Sunday, June 06, 2004

More P-Town News!

- Maggie was cast in a touring theatre company and they're performing in Macomb for the summer.
- Lisa is interning with KPMG and will start accounting next January after graduation
- Yoojin got into med school

Friend's Blogs:
- Jenni:
- Ryan:
- Keith:

Enjoy. :)

As for myself, I went to church in the morning, only one or *maybe* two more Vineyard's left. Probably 1 because I think my graduation BBQ is the next Sunday (the 20th). Anyone reading this is MORE than welcome to come if they want to make the trip out to Iowa City!! :) So after that I had brunch per usual, then played Monopoly with Doug... he's winning today's streak, 2 to 1. Darn it! I actually think he is better than me, hopefully he doesn't read that. Then I went to the Greek IV senior dinner, which was SOOO much fun. Tonight I've been working on a secret project and that's about it. More to come!

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Jenni said...

Go gossip blog!