Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lots to ponder...

First of all, blogger is annoying me, because I don't seem to have the thing that enables me to post links anymore. Instead, I actually have to write the HTML for the links, and that's annoying. I think I need to delete my history and cookies and see if that helps.

Second of all, this morning I was thinking about becoming complacent in things. It is really great to be proficient at something, but it is also somewhat scary because you don't have to focus on something and you could miss it. This reminds me of a safety video I've seen called Remember Charlie. Charlie talks about it was a task he'd done a million times, and those are EXACTLY what we need to be careful of - things we've done so many times they're routine, and so we're not thinking about them as much. Although what I was thinking about was just some data I send out every morning and not my personal safety, it's still important for me to be fully engaged and make sure I'm doing my best work, every time.

Third of all, today I'm struggling with not feeling guilty. I tend to feel guilty about things very easily, and today is no exception. Geoff is working really hard to do things to make our relationship better, and I'm feeling guilty about them. I shouldn't. They're positive things, good healthy things, but they're not always easy and I feel bad that he has to do them for us. I need to get over this. I do things I don't always want to do for our relationship, everyone does. It's part of the "you have to work at any relationship" thing.

Thank you for reading. I enjoy writing. It clears my head and makes me understand things better.

Monday was wonderful - I was at the gym from 4:15 - 6:45 and I had a great workout! My BodyWorks class was especially great... I felt PERFECTLY challenged. That's rare. It's usually a little too easy or a little too hard. After that, I went home, showered, made dinner, cleaned my room, and swept and "mopped" the floors (I kind of spot mop, it's odd). Then Geoff came home! He made some hamburger helper and I made his lunch for the next day and he made mine - isn't that silly? But it's easier to make someone else's. Then 24 was on -- YEAH!!!! Such a good show. It was amazing as always. And Geoff and I had so much fun just hanging out and talking and being together. It was another fabulous day.

Tuesday I was dragging... I did NOT want to go to the gym. Whenever I don't want to go, I do the bike first to sort of get myself in the mood. Works like a charm. After that I walked and ran for a while. I was feeling so great at the end of my run that I bumped up the time to run longer - that hasn't happened in a LONG time. Yeah to that! When I got home, I showered, ate dinner (I made chicken parm, YUM), and then talked to my mom for a while. After that I drove to Staples and got a fabulous deal on Turbo Tax, Quicken, and some Sharpies, - it will be $8 after all the rebates! I did their Easy Rebate system online and it is great! I got an email this morning saying that one of the rebates is already being processed! After that I went home and started doing my taxes until Geoff got home from work. He always thinks I'm "hiding" when I'm in my room instead of downstairs, but the guys were watching 24, which I had already seen and plus I wanted to do my taxes anyway. Then Geoff and I got into a difficult discussion - I was mad because I felt like things had been going just perfectly between us. Well, that and I was just REALLY ANGRY about what we were talking about. I was more emotional because I was tired, but the topic would have angered me no matter what. I just showed my emotions more because I was tired. At any rate... the positive is that it ended up being incredibly constructive. At the end, I asked him if he thought that last night had ruined any of the "perfect" two days before, and he said not at all. Our relationship has been incredibly positive lately, and we're both working hard at that, and it's going really well. I'm very pleased.

Today we're meeting at the gym after work to swim! I can't wait. Then we are going to clean out his Bronco so it can FINALLY be sold and I'm going to teach him how to use Quicken.

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