Tuesday, June 09, 2009

3 things

Here are my three amusing stories:

During softball on Friday (our last game!) two of the girls were playing one of those little clappy hand sing songy rhyme thingies. Great description right? I don't know what they're called, but like Miss Mary Mack. Anyway, moving on. So only one of the two girls is singing, I guess she's teaching the other girl this song. She sings something about kissing a boy, and I kind of raise my eyebrow, but I'm mostly paying attention to the batter that's up. The next thing I hear is something about "and has his pants undone!" and then her mom screams "HANNAH!!! I have talked to you about this song before! If I hear it out of your mouth ONE MORE TIME, I'm washing your mouth out with soap." HAHAHAHAHAHA. Love it!

After softball, I go home and check my email. I have two emails about orders at Amazon.com. I did recently place two orders, one for myself and one for father's day. But I click on these and they are for XBox Live points. I'm like "Geoff, did you order XBox live points?" and he looks at me like I'm crazy. Then the email immediately after those two is one from Amazon saying they've detected suspicious activity and have therefore cancelled my account. WOW! Within half an hour, they figured out that something wasn't right. Very impressed, Amazon. They have already processed it on their end, so they recommend calling my credit card company (an obvious next step), so I do. Before I do that though, I check my online account balance which doesn't show these Amazon transactions and also take a moment to fret about the Amex people yelling at me for storing my Amex info in my Amazon account. So I call Amex and the nicest young chap answers the phone. He says immediately "oh yes, I see them right here" and tells me the dollar amounts of MY Amazon transactions. I tell them those are legit, and he looks and says that he can see the XBox Live ones coming in but that they're not actually here yet. He says no problem, just keep an eye on my online statement and when I see them, there is a button to click to dispute a charge. YAY! I don't have to talk to actual people anymore. Then I ask him if I need a new card or anything, and he says "well, your stuff was just stored in your Amazon account, right?" I say "yes, stupidly". He says "oh no no no, that's actually very safe! No problem, and you don't need a new card because they don't display your card number on your account". YAY! I hate getting new cards. End of phone call.

Saturday I check my statement because stuff usually posts the second day, but I see nothing - hmm, maybe Amazon or Amex were able to get rid of it somehow. Then I check Sunday, and sure enough, $49.99 times 2 transactions. Dang. So I use the dispute charge option and fill out a couple of little forms, and I'm done within 10 minutes. It says it will be 6 - 8 weeks to resolve but they try to get it done within a month. Oh well, at least it's only $100.

Monday morning - two $49.99 credits on my Amex bill!!! SWEET - way to go Amex AND Amazon. Amazon for figuring out something was weird and putting a stop to it right away and Amex for crediting me so quickly and making it so very painless. The only problem I had then was that I could no longer track my two orders on Amazon since they cancelled my account, but mine came yesterday and I assume my dad's probably did too. YIPPEE! Three cheers for fantastic customer service!

My last story is a VENT. We listen to 105.1 The Buzz in Portland, and they do this movie guessing game where the host thinks of a movie and people call in and guess yes or no questions to figure out the movie. After the guesser's yes or no question is answered, he or she has one chance to guess the movie. It's a pretty entertaining game, but I get SO ANNOYED at these fools who ONLY have a guess that corresponds to an answer in the affirmative to their questions! Here's an example of how it goes:
Guesser: "Is Tom Hanks in it?"
Host: "No"
Guesser: "Ohhh.... okay.... thanks, bye"
Host: "Did you have a guess about the movie?"
Host: "Well I thought it was Castaway...."

Okay people. OBVIOUSLY you thought it was something that had Tom Hanks in it. But considering there are like a gazillion movies in existence and there is a 99.99999999999% chance that the answer to your question will be no, especially towards the beginning of the game, HAVE ANOTHER ANSWER!! Surely you can think of SOME movie that doesn't have Tom Hanks in it. I realize it may take you a second to think of, which is why you should be prepared. ANY other movie will do, and having A guess will give you higher odds of getting the right answer than having no guess and looking like a ninny! UGH. It's just unbelievable how person after person calls in and doesn't have a guess besides the guess the corresponds with an answer in the affirmative to his or her question!

Yesterday we knew that the movie wasn't a comedy although some people think it's very funny, there was no blind guy in the movie, and it wasn't made in 2009 (although when that person asked the question, he said "is it recent?" and they said "define recent" and he said "this year" and they said not this year... leading one to believe it was made in the last couple of years). We probably had some other clues too but I was too busy yelling at the radio to pay attention. Finally some guy calls in and says "is Hayden Christensen in it?" and they say yes, so he guesses "Jumper" which is correct. But I'm willing to bet that if they'd said no he would have awkwardly said "oh.... well I thought it was Jumper...." just like every other fool that calls in.

Anyway, I actually LIKE the game, it's pretty fun to try to figure out what the movie is (even though I've seen approximately fourteen movies in my life), which is why I listen to it, but ARGH!!!! People of Portland: have another answer.


mkm said...

hahaha! how old are the girls on your softball team??? because i'd totally be that mom.

also, that is super impressive on amex/amazon's part! especially to be so proactive about it. and that's nice that amex let you keep your current card number - it's such a pain to change, especially if you have your bills linked to pay directly or anything. (i love that you called the amex guy "the nicest young chap" - i think you can add that onto your list of why you and geoff are secretly old people. :))

mkm said...

oh! and you had asked if i had to enter the weird letter code to post a comment on your blog, and no. i think it's just one of their optional security settings.