Friday, May 21, 2004

Just got pulled over!!

So we had a super fun GIV party again tonight... more to come in the next few weeks! So then I was driving Jenny and Ian home, and looking for parking... and as I was trying to park, I made a u-turn in the middle of an intersection. After I did it (I didn't really know it was illegal, but thought maybe it might be), I saw a cop and I go "watch that cop pull me over for that!" and sure enough, she did. She was all "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I said no, and she said because of the u-turn, and then she told me that I had a headlight out. I don't think she believed me that I didn't know it was out. So she asked if I was a student and then went back to her car and did some stuff. She was really cool and she was just like "No u-turns in intersections, fix the headlight". So I asked the rules on u-turns in intersections, so now I know. :-)

Moral of the story: no u-turns in undivided 4-way stops. And I heart NUPD!!

For those who are wondering, this is the second time I've been pulled over, and didn't get a ticket either time! :-) Hopefully that streak will continue...


Jenni said...

Something tells me if you were a boy, you'd get a ticket for that ... Thought I've never been pulled over so I don't know firsthand about girls getting out of tickets.

Kelly said...

Here's the thing though, it was a woman cop, so I think that that theory can easily be debunked in this case... it's not like I flirted with her or she was attracted to me or anything. :)