Sunday, January 23, 2005!

So now I think instead of just posting about my day (which I will keep doing in case you're that curious) I'm going to try to post some random stuff some!! For today:

An update on your Favorite Band - My favorite band, as you PROBABLY know, is Chris Tomlin. He's currently touring with Steven Curtis Chapman and Casting Crowns, which is the concert I went to in October with Adds. I HOPE he'll be back at Creation this summer, I hope to make an appearance there. We'll see how that one plays out. OH and his new book is coming out in February, YAY. Although I don't know what to think of Chris Tomlin "the author"...

Behind the scenes of 'Your Blog' the movie. - There would be little controversy and it would be dull. I want Jen Garner to play me, of course. No, that's not true. It's gotta be Reese Witherspoon. Jen Garner is really only liked for her action roles, Reese is a more all around actress.

Best compliment you've ever received. - Oh my gosh this is so hard. I've received so many great compliments in my life, and I'm so thankful for them. The most recent one that stands out is that I did a great job Wednesday, which was important to me because it was my first end of year review session and I was nervous and had to fight for a few of my reports. So that was good that the rank manager thought I did a good job on it!

Boxers; Briefs; Commando - For women? Briefs I guess. :-) Ideally bikini briefs.

Breakfast: Yes or No? - No, unless it's a "big" breakfast... either going out (most likely) or making bacon and eggs or waffles or something. And in Chicago, it's gotta be Walker Brothers. :-)

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Jenni said...

Did you know they mention Walker Bros. in "Mean Girls"?? So fun.