Monday, May 24, 2004

Crazy day!

I feel like I have that title every day! I started the day of babysitting, Killian was NOT a happy boy today. Cried the whole time. In good news, he got a new toy (a little saucer thing), so that was fun! More fun for me than him maybe, but he could sit up in it and spin around and everything. Then I actually did some WORK, then went shopping with Emery and Chelsea, then went to class. Then I had a JetBlue meeting, had dinner with Russ, Rho Lambda initiation, Starbucks with Adria and Sarah, Greek IV JOINT exec(!), JK with Jenn, Heather, Ian, Chad, Andy, and Emery. SO fun! I got to talk to Jenn about all things wedding, and have a great time in general. Then I had the BEST conversation with Doug... the all time funniest thing he's ever said to me happened tonight... we were talking about Jenn's wedding and stuff like that and he was just giving me crap about talking about weddings so much and I'm like I'm sorry, you must hate me for talking about all of these people getting married and that's why you're giving me crap and he's like "No, not at all, I just wouldn't be a good boyfriend if I didn't!". It was so cute... and he's got such a good point. Guys have to give women a hard time about weddings and all of their planning and nonsense... but some part of them inside must enjoy them. And he is an EXCELLENT boyfriend.

Speaking of weddings, I asked Emily this weekend (during our fabulous brunch!) if Ryan Zordan and Katie Gruber were engaged yet, since I had heard that was happening soon. She said today "Joey Larocca's mom apparently confirmed Ryan Zordan's engagement to Katie Gruber, confirmed by Laura Tasch". A whole-lotta Palatine people in that sentence! Anyway, I don't know, but that's what I have for today. More to come soon I hope!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!! You have the best palatine gossip. Ryan Zordan getting married????? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Thanks for the blog shout out, I feel loved now that I have comments. Is everyone in palatine getting married? Susan's getting married ... Maren did get married, u-um's getting married ... I'm NOT getting married, I can promise you no surprise engagements for many years.

Jenni said...

Woops! That was me on the last comment, forgot to sign in as Jenni.