Monday, January 22, 2007

A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was amazing. After work Friday I headed to the gym... I was tired and didn't even want to move, but I biked for a while and then walked and ran. Notice I chose the biking first... I figured it was easier and might get me into the spirit of things a little bit. It worked. After that I napped for a bit and then went to Katie's. The Way was good... better than last week! The first week we went, we ran into this guy Andy that she knew from high school (well, really, going back to preschool!). We chatted with him and his friends Kai and Tim... there are in a Pharm D program at OHSU. Cool guys. So this week, they invited us to a party at their apartment afterwards with a bunch of the pharmacy students... so we went and it was a blast! Geoff was texting me from his cruise so I was that annoying girl at the party with her cell phone, but oh well... such is life. It was really fun. The guys are super sweet and all of their friends were great. It's always fun to meet new people too. YAY!

Saturday I slept in a little late and then did a whole bunch of cleaning and laundry and stuff. I love cleaning. I went to the gym in the afternoon and walked and swam... I usually don't do anything other than swim on swimming days, and I usually have only one swimming day a week, but I thought it'd be good to add another. I really adore being in the pool! So that was fun. Then I came home and showered and had dinner and waited IMPATIENTLY for Geoff. He got home around 9 and it was wonderful. We talked for a long time and he showed me pictures and it was great.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend! Geoff and I went to church with his parents and watched my coworkers son sing The Ten Commandments (sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians, although apparently that is no longer PC and you are not allowed to say that song title anymore). Super cute! After that we went to Mazatlan with his parents for lunch and then to Costco. After that we needed a few groceries NOT in bulk so we went to WinCo which didn’t have one of the things we needed) and then Fred Meyer. I was a little crabby by then and ready to get home! Yay home. At home we hung out and watched football for a while, and then we went to Albertsons because after all of that shopping we FORGOT something like idiots. When we finally got home for a real I cleaned out the freezer and the fridge (everyone was there so I could make sure no one wanted any of the stuff I was throwing away). Then Geoff cooked up a BIG pot of spaghetti for his lunches all week… I’m so proud! We also made hamburgers (he did the spices and the patties, I did the grilling) for dinner last night. I split up the rest of the hamburger meat and froze 3 bags of it and refrigerated 1. We then spent some time watching 24 (he had to catch up) and just hanging out. At the end of the day we talked about what a great day it had been.

The time away for us was good. I learned that there is NOTHING I CAN DO that will make him love me any less. I honestly didn’t really GET that before. But the bigger reason that it was such a great day is because I’m so much happier. He said he noticed it right before he left, when I started going to the gym and eating more healthfully. And he really noticed it when he got back (he also said I looked great). The other really awesome part is that not only does he support all of the things I am doing to be more happy… he’s doing them too! We had a loooong talk about money yesterday and it was really cool. Easily the best talk we’ve had about money and budgeting yet. That’s one of the reasons he made all of his lunches for the week, to save lots of money on fast food. The other is health – he weighed himself and was like “man, I need to start getting into better shape and eating better too”. I asked him why he is wanting to do the same things as I do, and he said “because I want to do anything I can do improve our relationship, and if I’m a better, happier, healthier, more financially secure man, I can be better for you and for us.” Awesome.

Here’s something that is sad. I use Google Reader to track all of the blogs I like to read regularly, and one of the feeds I subscribe to is the finance feed. Today, it came up and told me this (from the New York Times, and this blog): “According to the Census Bureau’s 2007 Statistical Abstract of the United States, most college freshmen in 1970 said their primary goal was to develop a meaningful life philosophy. In 2005, by contrast, most freshmen said their primary goal was to be comfortably rich.” How sad is that? Just something to think about...

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