Sunday, June 06, 2004

News from P-Town

So here's the latest from Palatine (unfortunately there are certain things that I'm not allowed to comment on):

- Maren is engaged (or married?)
- Jen Calhoun (my cheerleading big sis) has been married for like 2 years
- Julius is interning for Motorola in Deer Park and is going to go out with Emily every day
- Jenni is interning in DC for the summer, and going to grad school in the fall for a masters of human resources
- Patrick got his pilot's license (in January), and has a job interview on Monday
- Jennifer is going to Spain, then Australia, then Ecuador
- Anthony is going to be a teacher in Las Vegas and driving his Rav4 out there
- Stacey is working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
- Laura is teaching at Lake Zurich High School
- Randy is interning at Argonne National Labs
- Nikki is working for Clorox in San Francisco (but touring Europe first)
- Tim is working with his dad for the summer
- Hart has just about received this amazing job offer
- Mike is going to China (maybe?)
- Heather is working at GNC and is going to move to Thailand in October (to teach)
- Kathleen graduated from Bradley and is moving into the city

Anyway, whatever. Today I got up and went to Chili's with Lucy... SO much fun. I really love that girl! Then I chilled with Sarah and Sara and Sarah, that was lots of fun. Sara and I read the knot for literally like 4 hours... we're SO LAME. But it was fun to just be a little bit of a pile and goof off a little bit. Then Patrick and Emily came down and we went to Nevin's with Julius. We played lots of cards... I love cards! It reminds me of the good old days of HOAD (Hang Out at Dave's) that we had in Oregon. Yet another thing that makes me so excited about moving back. Keith tried to convince me to go to Oregon like July 20th so that I can go to Creation, which I may well do. It sort of depends on my grandmother's situation and if I need to go down to Houston to help with packing up the house and stuff. I also really want to spend some time in LA visiting Doug... I miss him so much and it's been like 5 days. We're just getting a lot closer I guess. Too much sappy information, I know. Maybe he'll read this and get the hint that he should move to Portland. ;-) Anyway, I should also mention that I'm DONE with college, since it seems I haven't done that yet. Yesterday we had the final JetBlue presentation and the IE BBQ (IEMS FEST!), then I finished writing my negotiations paper and watched some TLC. Goooood times. It's fun being done, I just wish I had a little bit more to do. Oh well, I'll have a lot of time this week to pack and get really organized so that I won't have to do that as much this summer. If I didn't have trivia and all sorts of other crazy stuff going on, I could spend some time in Iowa this week, but oh well.

I'm off to bed... more tomorrow I'm sure!

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Jenni said...

I'm so upset! I don't get a nention?