Sunday, January 14, 2007


My weekend has been good! I went to The Way with Katie on Friday night. It was not what I expected. It was similar, but I'm not sure I really liked it as much as I thought I would. The crowd was definitely a little younger and the speaker didn't really resonate with me as much as I expected. I will give it a couple more tries. After that Katie and I went to Bugatti's (there is no good link for Bugatti's but at least that gives you the menu - I LOVE the New Yorker pizza) for some food and drinks. Then we chatted at her apartment for a bit and I went home.

Saturday I woke up early (I can't sleep past 8 anymore... 9 is a stretch) and hit the gym. Then I came back, showered, ate breakfast, and got back into bed. I watched some Sex and the City season 6 that I rented, ate lunch, and just relaxed for a while. Then I cleaned my room, cleaned Geoff's room, did some laundry, updated my Quicken, organized my desk, and ate dinner. After that I saw that Bridget Jones was on TV so I watched that and then went to bed. Boring day but at least it was somewhat productive.

Today I woke up and went to Westport again - I loved it even more than I did last time! It is SO good, today we went through Genesis 1-9 and I learned a lot. I love it when I learn stuff at church. Huge fan. On the way to church Vinnie texted me and told me he had a new convertible, so he brought it over after work - turns out, it's a S2000! Freaking sweet car, it was lots of fun! We went for a FAST ride. Yikes. He's definitely going to be getting a ticket. Then I watched the Beverly Hillbillies (which my cousins and I used to watch ALL THE TIME at my grandparents, I think it was the only movie they had. we persuaded them to buy it used at Blockbuster or something one time. ha!). Then I watched a Food Network special on Chicago - they tried to convince me that Lou Malnatis has the best Chicago pizza but I clearly know that Gios is better! Actually I recently looked into shipping Gios, and it costs about $60 - because of the overnight shipping. At Lou Malnatis, they'll ship you 4 for about $65. It might be worth doing sometime. Cheaper than a plane ticket! They also talked about Eli's and Oberweiss - two AWESOME places... oh yum. I miss Chicago! I just made dinner and finished up the rest of the OC from this week and now I'm waiting for 24 to start. YEAH 2 hours. Speaking of 24, Geoff was saying how he hoped that he could watch the Seahawks/Bears game and 24 today on the cruise - I was like are you kidding me? You're going to spend $1000 to watch 5 hours of TV one day and 2 the next? You could do that here for FREE! He said "but we're just at sea that day..." Yeah, on a boat with a casino, pool, night club, cigar room, who knows what else... I'm sure you can find something to do besides watching TV. :) Eric, Kyle, and I are going to watch it together. We are nice, so we will DVR it for Trevor and Geoff.

An update on the Shane Company report from the other night - I was just talking to an anonymous friend from Arizona, and he reported on the Shane Co commercials there. He believes they want everyone to think they are local because they always say "on Scottsdale Rd at Acoma, 1 block south of Bell Road" all in one breath. I whole-heartedly agreed - here they say "just off Highway 217 in Beaverton across the street from the Washington Square Mall". Then I mentioned that they always say "Open Monday - Friday 'til 8, Saturday and Sunday 'til 5, online at" - it was confirmed that they say the same thing in Arizona. Apparently, the only place the Shane Co ISN'T located is Chicago!! I feel I might have to move back just so I can listen to the radio in peace. In any case, for those of you that DO live near your friend in the diamond (pearl, sapphire, etc.) business, enjoy THIS little snippet. :)

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marisa said...

oh yeah! i just saw your comment and realized i meant to comment on this earlier and forgot - when scott and i were in evanston over christmas, we went to giordano's and ordered a few of their "half-bake" pizzas - it has all of the ingredients on it, including meats (which if i remember correctly they couldn't put in their mail order pizzas online), and you can just freeze it and bake later for like 20 minutes and be good to go.

we bought three, froze them, wrapped them in a trash bag, and checked them in our luggage ... they were still in great shape when we got them back home like 10 hours later. i highly recommend looking into it your next time in chicago. (oh, and it only cost the price of their regular pizza since you're doing your own shipping - i think it was close to $60 for three pizzas. not cheap, but oh so worth it.)