Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow excitement!

Hello all! After work yesterday I went to the hospital for my Remicade. It went very well. There was a girl there in her mid-20's with her husband getting a treatment for MS. It always makes me sad when there are young people with MS - usually people don't get it until later in life. Apparently, whatever infusion she was geting gave her a bad taste in her mouth, so she kept sucking on Jolly Ranchers. She was in good spirits and said this was her 3rd incident with MS since she was diagnosed last January. She has another treatment today and one tomorrow. I feel blessed to have such a manageable disease and an infusion therapy that works VERY well for me.

After work I went home and made a quick dinner, then watched the 3rd and 4th hours of the 24 season premiere. SO GOOD!!!! I'm totally excited for this season now. The end of the 4th hour was VERY unexpected. I can't wait for next week!

This morning I woke up to SNOW!! It is quite the winter wonderland out there - I used to hate snow, but this is quite pretty, big chunky flakes. All of the schools are closed - including Beaverton which attempted to have school today but then cancelled it by 8:30 and is bussing everyone back home. A lot of people couldn't make it into work and even more people are leaving early. I possibly might leave early as well, not because I'm scared of snow, but because it's expected to turn to freezing rain / ice this afternoon. I'm not such a fan of that. I was planning on going to a class at the gym in Beaverton tonight at 7, but I called them and they said it just depends on if the instructors can make it in or not. I'll have to call again later today. I also planned on grilling chicken for dinner - I probably will still do that, you can grill in the snow. I must say, snow/ice really shuts down the whole city here... this would NEVER happen in Chicago. Insane. (It's maybe an inch or 2). Fun though!

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