Thursday, June 11, 2009


This morning I was emailing my family about how it bugs me when people don't say words correctly - like my coworker Cindy who says "supposively" instead of supposedly. Or this other woman I know who says "ridicalous" instead of ridiculous.

A few minutes ago, Cindy came over to my desk with a piece of paper with the word "motorcycle" written on it and asked how I say that word. I said "motorcycle." She then told me about someone else who says "motorsickle." Naturally, I said to her "YOU SAY SUPPOSIVELY!!!!" :)

That led us to our other coworker's desk where we launched into a conversation about who says what how. My coworker said "well I say bag weird"... but that's just because she's from Wisconsin and has that long A sound that so many Minnesotan/Wisconsinite folk have (where it almost sounds like they are saying beg instead of bag). So that didn't count - that's an accent rather than a true mispronunciation. But I mentioned my dad says "oll" instead of oil, and my other coworker's husband says "ung-en" instead of onion. Several other things came up too! Interesting.

(Haha - blogger corrected my spelling of Minnesotan and Wisconsinite. I love that those words are in the Blogger dictionary!)


Anonymous said...

I know someone who says "warsh" for wash and things like that.

limingli said...

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