Sunday, January 23, 2005


So I had a way sucky workout today, that was unfortunate. :-( But then I was going on my "I have to work Saturday night so I get Chipotle" trip to Chipotle, so I IMed Vin to see if he wanted to go, so he met me there. Then he came to work with me since he had to fax something, so that was sorta fun. Then since it's Saturday night we were sorta bored at work so we decided to go to Old Chicago for dinner, which was way fun. :-) Definitely enjoyable to feel like you're doing something fun during work. Then Vin paged me and saying "Coffee?" (I had asked when we were at Chipotes if he wanted to go out for coffee later but he paged me earlier saying "Poker night, no coffee. Sorry" so then we went to Old Chicago). So now that I was just getting back from Old Chicago I was like no way am I going out for coffee now, I just got back from that same mall area. So I asked him to get me (and one coworker) coffee, and he was sweet enough to do that. Big points for him on that one. :-) So he came over and I asked my team to postpone a meeting for a bit, which we did. Only 15 minutes though so he left after that... I think he was like "what the heck, I came over here and brought you coffee and then you have a meeting"... but it was okay cause he went home to finish his movie. Tomorrow we're going running and watching Alias. He wants to watch at his house and is trying to intice me to bring my Tivo over because he got his fireplace cleaned this week so he can have a fire and he's all "we can have a fire and watch Alias" and I'm like "they're in two seperate rooms (the TV and the fireplace)" and he's like "it's on wheels". So we negotiated and decided that if he wheels his TV into the other room that I will bring the Tivo over to his house, and then we will watch Alias by the fire and in good quality. Although it's somewhat wasted because he has an HDTV and I do not record Alias in HD (Tivo doesn't record HD) and not only that, I record on the lowest possible quality Tivo has. Oh well, it will be bigger than mine at least. Then Monday we're going out with a bunch of friends to a brewery downtown (Widmer, Patrick) for happy hour, yay. $2 pints of my very favoritest beer in the world (Drop Top, it's like Fat Tire but better). So yay for already having fun weekend plans... not to mention the fact that I'm working during the day again on Wednesday and then I have just a two day work week. Woo hoo! :-) Good times. Only 3 more hours left of this shift (and hopefully I'll spend one working out) and then I get to go home. YAY!!!!!

Weeks to come:
1/23 - Short week of work
1/30 - Fun training classes during work that I'm looking forward to.
2/6 - Short week of work
2/12 - My aunt is visiting through the 16th. (plus Valentine's Day)
2/20 - Going to Bend for President's Day / my birthday for the whole weekend (2/18 - 2/21)
2/27 - Winter party for work! and working day shift the whole week
2/6 - Short work week
3/13 - Leaving for "spring break" on the 19th
3/20 - On spring break the whole week!
3/27 - Hiking class starts
4/3 - I go back to my regular life and nothing fun for a while... but I still have hiking class for 6 weeks!

So YAY I have 10 weeks of fun to look forward to... meaning only 1 more long week of work (and that week involves training) in the next 10 weeks. I'm WAY excited about that! :-)

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