Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Thursday: Woke up at 2:30, which was irritating. What the heck?! At least I did succeed in getting up "by 4". Hung out with Vin some but I was crabby cause I was tired, but I finally cheered up and we yuked it up about HIKING!!!! YAY! I sent him on his way and was sad, then got over it. ;-) Work was fun, I dealt with some things and got a NEW TEAM and I'm excited because it's an area I've been wanting to work with for a while. Woo hoo and stuff.

Friday: Woke up about 12:30, good time for the first day off shift. Bummed around, cleaned up a little and did some returning, then took a shower and waited for my lovely Addy to arrive. She came about 5 and we went to the grocery store for some wine for the party at Doug's (my coworker) and then grabbed dinner at Wendy's. Then we went over to Doug's and Sheila's for the "party of the couples". 2 married couples, 2 engaged couples, 1 regular couple, and one Kelly-Addy lesibian couple. YIKES. In all honesty though, it was a GREAT party and a wonderful New Years Eve, easily top 5. (In order they probably go 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2001). Hmm... guess it's not too hard to get in the top 5 if you're in the 2000's. We'll see how they stack up after this year. Anyway I'm getting off topic. So yes, fun New Years Eve. And Vinnie sent a text and was 75 yards away from the ball in Times Square, so that was cool.

Saturday: Adds and I woke up at 1 PM, yay but she was like YIKES LATE!! It was funny. So then we went to Sweet Tomatoes YUUUUUUUM for lunch and then did some shopping! We did Target, Pier 1, Bed Bath and Beyond, and a few other random places. Oh Barnes and Noble and Borders too. And then we went by Vinnie's house and I sort of stole all of his movies. ;-) Then we made cheese fondue, opened a bottle of wine, and watched movies all night. Perfect romantic date. ;-) I won't mention that the cheese got burned and was EW. Seriously I don't know how we screwed it up... yes I do. We didn't have all of the ingredients, because it needed brandy and the liquor stores weren't open on New Years Day, and you can't buy liquor in the grocery stores in this crazy state. Plus we sort of combined two recipes, one we had and one we didn't. Long story. But still a fun night and watching movies was way fun.

Sunday: I slept until noon, at which point Addy burst into my room and was like "OKAY GET UP". I had a crazy dream which I haven't decided if I can blog about yet or not. Anyway, then we went to Chevy's for lunch YUUUUUM and then spent the whole day looking at single family homes. And I put a down payment on one. JUST KIDDING... a little blast from the blogging past. ;-) Hahahaha. Okay I'll quit laughing, because I know you're not. Then we went to church, the sermon was about 10 reasons why and how we should be more like little kids. One of them was laugh more, so I whispered to Addy "that's easy -- BATWOMAN") which made up both crack up. It was great. I love how the name will make me laugh forever. Then we came home and just chilled for a little bit and then Adds went home and I cried. Addy and I are going to read the Bible through together this year... my church has a reading plan so we're doing it! It started tonight so we're off to a good start. I guess that's my second ever New Year's Resolution... and all in the same year. Wow this will be interesting. I'll keep you updated on that and the hiking as we go through this lovely year.

Monday: Had to get up and att-em this morning for shopping and hiking!! Checked the weather and saw it was 28 and wind advisory, but sunny, so I figured I could suck it up and go hiking. I went to Crate and Barrel (the first one in Oregon opened November 17, apparently it's some big deal that I didn't know about, but we talked about it when I went into work tonight) and got there around 9:55, thinking they opened at 9. NO, they open at 10, but there was a big line of people waiting to bust in the doors at 10 AM sharp. What the heck, this is Crate and Barrel, not Fry's Electronics! So I felt like a HUGE dork being there, but I went in, did my shopping, and left. Then I went to the mall and returned something that I got $32 for today but my sister got $20 for last week. Sucks to be her. ;-) Hit up the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and Pottery Barn, got some fun stuff. Three HUGE shopping bags. I talked to my friend Andrew on the phone last night and he said to call him today, which I meant to, but he beat me to it (while in the dressing room at Victoria's Secret... needless to say I let it go to voicemail and called him back). He called and asked me to go to lunch, so we met at Olive Garden around 12:30 (first I made a stop at Target for these great $3.99 fleece blankets I found the other day and bought 2 of and wanted MORE, but they didn't have them but I did buy an 80 piece flatware set for $34 that I don't need and will *hopefully* return). Back to the story at hand, we had a great little lunch and I was telling him I was going hiking and he said he was going golfing. He wanted to go the coast but had no one to go with, so I said I'd go. So much for hiking... but so we grabbed my car, got some gas, and drove to Seaside. I haven't been there in a year because I always go to Tillamook, but it was LOVELY. It was 45 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, so we took an awesome walk along the beach. Then we drove up to Astoria because neither of us have ever been... I'm a HUGE fan of that town. I had no idea it was so much bigger than Seaside. I fell in total love... I will have to go back, because we just drove through and watched the sun set. Then we drove along Highway 30 along the Columbia River home, and then cut through this crazy road down to 26, the road back to Portland. Good times. I dropped Andrew off and then I went to ANOTHER Target to look for the blankets. They had 50 or so when I bought them Friday, but NONE today. Outrage. Grrrr. Anyway, then I grabbed some dinner, came home and caught up on email, then convinced myself that walking on the beach for an hour or so didn't really count as my work-out/hike so I went and did some stairs and then a little time on the bike. The stairs really are what I need for hiking, and I can't wait until Vinnie gets back because he promises he will run with me, and I need a running partner! So I'm off to a good start to my hiking deal... at least in terms of doing "something" related to hiking every day (well, maybe not the 1st and 2nd, but I blame Addy... just kidding, I love ya Adds!). Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning and then my plan is to drive straight to Washington Park to go hiking, so hopefully that really will work out this time! For now I'm off to bed, but I think I'll be able to blog tomorrow because I really only have meeting and hiking and catching up on paperwork tomorrow.

I'll try to quit this "blog once a week but about each day in detail" thing soon. I've been a little busy catching up from the holidays, so it's been crazy. I think that I'll get over that pretty quickly here!

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