Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yay to my commenters!

Thanks peeps, for commenting.

About Shane Co: yeah, for a long time I thought they were local, and Tuesday night at trivia someone told me that they were NOT in fact local. They are BIG on commercials. Do the commercials in Arizona say "Now YOU have a friend in the diamond (pearl, sapphire) business"?? We did NOT have them in Chicago.

About Panera: YES, it's open! It has been open since December 20th. I've been like 8 times already. Delish! Those if you in Portland, go now.

So anyway, I swam last night and then met Geoff at my house and we headed to BW3s for some food before we hit the boat show. Yum, I was totally in the mood for wings. Then we went to the boat show, it was fun! I was REALLY tired last night for some reason, so I was dragging (and dragging Geoff down) a little bit, but it was still fun. Geoff's two favorite boat displays were Seaswirl (sport boats, not fishing boats!) and Waterway. His family goes to Canada every year to go houseboating for a week with Waterway. Their houseboats are amazing, and the water there is completely calm and still - he is a water skiing snob and refuses to ski anywhere else.

After that we went to Geoff's parents house so Geoff could say goodbye before he leaves on his cruise tomorrow (he's going with Trevor and his family). They are remodeling their kitchen so we got to see all of the work they've been doing - the kitchen is totally empty. I'm so excited to see what it's going to look like, the contractors start next week! Exciting. :)

And now, I work.


Anonymous said...

I do not refuse to ski anywhere else!!! i just refuse to ski on the columbia! its to busy, and it is never calm enough to do some good skiing!

marisa said...

we have shane co here and i definitely thought they were local for almost a year! one day i was looking at jewelry while at work (slow day) and couldn't think of the name of the store so i googled that "now you have a friend in the ... business" line and realized that it's actually a nationwide company and everyone else hates their commercials as much as i do!