Wow. Thanks, Kel.

For those who haven't seen my weblog (likely everyone who is reading this), I already see some parallels between it and Kelly's new venture. I don't write to change the world or vent about my horribly misunderstood goth emotions. I just wanted a place where I could exercise my creative muscles once in a while, keep my long-distance friends abreast of my life, and share a cool link or two every now and then. It looks like that's what Kelly is out to accomplish, too. I wish you luck.

A few pointers:

Have fun with the weblog. Post about whatever is on your mind. You may end up just talking about your day because that's all you're thinking of at the moment. That's fine. But if there's anything else you're kicking around in your noggin, sound off on it. It may sound inconsequential, but those posts are often the most fun.

Don't let it rule your life. Don't feel guilty if you go a week without updating. That would be kind of sad.

That being said, please don't stop updating. People are reading. They might not be commmenting or immediately reacting, but they're reading (I had to code in a hit counter to prove that to myself). I've had people start conversations with me concerning subjects I had written about a month before.

I look forward to reading!

Comment on my comment: Blogger's comments don't let you divide into paragraphs. If I could, I swear this comment would be a lot easier to read.