Friday, January 12, 2007

Geoff is gone!

Well, he's gone for the week at least. He gets back next Saturday evening. I woke up at 4:30 today (couldn't sleep and had to get up at 5:15 anyway) and then drove him over to Trevor's parent's house so that they could leave for the airport. I finally found out where he is ACTUALLY going - to the Western Caribbean. Sounds fun, and I've wanted to go to Belize ever since 6th grade when we studied the Second Voyage of the Mimi. Maybe one day.

Yesterday after the gym I took a shower and then was COLD and TIRED. So I got in my bed all warm and cuddled up with my hat and oversaw the packing operation. IT WAS HILARIOUS! First Geoff has to evaluate suitcases. I have several, he has none (at least as far as rolling bags). So he looks through all of mine and asks a bunch of questions and stuff... finally, I convince him that my pink roller really is the best one and he should go with it. He does mention that at least he will be able to identify it very easily, which is a very good point. And no one is going to think it's HIS! Anyway, so he gets it out... and then goes into his room and starts grabbing clothes. He brings TEN pairs of socks and underwear for an 8 day vacation... I was like dude, you're not going camping... he said he always likes to be prepared. Then he brought 8 t-shirts, a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants, a sweatshirt, and 3 swimsuits/board shorts. This is before his 3 pairs of shoes and his formal clothing. He said "Kelly... I don't think this is all going to fit!" I said, "you don't know the way I pack... it will fit, with ease". And so I helped it fit... we rolled it... and it did. I am the master packer. This was probably a lot more comical if you were there, but we were having fun. But Geoff is sloooow. Then he decided it was time to go through his wallet so he did that for a while. That took almost as long as picking a suitcase. I reminded him to bring a camera and let him take my videocamera as well. Then he got some sunscreen and his toiletries (which are VERY minimal!). At any rate, I think he finally has everything he needs. All of his stuff was all charged up and he's good to go. He's definitely never taken this many gadgets and stuff on a trip. It's cute. So then we watched Grey's Anatomy and then I went to bed early - I was tired! Tonight I'm hoping to NAP after work and then The Way with Katie. I can't wait!

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