Friday, January 28, 2005

2 day week

Sooooooooo I'm at work, and I'm a 1/4 done with my week, which is extra nice because my week only started about 6 hours ago. Well, I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the day but when it's during the day I just don't feel like I need to count it. Funny how that works out. So at any rate, Monday to the best of my recelection I just hung out and scrapbooked, then met friends for happy hour at Widmer, way fun. Then I went back to Vin's with Andy and Vin and Daniel and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Actually much better than I thought it would be. Tuesday I had my usual meeting, then did lots of scrapbooking again all day, then got my furniture delivered around 7 PM (all of the chairs and the new table are here!!!). I went to bed about 10 that night, crazy. I woke up at 6 the next morning, which was nice because I actually got a lot of stuff done before my 8 AM training and got to work around 7 or 7:30 to get some stuff done. I met up with Daniel for lunch and drove him home around 5, then went to a singles group at church that I normally don't get to go to because I'm working, so that was really nice!! :-) Thursday I went to a meeting from 9:30 - 11, then an urgent care center because I had a rash which turned out to be eczema behind my ear. Haven't had that in about 10 years, though I used to get it a lot as a little kid. Got lots of drugs because it was infected and I had a temperature and swollen glands, so I have an antibiotic and a topical steriod. Good stuff, hopefully it goes away soon! :-) That took awehile because it was the urgent care center and I had to wait a long time (they died down RIGHT when I came in, I had to wait an hour and the person that came in about 50 minutes after me got called right after me... oh well). So then I went home and did my typical "first day of work try to nap" thing. I finally got about 2 hours of sleep, then I met Vinnie at Qdoba for dinner. Yummmm quesedillas. For reasons that shall remain nameless, he owes me 1300 "bits" of niceness... he was able to pay me back 4 bits tonight, so that's fun. Just 1296 to go, so I've got that going for me. :-) He gets a bit for things like walking me to my car, and volunteering to get my prescription for me (that was a free bit because I did it myself, but the thought counts). Anyway, that's our new little joke and I enjoy it. We were supposed to go snow shoeing Sunday but there's no snow again, so that plan is foiled. Not sure what the weekend has to offer. Tomorrow I'm meeting some peeps for sushi before work, so that'll be fun. Then weekend, YAY! :-) So more then.

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