Friday, January 28, 2005


I thought I blogged about Sunday... apparently I did not. It was the BEST day ever.... Vinnie so wooed me. He was so sweet. I couldn't sleep that morning, but I chilled in bed for 4 or 5 hours. Then he woke up around 11 and I took a shower and stuff and went to his house. Then we took Max (aka El type thing) downtown and went to Widmer (yes the place we went Monday night) for happy hour. I LOVE their chicken caesar salad, it's one of my favorite meals!! I discovered it when I went there with Patrick. YAY for Patrick. Then we went to the Lloyd Center, which is the biggest mall in Oregon. SO FUN, I had no idea I'd enjoy shopping with Vin but I definitely did. And he was so cute all day, just putting his arm around me and being adorable and fun. Then we debated about going to Portland City Grill (it was in the original weekend plan) but he was so tired for some odd reason and I was definitely tired. He nixed the idea and I didn't fight that. So we slept on the Max on the way home, then went to Noodlin' (Like Noodles & Co but not as good....) for dinner. Then he rented a movie and I slept through that. Haha. Oh well. :-) It was an absolutely amazzzzzing day. All smiles on that one. :-)


Anonymous said...

YAY Patrick, Portland City Grill and Widmer!

osuaddy said...

I want to go to this infamous "Portland City Grill" - both you and nick talk about it! How is the housing hunt? I hope you have a great week at work and I hope to see you soon. Maybe sunday? It'd be fun. Not as much fun as BatWoman =) luv adds

em said...

I'm also really wanting a trip to the PCG - especially after hearing about the famous martinis. I had blogger eat a post this weekend too - bad blogger! Sounds like a lovely time - yay to being wooed and all.