Friday, January 05, 2007

Trying to use the new blogger

Huh. Not too sure what I think of the new blogger. It's all merged with Google and stuff. I am so bad at blogging, but I love reading other people's blogs. I guess when I am reading, I could also be writing up my own.

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year... the best I've had in many many years! My parents moved to Dallas so I got to go there and see their new house and stuff. PLUS on Christmas Day we drove down to Houston so I saw my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins - my mom's entire side of the family! It was the first time I've seen ALL of them in well over 6 years. None of us can remember exactly how long ago it really was. But 6 years ago I saw most of them when I was visiting in 2000 with Julius... but all of them, who knows? I loved my parents house and it was just a really good time.

I got some fabulous presents for Christmas this year too - a Wusthof Classic knife set (I collect Wusthof knives, now I finally have the block!) and a Timbuk2 "Bag in a Box" (giftcard) .

I already had 2 of the knives that came in the set, so happily (thank you Crate & Barrel!) I was able to go back and return those two and got a credit, which I then proceded to use to buy a set of 4 steak knives. AND I had a credit to Bed Bath and Beyond, so I got another knife there! I now have the following:
- (1) 3.5" Paring Knife
- (1) 4.5" Utility Knife
- (1) 5" Sausage Knife (this was my first Wusthof knife)
- (1) 10" Bread Knife
- (1) 7" Santoku Knife (this is probably my favorite one! - Very Rachael Ray-esque)
- (1) 6" Sandwich Knife
- (1) 7" Cook's Knife
- (1) Sharpening Steel
- (1) Kitchen Shears
- (1) Knife Block
- (1) Steak Knife Set (4 knives... I need 2 more to fill my block but Crate & Barrel doesn't sell the 6 piece set, so I will have to buy them individually)

Now, besides the 2 steak knives, I only need one more knife to fill my set! I think maybe the carver. There are so many great Wusthof knives. Sooo happy.

Because my very first Christmas tree went away (sad), I needed something to fill the place. So I got a new chair and ottoman on sale at Target! And I got a liquor cabinet... woo hoo! That was partially the guy's doing... that's right, I'm running a frat house - Geoff, Eric, and Trevor are all living in my house now. It's slightly chaotic, but it's fun and they are really good about being respectful and clean and helping me out with stuff!

Does anyone else think I'm having too much fun with these links? Marisa does it all the time and I love seeing what she has! Dang, I can't find the link to the wine cabinet thingy though.

Man I keep thinking of more stuff I could link, but I will try to restrain myself. It's fun stuff though. Expect to see more of it in the future. I got a video camera when Geoff and I camped out at Best Buy on Thanksgiving night (yes, we really did, it was a blast!). So I've been doing a lot of video taping. I want to do more camera picture taking though, so I can post them. Pictures always make things more interesting!

That's enough for today... I need to stop with the links!

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