Thursday, June 24, 2004

Same Old

Well I have to say that people in Iowa are SO nice. Plus we live on a cul-de-sac, as mentioned, which I think makes people nicer. I love all of our neighbors. I don't remember if I said this before, but I helped the people across the street (really 2 doors down, but we live at the end of the cul-de-sac) out with setting up their wireless network. So now both of their computers connect to the internet, but I can't get them to network together. Doug's trying to help me out with this, but it's a little harder than first expected. He gave me another idea to try tomorrow. And now my sister's wireless card doesn't work, so I have to uninstall her driver and reinstall it tomorrow. I might have to go back to Best Buy to buy a new card, I don't really know what the deal is. Hopefully I'll get all 3 computers here connected to the internet (current count: 2) and each other. Then I can get the neighbor's 2 computers connected to the internet (current count: 2!!), and each other. Hahahaha networking in Iowa. Bonus is getting to see their new baby every time I go over there, and she's a cutie!

The garage sale is going well. Those same neighbors hooked us up with their ping pong table to put more stuff on, so that is good. Hopefully we'll make *tons* of money at this sale. I hope U of Iowa students are around and come by to buy some stuff. Yeah right. Here's to hoping. It will all be over within 36 hours, I can hardly wait. I'm getting sick of this garage sale action! But then I want to organize a few more things and do some hardcore scrapbooking... I love scrapbooking, and blogging. I love that too.


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