Friday, January 05, 2007

In the mood to blog...

Man, I am so excited to blog. I think that I like to post these links. I want to think of anything I've bought or received lately so that I can post it on here. If there's no picture, can't post it! Those are the rules. :) Oh, and the other rule is not posting something that everyone knows what it looks like. For example, I was about to post my Shout wipes that I bought from Target, and then realized that's lame and stupid. It has to be something unique (or that there are a lot of options for)!

For example:
- apothecary jars from The Container Store (one of my favorite places!). I got the small one for q-tips, and large one for cotton balls.
- a Longchamp bag from my sister (in black)
- a travel pillow (this was from my aunt and uncle, it was awesome on the flight home)
- a Trek 3700 bike (mine's purple though)
- a Calphalon Contemporary pot
- frozen French Onion Soup from Costco
- a new cell phone (okay, so this was about 6 months ago)
- Lenox Shimmering Angels (these were a gift from Geoff's grandmother and I love love love them!)
- a scarf from Gap
- Geoff got the Mr. Boston bartender's guide
- Geoff got a drill bit set
- Freakonomics (this month's book club book - it's amazing, read it if you haven't yet!)
- Towle 2006 musical bell (every year my grandmother gives me a special silver Christmas item. when I was first born it was Reed&Barton nativity bells. I have all 10 of those, from 1983 through 1987... then it was Reed&Barton "A Christmas Story" spoons. I have all 8 of these, from 1989 - 1996. Since then, it has been various things from year to year)
- an OXO wooden spoon (I love OXO and Geoff loves wooden spoons)
- Pottery Barn salt and pepper "cellars" (and teeny little spoons to go with them)
- James Avery (my favorite jeweler) ring (mine's silver though)
- Panasonic camcorder
- a new bookcase (on clearance!)
- Geoff and I both now have dial-a-drink shakers (I think this is his version, mine's only very slightly different)

It was fun writing this list. I was just sitting at my computer, looking around, trying desperately to think of more things I could post that people might want to see (or not). This list ended up being anything I could think of that I've bought in the past year or so (more in a couple of cases) that is still current enough I could find a link online! And I really did try to do only stuff I thought you would at least somewhat enjoy... for example, I used some restraint and didn't show my camera bag!

On the to do list for this weekend: taking pictures of some of these things (like my apothecary jars sitting on my counter) so you can see what it looks like! or maybe you don't care. But in that case, why are you reading my blog? :)

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