Monday, January 17, 2005

YAY I have readers!!

You guys have no idea how happy I am to see all of your comments! It put a huge smile on my face. A special shoutout to my favorite reader in RUSSIA... I miss ya Dave! :-) I'm praying for you and I hope all is well with you.

So it was my short week so I was done with work SATURDAY, yay! Oh and Friday night at work I worked out with a few co-workers, so fun! I'm going to start going down to the gym every night, it was such a good way to keep awake and totally feel good in the middle of the night. Saturday was the big "day of the ice storm"... everyone in Oregon was completely freaking out about this alleged storm that was going to shut the whole city down. It was tooooo funny. Yes, it was a bit icey, but these people were hysterical. A lot of people left work early "just in case". When I got up I kinda chilled around the house and watched Daredevil in preparation for watching Elektra that night with some friends (good thing I still have Vin's movies that I "borrowed". Later that afternoon I went over to Vin's to help him hang a shelf in his garage. Then I convinced him to come over and watch Alias with me. YAY for Alias and Jen Garner! At 5:40ish we left to run by the bank before we met friends at Red Robin at 6... good thing we got there at 5:57 because they were closing at 6 due to the "extreme weather conditions". Hahaha. It was just too funny you guys. It was 32 degrees out, BARELY freezing! Just a little ice on the road, that's all. I slipped once driving Jakers, but not much. And my stairs up to my apartment were COVERED in ice so that was a challenge, but I didn't stay holed up for 3 days straight! Anyway, we had our yummy Red Robin and then went to go see Elektra... I'm a big Jen Garner fan but not her best flick! :-( It was okay though... we watched it and enjoyed. After that we went home (had to prepare for the "storm") and I went to Vinnie's to play Nintendo... we played old school Bubble Bobble, remember that game? It was so fun. We beat the whole game in one sitting, from level 1 - 100. Good thing Vinnie is good, otherwise it never would have happened!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling blah... just one of those icky days where you want to sit in bed all day. And of course it was a Sunday so I wanted to go to church but I didn't really *want* to because I was blah. (I really just kind of miss Chicago sometimes, and having so many friends there. I have so few friends here, and I never see them because I work icky hours!... I'm looking for a new job with day hours.) But I dragged myself out of bed and went to church and it was CLOSED... weather!!! In all of my 22 (23 in 33 days!) years of life, I have never heard of church CLOSING. I'm quite sure I've been to church in blizzards and -20 degree temps. Hmmm... but okay. So I went for a drive instead, which was good for me. I love driving, it clears my head. I drove down to Woodburn which reminds me of Keith who I miss so much and went to Wal-Mart since I was down there. It's kind of fun to go there every once in a while. Then I drove back and asked Vinnie to meet me at Qdoba for lunch. I had a buy one get one free entree coupon so it was great! Then we went to REI (his toy store) which is so fun too. It got me more excited for my new hiking /mountaineering plans. Yay! Too bad everything is so expensive. :-( After that we stopped by Target so he could get sheets, and I got 13 Going On 30... YES more Jen Garner! But it's such a cute movie! So we watched that at Vin's house. Then we got ready for this party we were going to go to downtown at Bar 71, but there were only 10 people (and 5 employees!) there when we got there so we ditched that idea. :-( We just went back to Vinnie's house and had a REALLY nice talk, so that made me happy. Definitely more fun than a party would have been. Sometimes you just need a good talk.

Today was so productive! I was supposed to meet Andrew for lunch in fine Monday tradition, but he had to go job hunting so that didn't work out. So instead I cleaned lots around my apartment. It's pretty messy and yucky so it was nice to straighten up a little. Hopefully I'll spend another hour or so working on it tomorrow. I also got some laundry and random bills and stuff taken care of. Then I worked out, an extra good workout so that put me in a good mood. I took a little 30 minute nap since I didn't sleep all that well last night, and then watched 24 from last week and scrapbooked. I was hoping Kristie would call me for dinner (she has tonight off, yay, but I'm afraid she fell asleep since she worked last night and didn't sleep this morning), but instead I got a call from the Vin, so I met up with him and his new roomie Daniel (from TEXAS!!!!!) at Old Chicago for dinner. Yuuuuuuum. I had a crispy chicken salad! Then I came back home for more 24 and scrapbooking. It's actually been a very productive night, I'm getting so much done with the scrapbooking. I'm totally in the mood for it (I skipped from doing elementary school to my 21st birthday and beyond so it's way more fun) and it's going to be great when I have a scrapbook of my whole senior year of college. It was such a super fun year. It even competes with senior year of high school, though that might have been the best year of my life. Who knows. :-) Anyway it's fun to look back and remember all of the fun times, especially when I start to miss people some (and by some I mean a lot). So anyway, it's been a good night, and now I'm talking to Adds and my pledge grandkid Kathleen online, so that's way fun!

That's all for now, but now that I know you're all still reading I'll try to keep posting more so that my blog will live on. :-)

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em said...

You know...instead of eating at Old Chicago, you could come visit Chicago on a Kelly weekend :) We miss you lots too - Patrick, Jennifer and I were on a road trip and I was driving and I said, "I'm just going to bust on over there" and they both said "Kelly!!" Also, you got nothing on us weather-wise...32 degrees and people went home? Bah! Call me when you have to carry an ice scraper in your purse so you can get into your car when you get off the train...then we'll talk ;-)