Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Today was a most excellent day! I got up around 11:30 and busted out to Palatine for my Remicade... good stuff! After I got the drugs, I busted out to Deer Park and went to Barnes and Noble and read Us Weekly. Then I met up with Mike, Stacey, Tim, Emily, and Heather at Max and Erma's. SO FUN! Then we went back to Stacey's to play games, and Randy, Laura, and Chad came too. What a great night... I haven't seen most of those people in a year and a half. SO much fun!! It was great to catch up and just chill and oh my gosh just AWESOMENESS.

SPECIAL shoutout to Randy who drove all the way home to see me -- THANK YOU!!

Then on the way home I was just sort of reveling in how blessed I am, and then I saw an OREGON license plate and right after that Chris Tomlin's Not to Us came on. I mean, how lucky am I? I got SO excited.

Then tonight I also got to talk to my friend from Oregon which is GREAT, and in the last 6 hours or so I've gotten TWO roomie offers in Oregon!!

My friend Caroline who worked in my group last summer (she is from Evanston!), who just bought a house. So she has this GREAT house near downtown that she rents (where all houses sell for at least $400,000) with another guy from our group. It would be through the end of November, at which point I'd have the option to renew the lease or go month to month, but the other guy is moving out then. So I could even keep the house after that, or if not it would be a nice place to live temporarily until I get settled in!

And my friend Sara, who lives on a farm about 30 minutes south of work, has said I could live with her. I've been to her house before, it's on a huge spot of land and is great. She always has different missionaries living with her temporarily and stuff and it'd be a great opportunity to get to meet different people and stuff and live on a farm!

So I think I'm going to go with one of these options, push myself a little bit and do something that I wouldn't normally do! We'll see, and they'd both be temporary.

Anyway, LOTS of great stuff going on today! And I'm meeting Katrina for lunch tomorrow, plus babysitting and going to the Keg and our secret party. Looks like another great day!

More soon!


Jenni said...

There's something about you and Max and Erma's ... I never thought it was that special

Anonymous said...

update your blog!